Introducing the So-Ro Cradle by Babyhome + Giveaway

We are excited to profile the new So-Ro Cradle sold by Babyhome. This one-of-a-kind cradle combines function and style to create the perfect sleep space for your little one and is also one of the only cradles available in a twin version. Daily Mom has teamed up with Babyhome to offer our readers the chance to win a So-Ro cradle. Read on for more details on the So-Ro and to enter the giveaway.
Introducing The So-Ro Cradle By Babyhome + Giveaway 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The So-Ro Story

The So-Ro was created by Norwegian occupational therapist and designer Ane Lillian Tveit. The cradle was design with a forward back-and-forth rocking motion in mind, as opposed to the more traditional side-to-side motion. Many cite the first three months of a baby’s life as the “fourth trimester” during which a baby is soothed by conditions that mimic the womb. A gentle rocking movement is one of those things that many babies find very soothing, and the motion of the So-Ro mimics a mother’s movements when rocking a child in her arms.

Introducing The So-Ro Cradle By Babyhome + Giveaway 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The So-Ro cradle is not just for newborns, but can accommodate babies up to about 6 months. Weighing in at a little over 37 lbs. and measuring 43″ long by 20″ wide, the cradle is large enough for the biggest of babies, but small enough to relocate easily. The cradle could be placed in your own room for co-sleeping and moved to a family area for afternoon naps. The cradle is also sleek enough to be kept at a Grandparent’s house for both day and overnight visits.

Introducing The So-Ro Cradle By Babyhome + Giveaway 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families
The head of the cradle can be elevated to three different heights which is great for the baby with reflux who needs to sleep on an incline, or for the baby that just protests laying flat. As some parents who’ve dealt with reflux may know, getting a baby used to sleeping flat later on can be difficult. Three different height adjustments is a great feature to help “wean” a baby off inclined sleeping.

The cradle comes with a 1-inch mattress to create a firm sleeping surface, as well as fitted sheets.  A  Naturalmat mattress and accessories designed specially for the So-Ro cradle can also be purchased. We are huge fans of natural mattresses  like Naturalmat, so we think this cradle paired with a Naturalmat lambs’ wool mattress is a winning combination!

For Mothers of Twins

Among the challenges faced by parenting newborn twins is getting them to sleep about the same times. Newborn specialists and parents alike often observe that many twins allowed to co-bed sleep better. Having been together in the womb for almost nine months, it’s easy to see why twins desire this kind of togetherness. But eventually they may start to disturb each others’ sleep, as well as your own. Whether you want to let your twins co-bed or sleep close together yet separate (or both), the So-Ro makes it all possible. The twin cradle comes with a middle divider that is easily removable to let twins interact either at bedtime or only during the day.
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We love the contemporary, Scandanavian look of Babyhome’s So-Ro cradle. Made from plywood Baltic birch, the cradle is available in either Walnut (above) or White (below). The minimalist design can fit easily into any decor, whether your own bedroom, a nursery, or anywhere in your home!

Introducing The So-Ro Cradle By Babyhome + Giveaway 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

So-Ro Cradle Full Details

  • Front-to-back rocking motion
  • 3 grades of elevation at the head
  • Comes with a 1-inch thick mattress and fitted sheet
  • Naturalmat custom-fit lambs’ wool mattress also available separately for single version
  • Breathable base
  • Suitable for use from birth until the infant is crawling (usually from 0 to 6 months)
  • Cradle can be turned over only when one end is lifted up. An adult can stand in the cradle without tipping the cradle over.
  • Made of plywood Baltic birch with American walnut or laminated white
  • Available in twin version with removable divider
  • 43 2/7″ long x 20 1/9″ wide (twin version 31 8/9″) x 25 3/5″ high
  • 37.4 lbs (twin version 50.1 lbs)


Win It

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  1. I need this soo badly for my son who has reflux and sleeps horribly. Mommy is back at work now and doesn’t do well when she has to get up 5 times a night!

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