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Nursing is a commitment for a mother and baby. No matter if it’s your first baby or your fifth, nursing can have difficult complications and different circumstances. Even if they are exclusively breastfeeding, most mothers find a need at some point to have a breast pump. However, traditionally breast pumps are large, bulky, and sometimes painful. The new Spectra S1Plus however, mimics the natural movement of nursing so a mom can feel confident no matter if she is a new mom or not.

Spectra Baby is committed to nursing mothers. They are a team made up of registered nurses, lacation consultants, and fellow mothers whose desire is to make all mothers at any stage in their breastfeeding journey comfortable during every moment of nursing. They have developed breast pumps, accessories, and education for their customers so that they can support moms in any need they may have while nursing.

The Spectra S1Plus is a breast pump that is designed to make nursing moms feel confident while pumping. It is an electric breast pump that is fully rechargeable and lightweight. It weighs on 3.1 lbs making it easy to bring with you wherever you go. It mimics the natural movement of a nursing baby, making it easy for even the newest moms to transition from breast to pump.

Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom the Spectra S1Plus is perfect. With its lightweight style and rechargeable batteries, moms can take it wherever they go. The Spectra S1Plus has several accessories that help a nursing mom, too. Included with the breast pump are:

  • 24mm and 28mm flanges to support moms of varying breast sizes,
  • Wide neck bottles for pumping,
  • Back flow protectors,
  • Extra tubing, and
  • A power cord and adapter to charge your pump or during at-home use.

Whether you are a new mother or an experienced mother, the Spectra S1Plus is great for your pumping needs. It’s strong motor will help you get the liquid gold that your baby needs and at 3 lbs you can take it anywhere. It’s rechargeable battery gives you the option to pump on the go too; no need to find an electrical outlet. The Spectra S1Plus is a great breast pump. It was created by those who care the most about your breastfeeding journey- nurses, lactation consultants, and moms just like you-and Spectra Baby wants you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible as you take care of your baby’s most basic needs


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