Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland

Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps sits a hotel resort unlike any other. Luxury and total wellness are the epitome of this hotel’s goals for it’s visitors. It is an oasis of relaxation, comfort, and luxury. The Grand Bad Ragaz in Switzerland is a five-star hotel that will make you never want to leave, but when you do you will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Their first-class spa and Medical Wellness Center provide individualized care for overall health, wellness, and vitality while their restaurants and experiences give guests the service they desire. 

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Accommodations in the Grand Bad Ragaz

The Grand Bad Ragaz is a luxury hotel, and its accommodations are the centerpiece to this quality. They have hotels available to you within the resort with different style rooms but all sharing one constant: the high-quality service provided to their guests.

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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
  • Grand Hotel Quellenhof: The Quellenhof is a classic hotel that encompasses elegance and luxury. They have several different room options available each with Italian marble countertops, the finest linens and textiles, and spacious rooms for you and your family. You might feel a little like Royalty staying in these elegant rooms.  
  • Spa Suites: The Spa Suites at the Grand Bad Ragaz are the comforting and relaxing oasis you have been waiting for. Spacious rooms with thermal waters, bright rooms with large windows overlooking the mountains, and clean, crisp, and modern decor will transport you to a place of ultimate relaxation.  
  • Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz: This modern yet classic hotel offers the amenities you expect from a five-star resort with the comforts of home. These rooms are well-suited for families with their Family Room suite and other large room size options. 
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With each booking you will receive health and wellness benefits redeemable at the hotel resort. These include bike rentals, generous buffet breakfast in the morning, and access to their health spas, pools, and baths throughout your stay. They also offer culinary receptions, literature, music receptions, and concerts throughout the week for all guests to enjoy at their leisure. 

Amenities in at the Grand Bad Ragaz

The Grand Bad Ragaz wants all their guests to experience the ultimate in luxury, class, and relaxation. That is why they have countless amenities to ensure that your stay with them is everything you could possibly need- or want. 

Wi-fi is available throughout the resort for you to use during your stay so you can stay connected and available. If you are looking to unplug and enjoy your time away, there are several amenities to give you the relaxation you are craving. 

Thermal Spa

The Thermal Spa in the Grand Resort is filled with water from the Tamia gorge and has been recognized by locals for its healing properties for centuries. There are three different health pools to choose from: the Helena Pool, the sports pool, and the garden pool. Over the 6,050 square foot area there is also the the family spa and the exclusive sauna area.

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The Helena pool is kept at 93 degrees Fahrenheit, the sports pool and the garden pool are kept at 82 degrees Fahrenheit. The family spa is designed to keep the little ones entertained through your stay with a family splash pad and family swimming. There is even a family wellness center where your little ones can get pampered with treatments like Bling Bling Fingers, Sweet Honey, and Happy Feet. 

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The exclusive sauna world offers the ultimate in relaxation. With options like a Finnish sauna, a steam bath, a sanarium and a non-nude salt sauna, you will be able to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. There is even an herbal steam bath with Swarovski crystals available. 

Tamina Therma

The Tamina Therma is a public wellness spa connected to the Grand Resort and offers even more opportunities for relaxation for your mind and body. You can visit this facility at anytime and don’t have to stay at the hotel, however hotel guests of the Grand Resort will be granted free entry.

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There are four different therapeutic programs and many different pools of various temperatures to promote well being. Swim under the wall and outside to experience the perfect temperature waters as you make your way around the stunning centerpiece of the pool. 

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In one area there is an adult only spa where you can relax in peace and quiet. Here you’ll find many different rooms for relaxation, steam rooms, saunas, foot baths, and showers of various temperatures. You’ll leave here with your body buzzing with relaxation and your mindset replenished. 

Health and Wellness Programs

In addition to their infamous thermal pools and saunas, The Grand Bad Ragaz, Switzerland also offers several health and wellness options. There are one-time spa treatments including massage, hair, and beauty as well as 2 to 5 day programs available to completely restore your body and soul. And don’t forget about the kid’s spa with child-friendly treatments for the youngest members of your family!

To complete your wellness journey, The Grand Bad Ragaz, Switzerland also offers a fully-equipped fitness center, personal trainers, and a Swiss Olympic Sports Medicine Clinic. They also have several different outdoor activities including golf, summer experiences like hiking, biking, and trail running or winter activities like skiing, snow-shoe walking, and toboggan rides. 

Dining in The Grand Bad Ragaz

One of the most amazing experiences at The Grand Resort is their seemingly endless options for delicious cuisine within the resort. From formal sit down dining to take-out sushi, they have something for everyone. 

IGNIV by Andreas Caminada

This semi-casual dining experience combines family-style menus. With up to 30 different dishes to choose from, couples or larger groups can enjoy this shared dining experience at the Michelen 1-Star restaurant.

Restaurant Bel Air

This French cuisine restaurant is the main restaurant of the hotel specializing in fine dining. It is also where their traditional Sunday brunch is held, as well as lunch and dinner throughout the week. The presentation of the food is top notch. The highly educated and professional wait staff will ensure a spectacular dining experience.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland

Olives D’Or

Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, this dining experience is bright, airy, and full of bright colors and flavors. You can dine indoors or outside on the terrace in traditional Mediterranean style. 


Namun is your place for Asian-cuisine like Thai mango soup, steamed dim sum, or spicy crispy duck. It is a mix of modern and traditional, delivering authentic Asian meals right to you. 


If you’re looking to enjoy traditional Swiss faire with your favorite brew, then Zollstube is for you. With 15 different types of craft beers on tap, you can pair it with delicious regional dishes only found in Switzerland.


Enjoy casual, regional, and seasonal faire on the outdoor patio while overlooking the expansive views of the Swiss Alps all around you. Only open during certain seasons. 


After a round of golf, a hike in the mountains, and a run around the trails enjoy some traditional dishes at Gladys. The clubhouse style is inviting and the hearty meals won’t disappoint. 


There are four different bars around The Grand Bad Ragaz each with different decor and style. But one thing is common: each one offers full service so you can be sure to find your favorites such as a fruity cocktail or enjoy that special whisky and cigar at Salon Davidoff. 

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
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Activities at The Grand Bad Ragaz

The activities available at The Grand Bad Ragaz, Switzerland are aplenty. There is something for everyone no matter what you are looking to experience and what time of year you are visiting the Grand Bad Ragaz. 

If you are looking for a health and wellness retreat from the every day hustle and bustle of your daily life, there are several options available to you including the Thermal Pools, the day spa, the fitness center, and several day long health and wellness programs. They also offer personal training, mediation, yoga, and other rejuvenating activities. 

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz In Switzerland

The kids have their own area that is separate from the main building. Along the tree line across the hotel garden is a small cottage where the kids can play games, build crafts, and have fun with other guests their age.

If you are looking to be a little more active, there are several outdoor activities available to you. In the warmer months you can experience hiking, trail running, biking, and more. In the winter months there is cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, toboggan rides, and trail hiking. 

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The Grand Bad Ragaz in Switzerland is known as the ultimate in health and wellness retreat resorts. Located at the foot of the Swiss Alps, this luxurious and decadent hotel offers everything you could possibly need. Amazingly restorative thermal pools, saunas, and spa treatments, activities to keep you busy and fit, and delicious cuisine from one of the several restaurants on site will have you wishing that your time a The Grand Bad Ragaz would never end. 

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To learn more about The Grand Bad Ragaz, Switzerland and all they have to offer, visit them below: 

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