Lubricants and Conception

Should you toss the lube while trying to conceive? It may be a lingering question for many couples on the road to creating life. While some may think that lubricant will only help create a more fluid environment for the sperm’s journey to the egg, it is not necessarily the case. Explore reasons why conventional lubricants can actually deter you from getting pregnant and some ways to promote pregnancy with the use of non-conventional lubricants. Welcome to the world of “sperm-friendly” lubricants! 

lubricants and conception

First, let’s learn a little about conception. A woman’s body is a fairly hostile environment for sperm, being acidic in the vagina and gradually becoming less acidic as it progresses towards the cervix. Roughly three-quarters of each menstrual cycle the cervical mucus produces is not extremely fluid, making it difficult for the sperm to reach the egg.

During ovulation, a woman’s body becomes less acidic and produces a very slippery fluid, aka egg white cervical mucus. These changes that occur during ovulation are the body’s natural way of promoting conception.

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Most conventional lubricants on the market actually decrease sperm motility by interfering with the body’s natural change of pH (acidic to less acidic) and the body’s natural change of cervical mucus during ovulation. Some lubricants may even contain spermicide which is a contraceptive substance that essentially makes sperm non-motile. Each of these factors play a huge role in conception.

Did you know that most conventional lubricants contain chemicals such as glycols and petroleum derivatives? These chemicals are known skin irritants and may even link to cancer.

Sperm-friendly lubricants support sperm motility in the following ways:

  • creates a less acidic environment
  • creates a more fluid environment

Of course anyone trying to conceive may use sperm-friendly lubricant, but certain individuals may actually benefit from the use of sperm-friendly lubricant. Possible candidates for sperm-friendly lubricant include those who:

  • Have vaginal dryness
  • Have no regular change in cervical mucus
  • Have partners with low sperm count
  • Want to increase their chances of conceiving naturally

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Product Recommendation

There are many different brands of sperm-friendly or fertility-friendly lubricants available. If you’re looking for a water based sperm-friendly lubricant with a handy applicator, try Pre-Seed. Coconut oil and canola/olive oil are just a couple of natural sperm-friendly lubricants that can also be used.

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