11 Insanely Delicious Beef Tongue Recipes For When You’re Feeling Adventurous

“Mommy, can we have beef tongue for dinner tonight?” — said no child ever! But if you have adventurous eaters in your family – you know, the sushi-eating, thai-enjoying, pho-slurping type – why not really up the ante with some new beef tongue recipes right at home? Read on for some background you should know on beef tongue and a variety of interesting recipes we’ve come across in our quest for the best beef tongue recipes!

Getting Ready for Beef Tongue Recipes

Your first stop is How to Cook Tongue by Great British Chefs. Here, you’ll find great advice for buying a healthy beef tongue. Apparently, it is difficult to find beef tongue in a supermarket. Instead, meet a local butcher to buy one. Before buying, look for the following characteristics: firm flesh, dark dots, and gray tinges. 

Once you’ve selected and purchased your beef tongue, you should start by nicely washing the meat to ensure that no remaining blood or dirt is left behind, according to Fine Dining Lovers in How To Make Smoked Beef Tongue. You can do so by running it under cold water and then soaking or for an hour or two, replacing the water occasionally. Be sure to scrub it well.

Once you’ve selected and prepped your beef tongue, Common Sense Home promises the best technique to ensure that the final result is soft, easy to cut, and delicious. Take a look at How to Cook Beef Tongue – It’s Easier Than You Might Think. Simmer for 2-3 hours after adding all the necessary aromatics. After cooking, let it cool briefly and then cut off the skin. Do this before it cools too much, as waiting too long may result in the skin sticking and being difficult to remove.

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The Best Beef Tongue Recipes

Now, let’s get to the good stuff! For convenience, this article is divided into two sections, recipes for beginners and for experts. Don’t worry, recipes for beginners are no less tasty than those for the experts!

Beginner Beef Tongue Recipes to Start Your Foodie Adventure

If you are a beginner and have never tried beef tongue, these are simple recipes that the whole family will enjoy. 


Puerto Rican Stewed Beef Tongue by The Noshery is a perfect pick if you want to try stewed beef tongue with thick gravy rich with heavy flavors. This comfort food can be eaten with boiled rice. 


Next, prepare to feast on Lengua al Ajillo (Spanish-style Beef Tongue with Garlic) by Umami Days. Garlic adds a flavorful kick to everything. If you are looking for a delicious dinner, this tangy browned butter beef tongue recipe should be your go-to meal. 


Crispy outside and soft inside, this Ultimate Beef Tongue Recipe by Jess Pryles can be used in tortillas, tacos, and wraps. Serve this beef tongue recipe with tangy lemon juice to add to its flavor.


Enjoy this moist and tender Beef Tongue Recipe by Let the Baking Begin. It’s super easy to prep and eat, and does well with boiled rice or mashed potatoes. 

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Travel Food Atlas promises the best Mexican Beef Tongue Tacos, whose roots belong to North America and Mexico. The typical evenly cooked meat meets modern taco, giving everyone one of the best meals they’ve ever tasted. 


If someone want to give a new touch to those typical beef tongue recipes, this Hugh Acheson’s Mustard-Braised Beef Tongue Recipe by Food Republic is a go-to. Nicely cooked, this heavenly meal tastes like beef steak and will be a treat for your tastebuds. You can serve it on toast for an evening snack, paired with browned and caramelized onions. 

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Embrace Your Creative Side with Advanced Beef Tongue Recipes  

Fasten your seatbelts, expert cooks! Below are some more advanced beef tongue recipes that taste heavenly and will work for any family celebration or dinner party. 


The Sous Vide Beef Tongue and Cheek by Nom Nom Paleo is packed with spices. This scrumptious meal may very well be one of the most tender meals you’ve eaten in ages. Enjoy it as-is or pair with cheesy mashed potatoes for a wonderful burst of added flavor. 


The Red Wine Braised Beef Tongue and Baby Onions by Tama Carey via Special Broadcasting Service is a fall beef tongue recipe you should definitely try. The warmth of this soupy meal promises comfort on the chilly autumn and winter nights. 

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This Stuffed Beef Tongue by Rosa Cooking is also worth a try. Super quick and easy to prepare, this beef tongue recipe calls for cooking in a variety of scrumptious sauce ingedients, which gives it an extremely delicious flavor. The final result will be worthy of a feature on your Instagram!


Beef Tongue into Delicious Crispy Beef (with Instant Pot option) by Eat Beautiful is the most versatile of the beef tongue recipes. Crispy and fried to perfection, you can add it to tacos, salads, or eat it as an evening snack. That aside, Eat Beautiful also adds an Instant Pot option for cooking this mouth-watering recipe. 


Melt in your mouth Beef Tongue (Lengua) by Healthy Recipes is a thick, gravy-like beef tongue recipe that is tender and perfect for warm nights. Cooked in rich spices and served with gravy, onions, and juicy mushrooms, it is bound to be the comfort food you are looking for. 

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So let’s be real for a moment here, shall we? Maybe you started reading this article out of sheer curiosity, but tell us honestly… Once you got through the initial prep details and cooking instructions and delved into some of these amazing beef tongue recipes, did beef tongue almost start sounding like – dare we ask – something you might want to try? 

If so, start with one of the easier beef tongue recipes until you get the hang of it and confirm that your family likes it. From there, you can start working your way up to fancier and more elaborate preparations and cooking styles. Be sure to post comments sharing your beef tongue recipes and experiences with us once you have! Bon appétit!

Are the kids ready to sample even more new foods after trying these beef tongue recipes? If so, check out these Top 5 Healthy Eating Tips For Getting Kids to Eat Better.

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