Gifts for the Tech Savvy Dad for Father’s Day

With a whole new host of “smart” gadgets popping up in the market by the day it can be easy to feel like your head is spinning when you start shopping for the tech-savvy dad in your life. But the bottom line is that as confusing as it can be, you actually have a great selection of products to choose from. If you are shopping for somebody who can never have enough gadgets, then read on to see what we know are some of the top picks this year.  


Home WiFi System by Eero

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The Gift

The Eero Wifi system is revolutionizing the way WiFi connections work in your home and in buildings! We all have issues with our WiFi connections from time to time. Certain areas of the home seem to be better hot-spots than others. But with Eero, those little annoyances will be a thing of the past. Eero allows your WiFi setup and connection to be as unique as the layout of your own home!

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Those usual dead zones in your house caused by brick walls, furniture, large appliances, staircases, proximity to your neighbors home, etc., will no longer affect the strength and reliability of your WiFi, because Eero allows you to uniquely customize and expand the range in your home. A set of 3 Eero WiFi units can cover a 2,000 to 4,000 sq. ft. home with ease!

Features to Love

  • Sets up easily, within minutes
  • Control Eero from an easy to use app on your smartphone
  • Additional Eero units just need a power source, and automatically sync up to the main system
  • 30 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty
  • Mesh Technology
  • Eero app lets you manage your network from the palm of your hand
  • Eero regularly runs its own check ups
  • Invite home guests onto your Wifi network with a simple text

The geniuses behind Eero noticed the trend that everything in our 21st century homes have been coming online… washers, dryers, lighting systems, alarm systems, televisions, speakers, even our front doors. Most, if not all, of these things requires a WiFi source, yet, there have been no great advances in WiFi ranges. They are tech hungry users just like the rest of us that got sick of annoyingly long setup times, dead zones, forgetting passwords, and having to hide all sorts of network and WiFi equipment under desks or in closets. Now with Eero, those issues are a thing of the past.

Lyric Smart Thermostat by Honeywell

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The Gift

Surprise Dad with some state of the art home improvement for Father’s Day with the Lyric Smart Thermostat from Honeywell. This thermostat is amazing and any homeowner will be ecstatic to have it in his home.

First, Lyric looks modern and clean on your wall. Ditch the old clunky thermostat and install this gorgeous one with its round polished glass face. It features motion sensor technology that lights up when you stand in front of it.

Second, Lyric operates in 3 easy ways. You can use the seamless touch screen technology on the thermostat itself, you can operate it from your smart phone through the Lyric App, or you can use it with the Apple HomeKit.

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Third, Lyric will save you money. By combining geofencing technology, Lyric will increase the setting for your A/C while you are away from your home. When you get close to home, Lyric will start cooling the house off again.

Finally, Lyric gives you intelligent temperature control. It doesn’t just lower and raise the temperature, it factors in humidity and the outside temperature as well, leaving your home perfectly comfortable. Dad can easily install Lyric with the step by step tutorial included in the Lyric App. Great design and intelligent technology that works seamlessly with your life to save you money and keep you comfortable, Lyric is the perfect gift this Father’s Day!

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Features to Love

  • Modern design and intelligent technology to control the temperature in your home
  • Works with the Lyric app and the Lyric Water Freeze and Leak Detector
  • Uses your smartphone’s location to work out where you are and adjusts the temperature to save you money
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Samsung SmartThings, and other ecosystems
  • Easy to install
  • Create a custom heating and cooling schedule with the Lyric App or on the touch screen of the thermostat

Honeywell is all about improving your home with intelligent technology and design. Your life should run more smoothly and it can with all the amazing offerings from Honeywell. They have home solutions for cleaner air, home security, cleaning, and ways to connect your whole home. The Lyric family, for example, can control your home’s temperature and alert you of moisture and leaks before there is a catastrophe, saving you time and money. Every Honeywell product is smart, practical and easy to install. We love that Honeywell is committed to sustainability, having already exceeded their own goals to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Connect your home and simplify your life with Honeywell.

Home Monitoring Kit by Samsung SmartThings

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The Gift

The Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit is the perfect first step you can take into the smart home automation realm. It offers you everything you need to monitor your home from anywhere using only your smartphone. Your smartphone will receive notifications when motion sensors go off near your home caused by pets, people, or vehicles in your driveway. You will also, of course, be notified if there is an unexpected entry or motion in your home while you are sleeping or away.

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Samsung understands that sometimes your needs change. You may have family visiting one week, or your spouse may work midnights; because of this, the kit allows you to easily customize its settings to work in different ways, or add additional compatible devices to create a smart home solution that automatically reacts to your unique preferences and patterns.

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Features to Love

  • Includes 1 motion and 2 multi sensors
  • Realistic color
  • Bright display
  • Built-in speakers
  • Lightweight, yet durable
  • Has a 50-100 ft. range
  • Smartphone requirements: Android 4.0, i0S 7.0, and Windows 8.1
  • Pairs excellently with the Samsung SmartCam HD Pro
  • Easy to install
  • 1 year warranty

Samsung prides itself in offering quality and affordable equipment that is user friendly, customizable, and perfect for the beginner and advanced user. Samsung offers extensive product support and help, as well as troubleshooting, and it is their desire to equip their customers with everything they need to secure their homes, properties, and beyond, to let their families feel safe.


SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit


Samsung SmartThings | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram | YouTube

All-In-One Home Security Device by Canary

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The Gift

As technology advances, the measures that criminals can take to burglarize or break into homes also increases. Thankfully, home security advances also increase; this is where the intuitive, all-in-one security system, Canary, comes in! Canary is the Fort Knox of home security systems jam packed into a single device you control from your smartphone. Ever have a strange feeling that something is wrong at home? Canary equips users with the power to check on their home while away; making it easy for moms, dads, and the whole family to stay safe and connected.

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Canary’’s simple, smart home monitoring solution goes much further than traditional home security systems, which just monitor the perimeter. It lets you both see and hear what’’s happening using a combination of wide-angle HD video monitoring and high-quality audio. With Canary, you have all the information you need to choose the right response, whether it’’s calling the authorities or sounding the alarm.

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Features to Love

  • Offers sharp 1080p video monitoring
  • Monitors your home’s indoor air quality, temperature, and humidity, making it easier to identify potential health issues
  • Canary learns your family’s routine, and adapts to know what needs the most attention
  • Watch, comment, and know exactly what’’s happening at home from your smartphone
  • You will receive mobile notifications
  • Canary will notify local 911 and law enforcement if needed
  • Canary has a built in 90+ dB siren
  • Crystal clear night vision
  • Very easy to install

The team behind Canary believes that everyone has a right to feel safe and secure, and understands that security comes from having the answers to what concerns you. They wanted to equip their customers with a modern approach to protecting the people and the places they care about most, which led the way to Canary’s “smart security” system. They are dedicated to creating user-friendly and streamlined technology that protects, empowers, and has a meaningful impact on the world.

The Canary team stands by 3 core principles: Information is for everyone, their goal is to make the world a smaller place, and they are striving to create a lasting impact for good.

Withings Activité Steel by Withings

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The Gift

The Withings Activité Steel is an activity tracking watch like no other. Sure, there are a lot of activity trackers on the market but you don’t want to buy just any tracker for Father’s Day. Dad deserves something special. We love the Withings Activité Steel because it looks like a classic watch. Dad can wear it with a suit and it doesn’t look out of place. But unlike a classic watch, you get 24-7 automatic activity tracking with Withings Activité Steel. This tracker is so effective because it works automatically. There are no buttons to press. It uses Withings patented Connected Movement™ Technology and syncs the info to your app. Your sleep is tracked in detail and the silent alarm will wake you up with a gentle vibration. Dad will get moving more, feel better and sleep better with this gift!

Gifts For The Tech Savvy Dad For Father'S Day 13 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Gifts For The Tech Savvy Dad For Father'S Day 14 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features to Love

  • Connects to the app that provides in-depth metrics, personal coaching and more
  • Uses an analog subdial to give you a continous metric that you can check throughout the day
  • Available in 8 watch band colors
  • Can be worn anywhere and everywhere, including in the water
  • Works with the Withings Smart Body Analyzer for even more in depth information on your body

Withings is leading the revolution to connect people with their health. This company combines technology and design to create products that improve our everyday awareness of our bodies and activities. Their smart products and apps will work into your lifestyle and will aid you on your journey to better health. They have the most innovative health centered technology that anyone can use, from activity trackers and scales, to thermometers and blood pressure monitors. They also offer technology for the home. If you want to give a gift that is state of the art and incredible useful and life changing, give a gift from the Withing’s offerings.


Withings Activité Steel


Withings | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | YouTube

Smart Cup by Ozmo

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The Gift

The Ozmo Cup and Ozmo App will get Dad on the right track by keeping him hydrated. Ozmo works seamlessly with your life, helping you meet your health and fitness goals. Hydration is crucial to well being and Ozmo makes it simple.

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The Ozmo smart cup and app tracks your water and coffee intake. You set your hydration goals with the app and everything is tracked automatically. Stay on track with your goals with vibration alerts and check your progress on the app.

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Features to Love

  • 16 oz cup is leak proof and BPA free
  • Bluetooth Connectivity 4.1, with battery life that lasts 3 weeks
  • BPA free dishwasher safe inner sleeves
  • App tracks water and caffeine intake
  • Cup available in 4 colors

Groking Lab is the creator of the Ozmo Smart Cup and app. This technology start up uses sensor technology to help people live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. They want their products to impact our lives in a helpful way. Ozmo cup will change the way you look at hydration, and we can’t wait to see what else Groking Lab will develop.


Ozmo Cup | Ozmo App


Ozmo | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Linkedin | YouTube

Lumo Lift by Lumo Body Tech

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The Gift

Lumo Lift is one of the newest devices that improves your well being with technology. Lumo Lift is designed to gently coach you into good posture. It is a small wearable device that you attach to your shirt just below your collar bone. The design of Lumo Lift makes it something you can wear without looking weird. It is small and looks like a pin. You can change colors or add crystals if you want to accessorize. If you are slouching or hunching over, Lumo Lift will vibrate to remind you to correct your posture. Good posture is part of strengthening your core and vital for the long term health of your body.

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Why not help Dad get his best posture today with Lumo Lift? Lumo Lift doesn’t stop at posture coaching, it is also an activity tracker. With unique biometric sensors, it can track your daily steps, distance traveled and calories burned, so Dad can set activity goals and see how he is doing. It all runs seamlessly with the included app. Dad can check in on his progress to see how he is doing by the hour or the day. Help Dad reach his fitness goals by surprising him with the Lumo Lift this Father’s Day.

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Gifts For The Tech Savvy Dad For Father'S Day 22 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Features to Love

  • Simply designed to be worn everyday
  • Coaches posture and tracks activity and calories throughout the day
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Improves posture in as little as 14 days
  • Set goals and track progress with the corresponding app

Lumo Body Tech creates some of the most original fitness technology on the market. With the Lumo Lift posture coaching/activity tracking device and app and the Lumo Run device that is basically a portable running coach, you won’t just work on increasing your activity. You will increase your awareness of your body leading to improved posture and form during runs. With a stronger core from improved posture and proper running form and technique, you will prevent injury. The devices from Lumo Body Tech really do improve your life! Everything Lumo does is backed by the latest science and research.


Lumo Lift


Lumo Body Tech | Facebook | TwitterInstagram | Pinterest | YouTube

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