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7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Cleaning the house and keeping things organized are the never ending routines of life. Unless you’re really into that sort of thing (lucky you!), then you probably need a little help keeping up with it all! Introducing a bit of technology into the monotony of your chores can actually make them even a little bit enjoyable and checking things off of your digital lists adds that extra sense of accomplishment. There are a nice handful of iPhone apps (some may also be available for Android) that are available to help you keep up with your daily chores and organize your life. Don’t just take our word for it! Download the ones that suit you best and go get some things accomplished!

7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Home Routines

Home Routines divides your house into “zones” that you focus on cleaning each week. Spending 15 minutes in your focus zone every day helps you to tackle the little cleaning jobs that you would most likely avoid, thinking you don’t have time (dusting baseboards, anyone?). The app is very well designed and fun to use! After using Home Routines for a month, you will have cleaned your house from top to bottom!

7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 3 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Motivated Moms

Motivated Moms is a cleaning checklist app that updates every day with a premade list of chores and tasks to accomplish. Everything from washing sinks to cutting baby’s nails to quiet time. The biggest challenge is checking off everything on the list in one day! You are a really motivated mom if you can do it!

7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 4 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Green Shine

Green Shine is a little healthy cleaning solutions helper in your pocket. It contains over 100 tips for cleaning your home the chemical free way! This is a perfect app to help you green up your cleaning routine so your home is safe and clean for your family.

7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 5 Daily Mom Parents Portal

 Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer app is the best app for Mom’s with a busy family! Keeping track of after school activities, play groups, and appointments can get crazy and Cozi streamlines your schedule into one manageable place.


7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 6 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Simply Us

Simply Us is a charming shared scheduling and list-making app that was designed for couples to use together. The app will sync between users so that events can be added to both calendars, grocery lists are easily edited and shared, and you can even text and share photos with each other within the app! Sounds like the key to great communication!

7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 7 Daily Mom Parents Portal

Bill Organizer

Bill Organizer does exactly what you imagine it to do. It is a place to keep all of your bills listed and on a calendar. You can see which bills are coming up, how much is due, and can check them off as you go. Once you’ve input all of your bills into the app, you won’t have to worry about any slipping by unnoticed!

7 Great Cleaning and Organizing Apps 8 Daily Mom Parents Portal

My Things

My Things is the app that everyone has probably thought “there should be an app for this!”. Categories such as “storage” or “bedroom closet” can be detailed with photos of the contents of these areas. So instead of digging through your attic to see if the baby clothes boxes are up there, check your My Things app! Once you’ve gone through the initial setup, the app becomes a saving grace.