Fabulous Fall Attire for Mini Fashionistas by FabKids

The uniqueness of a child is unbridled. Whether they express their one-of-a-kind personality through their interests, hobbies, friendships, or communication, one thing is certain: a child’s wardrobe tells all. You might have an outgoing, headstrong toddler girl who gravitates towards tutu skirts and glitter, or a quiet, plays-by-the-rules, sensitive soul elementary school son who prefers a more comfortable, sensible look. However your child chooses to express themselves through their wardrobe this fall season, you want to encourage their sense of personal style while also being able to grab the reigns on the checkbook, not to mention avoiding the dreaded retail stores that are a parent’s worst nightmare.

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The team of parents who founded FabKids want all that for you and your children as well. That is why they created an online children’s apparel brand that appeals to both kids and parents alike, while taking the guesswork out of children’s style and making shopping just a little bit easier, not to mention a whole lot more fun!

The Concept of FabKids

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FabKids goes above and beyond the typical online clothing store, where you have to scroll through pages and pages of individual clothing items to find the perfect top at the right price. Instead, at FabKids, you take a Style Quiz that shows the stylists who and what your kid is all about, which then allows you to shop from a selection of outfits and shoes that your child will undoubtedly love, because they have all been handpicked and tailored to your child’s personality and personal style.

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There are two ways to shop at FabKids. Both give you access to all the high-quality, trendy outfits that FabKids offers, but one is way more wallet-friendly and time-saving, which moms everywhere can shout hooray for!

1. Regular Membership

The regular membership allows you to shop the site at regular retail prices. Pretty straight forward; it’s your usual online retail store concept.

2. VIP Membership

The VIP membership is what makes FabKids extra “fab”! Not only do you save up to 50% off retail prices and receive exclusive pricing and reward points, but the creative stylists at FabKids do the shopping for you. Based on the Style Quiz that you filled out, every month your stylists will create a FabShop for you, which is a selection of handpicked, personalized outfits and shoes for your child that you can shop from, at deep discounted prices. You could supply your child with their entire fall wardrobe (including shoes!) with a few clicks in less than a few minutes, and be assured that there won’t be any “I don’t want to wear this” on school day mornings! The best thing is you’re not locked into anything, you can skip any month or cancel anytime.

Think Stitch Fix or Trunk Club, but for kids, and without the hassle of having to return a clunky box to the UPS store with three children in tow!

Fabulous Fall Offerings

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FabKids outfits both boys and girls, from 2 year olds to 12 year olds, providing each with the latest and greatest clothing and shoes. You can expect season appropriate attire every time you shop, so your kids will not only look great, but they’ll be prepared for whatever the weather throws at them.

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This fall, there is a bounty of long sleeve dresses available that are modern, fun, and too cool for school, such as the Butterfly Babydoll Dress and the Lace Dropwaist Dress. Slip on a pair of coordinating leggings for extra warmth and style. The Fab Striped Legging and Fab Soft Legging (available in most every color out there) are perfect for wearing under a dress, giving a pop of color and unexpected flair. Give your sweet princess an edgier look with FabKid’s Tutu Love Plaid Outfit, complete with faux leather ruffle sleeves and a star speckled tutu skirt.

Choose from a wide assortment of dresses, tops, tees, jeans, pants, leggings, and skirts for the gals and tops, tees, shirts, jeans, and pants for the gents.

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Top off your child’s fall outfit with a pair of outrageous kicks. FabKids offers some of the most funkiest and glitziest shoes out there, and you can bet that your shoe loving daughter will go crazy over the fall selection this season! From boots and sneakers to flats and slippers, there is not one pair that isn’t covered in glitter, sequins, or a bright bold shade of color perfection. The Fringe Boot gives country a girly flair and is irresistible to its wearers and passerbys. Your daughter can wear the Fab Sequin Fuzzies with any outfit this fall (and winter!) due to the sleek neutral black shade, but these sequin covered boots don’t hide in the background; they let your daughter shine with every step, skip, and twirl.

Fabulous Mix & Match Style

Fall clothing comes with a bit more bulk than the summer frocks your kids have been used to wearing. In order to maintain more space in the drawers (and in your wallet) most of the outfits and shoe selections at FabKids are made to work with each other.

Fabulous Fall Attire For Mini Fashionistas By Fabkids 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
Fabulous Fall Attire For Mini Fashionistas By Fabkids 8 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The bold colors, modern prints, and textured fabrics are all designed to intermingle well, making for a more expansive outfit selection, thus saving you time in the morning by not having to dig through 50 pairs of leggings to find the specific one that only goes with that one dress.

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Us moms love to make clothing go further, that’s why we love hand-me-downs and consignment sales so much. By buying a couple FabKids dresses and a handful of leggings, you can create multiple looks that will allow each piece of clothing to be worn more often, yet still in a new, fresh, and fabulous way. It’s a win-win for both mom and kiddo!

Fall is no reason to resort to “fall colors” in your child’s wardrobe. Continue to keep them bright and allow their personality to shine through in the clothing they wear this season. Embrace your child’s love of fun and lighthearted youth, and cling to your time and money all at the same time!

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We love featuring the fall collections of our favorite children’s clothing brands, especially Unique Fashion with Jelly the Pug: Fall Collection 2015!

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