Heart-Centered Stationery & Style with PAPAYA! Art

PAPAYA! is an accessories and stationery company whose products are made from the heart. Their creators and designers make bold, passion-filled statements with their work giving you amazing pieces to use in your travel or your creative expression. They offer stationery, art prints, bags, art supplies, travel accessories, and more. Each piece is created by an artist who is expressing their own creative side ensuring you that every thing you buy is made with love.

Notebooks and Journals

If you love to write down all of your adventures in a journal, PAPAYA! has several different bright, bold, and heart-filled items that will quench your creative side as you explore the world around you. Write down all that you see, hear, and feel as you venture to new places, capturing your true memories and feelings with every word. Some of PAPAYA!’s stationery products include:

Spiral Notebooks

Papaya Art11

Heart-Centered Stationery &Amp; Style With Papaya! Art 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

These notebooks are all designed with bright, bold prints curated with love from PAPAYA!’s designers. They feature 106 lined pages and hard covers on each side. The double-gold rings hold everything together. You can use these notebook to write down meeting notes, journaling, sketching, and more!

Papaya Art9

Papaya Art10

Cloth-Bound Notebooks

Papaya Art35 Papaya Art33 Papaya Art28

The cloth-bound notebooks from PAPAYA! are hard covered traditional notebooks that have an array of types of paper within it. Plain, lined, and graph paper give you options for your writings, drawings, and designs. The bold colors and art on the front of each notebook will speak to your creative side. And each notebook as gold-foiled accents to make it a little extra special.


Papaya Art6 Papaya Art5

Sketch, write, draw, or design. The new PAPAYA! journal gives travelers the ability to jot down all their thoughts and memories. The hardcover makes it durable for the bumps during your adventures and the gold accents make it fun and bold.

Legal Pads

Papaya Art19 Make note taking and to-do list making a little more fun with PAPAYA! Art’s legal pads. These notepads are more than just your typical white or yellow sheets. They offer flirty and fun designs around the border (or whole colored notebooks) so maybe those work meetings won’t be so boring this time.

Memo Pads

Papaya Art15

Whether you are jotting down your weekly grocery list, your Target run needs, or your honey-do list these cute memo pads will spice it up a little bit. With several different designs to match your personal style or your home, these memo pads come with 75 sheets so your list-making is seemingly endless.

Travel Accessories

Traveling fills the wanderlust soul. For many, it is a calling that we have to answer. We yearn to see different parts of the world, living out of a suitcase, and bearing our creative soul to explore the endless possibilities that the universe has to offer. Traveling is a passion and a need. If you are a traveler who loves to head out into the world but loves to do it in creative style, then PAPAYA! has some great pieces for you. They will make your next adventure bright and bold, and fun and flirty.

Quartz Gilded Flower Clutch

Heart-Centered Stationery &Amp; Style With Papaya! Art 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

The Quartz Gilded Flower Clutch is your perfect travel accessory. Small and simple, it can travel with you easily. You can use it for day shopping trips to pick up souvenirs or headed out for a night on the town filled with drinks and local faire. It has a golden tassle and golden interior to give that little extra pop to your look. It can be paired with casual or more formal outfits, giving you an all around bag to use no matter the situation while you’re away from home.

Papaya Art1

Travel Clutch

Papaya Art_20180512_706A1646

Papaya Art_20180512_706A1648

Every traveler needs their passport, and preferably something to hold it in so that it’s safe. PAPAYA!’s Travel Clutch can double as a passport holder for all your traveling needs. It can not only hold your passport, but it can also hold additional documents and up to 11 cards. It also has a clear protected ID holder so you can quickly show and access your ID. Each travel clutch is hand sewn with love with an oilcloth-like material giving it a soft and luxurious feel. The bright colors give you a bold and fun look with your travel game, too.

Wander Bottle

Papaya Art26

Every seasoned traveler knows how important it is to stay hydrated. Or caffeinated. This 20 oz vacuum-sealed Wander Bottle by PAPAYA! keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours. It is made from food-grade stainless steel and designed with bright, colorful images that will make your wandering heart swell. The gold top is the perfect addition to this fun and flirty travel accessory.

Papaya Art25

Travel Organizer

Papaya Art

Nothing keeps you sane during your travel like being organized. A good travel organizer, like this one from PAPAYA! helps you keep everything in place instead of shifting around in your luggage bag or carry-on. The foldable organizer opens up, revealing four clear, zippered pockets for you to carry your jewelry, small toiletries, receipts, or other travel items in one place. It easily folds into itself making it small and compact, and not taking up too much cargo space in your luggage. The ribbon ties hold the whole thing together and a fabric loop on the end allows you to hang it up when you get to your destination.

Luggage Tag

Papaya Art_20180512_706A1651

“Many bags look the same. Please double check to make sure you have your bag.” That is frequently the announcement you hear when you are waiting for your luggage at the carousel after a long flight. With this cute, vibrant luggage tag from PAPAYA! you will easily be able to see your suitcase as it comes around. And if, heaven forbid, your luggage gets lost the PAPAYA! Luggage Tag durable won’t rip off like those paper ones they give you at the counter giving you a better chance of (eventually) getting your belongings back.

Papaya Art_20180512_706A1649

Large Tassel Pouch

Papaya Art8 Papaya Art7

The Large Tassel Pouch from PAPAYA! is a travel must-have. You can easily store your toiletries, paperwork, or other small items to keep them organized and safe during your travels. It can even double as a clutch for going out on adventures in town. It is made from an oilcloth-like material making it soft yet durable enough for withstanding travel. It comes with a coordinating tassel and charm that can be easily removed to be used as a keychain, too. You can carry it all, in style, with the Large Tassel Pouch from PAPAYA!

Cute stationery, travel accessories, lifestyle, and more- PAPAYA! Art creates amazing pieces that are designed to be functional and creative. Each design was developed with love from the artists at PAPAYA! so they mean something important to someone in the world. And that is the best kind of product – one that brings love and creativity into the universe. To learn more about what PAPAYA! has to offer, check out their information below.

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Heart-Centered Stationery &Amp; Style With Papaya! Art 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families



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