Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting that Wows

Our home is our haven, our Mecca, our private serene escape. When our worlds were turned upside down, home is where we retreated. We were comforted by books, Netflix, and cuddly blankets. We were surrounded by those we loved. As time passed, we became restless and began looking at ways to transform our homes from bland to amazing. We wanted to make beautiful, transitional, but also functional changes. Often in new home builds lighting is minimal at best. Hunter Fan Company offers many unique ways to update your lighting for an impact that completely changes the landscape of your home.

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows

Right now, we are spending so much time at home, allowing us to scrutinize the walls that surround us. New houses are wonderful, but often builder’s grade lights are not. Updating light fixtures can make a big impact on the look of the home. Home lighting is extremely important when designing a home, however, it can be tricky to find something that is not overly trendy. Pieces should transcend style but still speak to our personalities. That is why we love these light fixtures from Hunter Fan Company and The Astwood Light series.

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Why is Lighting Important?

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows

Lighting adds a big wow factor to your home. Lighting defines a space by being aesthetically pleasing while also setting the mood and ambiance of a room. Drab builder-grade lighting detracts from your home’s pizzaz and personality. Selecting light fixtures that illuminate and vibe with your decor offers the final touch to an almost finished room. The correct light fixtures entwine function and beauty.

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows

Proper lighting is important for so many reasons- the biggest being its functionality. We have all spent time in a place with a dark, dreary interior. We can almost immediately feel our spirits drag. Bright cheery lighting from Hunter Fan Company does so much more than allow us to see better it also boosts our moods.

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows

Lighting has the ability to transform a space by making it feel more inviting and welcoming. Selecting the proper elements really boosts the overall design of a room. Lighting can be fun, energetic, and embellish a room. It can add personality in a way that is not always at the forefront when we are designing. Beautiful, elegant lighting breathes life into the room by illuminating everything in it.

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows

Updates with Hunter Fan Company

Pendant lights are small changes that can make big statements. As with most updates, transitional pieces are best because they withstand time. The Astwood Pendant lights are beautiful, transitional pieces. They feature hard lines contrasted against a rounded frame. They come in matte black and polished nickel so they work with a variety of styles and decor. They are both classic and modern. These lights will be favorites for years to come.

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows
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Chandeliers don’t always have to be gaunt and gaudy. The Astwood 6 Light Chandelier boasts the same beautiful features as the pendant lights, in a sophisticated chandelier. The light is perfect over a breakfast table, dining table, or even lighting in an office. They provide soft, yet functional lighting creating beautiful space. There is so much to love about these beautiful pieces.

Bedrooms are another space that needs love. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we would venture to say ideal sleeping temperatures are the same. Some of us like it hotter, some cooler, thus a fan allows for some flexibility amongst rooms. The Midtown Fan is perfect for a smaller bedroom or guest room to update the builder’s grade light fixture in that room too. The fan features a 48-inch blade on a simple yet modern fan. The fan is complete with SureSpeed Guarantee that delivers optimized, high-speed cooling. The fan also includes a handheld remote to easily adjust the light intensity and fan speed.

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows

Why Hunter Fan Company?

  • They come with everything you need to complete a project.
  • Wide variety to choose from- you will always find a piece that matches your style and look.
  • Hunter Fan Company is always on top of trends, thus making beautiful long last pieces that will fit with any decor.
  • Fans are designed to be dependable but also whisper quiet.
  • Hunter Fan Company performs more quality testing than any of its competitors.
  • Innovative technology is always incorporated into the design.

DIY with Hunter Fan Company

Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows

Perfect for your DIY projects while staying at home, Hunter Fan Company offers shipping straight to your door. Everything you need is right in the box. All instructions are provided online and within each box.

Pro-Tip: Remember to flip the breaker switch to the off-setting before working with fans or lighting to prevent electrical shock.

Easy to install, all pieces are carefully labeled by letters and color coordination. This allows you to know which wires match. As long as you carefully follow the instructions you will have no problem updating with Hunter Fan Company, because of the care and detail they provide.

While you are at home pinning all your favorite design updates, consider using Hunter Fan Company for all your lighting and fan needs. They are a well-known, highly reputable company. Every piece is thoughtfully and carefully designed. There is no time like the present to seize the day and add design updates to make your house a home.

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Hunter Fan Company: Beautiful Lighting That Wows



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