Last Minute Gifts for Moms

A mother is arguably the most important person on your shopping list. Looking for gifts for moms last minute can be stressful because you want to make sure that someone as special as your mother or the mother of your children is getting nothing but the best. These last minute gifts for moms cover a range of different interests that many mothers will love.

Last minute gifts for mom from Boppy

Boppy Comfyfit 2

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier

Are you looking for a gift that provides the easiest and most comfortable way to carry your baby? The ComfyFit Baby Carrier from Boppy is as easy as click, strap, tie and go! Designed for optimal comfort for both you and your baby the ComfyFit Carrier is made out of polyester and spandex. This is the same material as those wonderful yoga pants we all love to wear. This carrier is lightweight and not cumbersome to put on or to move around in. This also means you won’t strain your back wearing it all day. There’s even a built-in structured seat to make sure baby is extra safe and secure.

This carrier easily fits anyone which means you’ll only need one carrier to share among caregivers. Its soft fabric is able to fold up and store away in the included Stash n’ Go Pouch. The ComfyFit Carrier is best for babies between 8-35 pounds. With two carry positions available, baby can face in toward you (up until at least 6 months) and out to the world as he or she grows. The ComfyFit carrier is available in three colors: Grey, Black, and Midnight Blue.

Boppy Comfyfit 3
ComfyFit Travel Case

Boppy Pregnancy Pillows

Give the gift of comfort for that expecting mom this year. Boppy Pregnancy Pillows allow you to find the perfect position for sleeping through the night. These multi-use pillows give custom comfort adjusting to your growing baby bump during your pregnancy. Get relief for your back and belly from the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge, or experience total body support with the Boppy One-Piece Pregnancy Pillow. Embrace unconditional support for your body and your baby.

White Trellis Mu Sc Tbp Main Image C 2016
Multi-use Total Body Pillow
Diamond Circles Bb Overhead Main Set C 2016
Side Sleeper Pillow
  • Multi-use Total Body Pillow: This product is the solution to all of your needs. The unique contoured shape and filling provides optimal support in the right places. It is also great for getting comfortable while sitting or lounging.
  • Pregnancy Support Pillow: The perfect size to help double up on support. The bonus is you get to use your own head pillow.
  • Side Sleeper Pillow: Best for a current supine (back) sleeper. This product will help remind you to stay on your side throughout the night. The stretch panel grows with your baby bump and helps keep both pillows in place throughout the night.
  • Pregnancy Wedge: This product provides comfort and support for your belly with a small and space-saving design making it perfect for home and travel use. 
Petite Trellis Preg Sup Main Image Set 0443 C 2016
Pregnancy Support Pillow
Scallop Trellis Pregnancy Wedge Main 2 C 2016
Pregnancy Wedge

ComfyFit Baby Carrier |Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

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Last minute gifts for mom from Spa Dress

Contributors - Holiday

The Spa Dress is a multi-use, slip-on dress that is versatile enough to wear by the pool, at the spa, or in your own bathroom while you get ready for the day. It is perfect for travel since it rolls up easily to fit in your bag. The Spa Dress was created to provide an alternative to bulky robes and shapeless spa wear in a way that is comfortable, stylish, and makes you feel great.

Contributors - Holiday

The Spa Dress is made of 80% cotton and 20% spandex so it easily adapts to and flatters your body and can be worn strapless or with easy to tie halter straps. Whether your spa day is happening at home or away, the Spa Dress is the perfect choice for that person on your list who could use some relaxation. Although, let’s be real, it’s on our wish list because couldn’t we all use a day of relaxation and pampering? The spa dress comes in three beautiful colors, each with their own mantras meant to encourage and lift you up: Confidence Boosting Black, Get Gorgeous Pink, and Starting Over White.

Spa Dress

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Last minute gifts for mom from Lusomé

Dailymom Parent Portal Lusome 2

This holiday season, lounging around is not only allowed but encouraged! No need to break a sweat over deciding what gift to give your special lady because Lusomé’s Grace Chemise nightgown is proven to reduce night sweats.

There is absolutely no need to skip out on femininity and comfort with a touch of French beauty embodied within this nightgown. She’ll appreciate the quick moisture-wicking qualities this chemise provides her all through the night.

Dailymom Parent Portal Lusome 3

Do not hesitate to do a little twirl to emphasize the ultra slimming and flattering feminine curves you were born with. Whether you are gifting this for yourself or a loved one, Lusomé is a step up from their competition. 

Dailymom Parent Portal Lusome 1

It is not just about the pretty lace, they have solved many women’s nighttime discomforts and made it comfortable once again. She will not only be falling in bed ready for her slumber, but she will also be falling in love with this gown every single night smiling at you!

Lusomé’s Grace Chemise

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Last minute gifts for mom from Lissom Shoes

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday 2018 Lissom Gifts For Moms

We don’t know many women who would pass up on a pair of cute shoes, but if those shoes are also as comfortable as wearing a pair of sneakers all day long, then sign us up! Better yet, give the woman in your life a pair of Lissom flats.

Lissom, a woman-owned business, has nailed it when it comes to designing shoes that are comfortable, stylish and versatile with their Flyte flats. These incredibly lightweight shoes look a lot like a swim shoe. In fact, Jennifer Markham, the founder of the company, wanted a shoe that could easily transition from yoga class to work. What she created was the perfect athleisure footwear. So perfect, you can even throw them in the wash!

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday 2018 Lissom 2 Gifts For Moms

They work by conforming to your feet perfectly and keeping you supported as you walk. While there is a bit of a break-in period, we find that they fit so perfectly that we forget we’re wearing shoes at all.

Available in a variety of colors and a few patterns, she’ll be thanking you over and over again for her new kicks.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Holiday 2018 Lissom Gifts For Moms

Flyte Black

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Last minute gifts for mom from Awake Beauty

Daily Mom Balance Shot Antioxidant Concentrate 50 Ml Awake Misc Alt 4 Alt Gifts For Moms

Hey, Mamas! How much sleep did you get last night? Do you feel rested? Funny joke, right? Part of the deal with Motherhood is that we kiss our days of long slumber goodbye trading them in for snuggles, cuddles, and arms around our neck as we soothe our sweet babies back to sleep. Awake Beauty was created for moms just like you- who may not always feel refreshed and well rested. You may be tired, but your skin doesn’t have to show that.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Dream Dewdrops Shimmer Serum Awake Misc Alt 2 Alt Gifts For Moms

Awake combines cutting-edge technology with long sought after Japanese botanicals to create a beauty brand like no other. The brand thrives on the idea of creating refreshed, well-hydrated skin. It harnesses powerful plant antioxidants to revive, restore and regenerate, your skin. Nature and science are blended together to restore that youthful, rested look of days gone by.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Balance Shot Antioxidant Concentrate 50 Ml Awake Misc Alt 1 Alt Gifts For Moms

As busy moms, we don’t always have time for over the top beauty routines. Balance Shot Antioxidant Concentrate is a three-in-one toner, moisturizer, and treatment. A potent, liquid, antioxidant-rich skincare formula that uses flower water to hydrate. Flower and plant oils treat skin and liquefied cotton powder absorbs oil creating a soft, smooth finish.

Dream Dewdrops Shimmer Serum Awake Misc Alt 1 Alt Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Dream of dewy, luminous skin? Then add in Dream Dewdrops Shimmer Serum into your beauty routine. This serum makes skin look smoother, softer, and more radiant with just a few drops. Active ingredients include Hyaluronic acid that helps protect your skin from dryness. Vitamin C, E, and goji berry extract protect your skin from harsh environmental elements. Dream Dewdrops will enhance your skins natural glow while moisturizing and protecting.

While we can’t promise you’ll be fully rested this Holiday season. We can promise that no one will know you were up five times last night from the healthy, dewy, glow of your skin brought to you by Awake Beauty. Sleep comes and goes, but good skin routines last forever

Balance Shot Antioxidant ConcentrateDream Dewdrops Shimmer Serum

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Last minute gifts for mom from Moxy & Zen Underwear

Insta Womens Briefs Back Unicorns2 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

You may have noticed that your wife’s undies have gotten a little tattered over the years. And, being the woman that she is, she’s focused her energy on the kids rather than spending time on herself or buying new underwear. She might laugh at you if you give her new lingerie, but we promise she’ll love you forever if you give her a pair (or 3 or 6) of Moxy & Zen underwear.

Womens Boxer Briefs Code 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Not only are these bamboo viscose undies some of the most comfortable panties we’ve ever worn, but they are the world’s most zen-inducing underwear with designs guaranteed to secure nerd street cred. With fun, nerdy designs like “doom code, ” or “cosmic exploration,” she’ll be comfortable and fresh.

Women’s Underwear 3-Pack

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Last minute gifts for mom from Ask YVI

Daily Mom Parents Portal Yvi Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Give the entrepreneur in your life the gift of preparation with the
Bulletproof Business Planner. In business, it is critical to stay organized and ambitious. The Bulletproof Business Planner allows the entrepreneur to focus on their goals – both personal and financial – and stay ambitious. Other great features that set this planner apart include:

  • To-Do List
  • Affirmations
  • Business Card Holder
  • Daily Gratitude
Daily Mom Parent Portal Yvi2 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Designed to be a personal life and business coach, this planner will help you balance your life and achieve your goals. And, with this planner by your side, you will stay hungry for your goals and your business will become bullet proof.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Yvi3 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Bulletproof Business Planner – Teal

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Last minute gifts for mom from Skin Resource.MD Cosmeceuticals

Acne Kit Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

While not the most sexy gift this holiday season, the gift of clear skin will likely be one of the most appreciated gifts this holiday season, and that gift doesn’t have to break the bank! The Fix It Acne Kit is perfectly packaged to clean, moisturize and protect your acne-prone skin as you visibly vanish breakouts fast. Used as part of your daily skin care routine to treat and prevent acne, watch as your acne quickly disappears. This dermatologist recommended acne treatment kit includes:

  • Pore Clearing Acne Cleanser – deep cleans pores with sulphate-free formula
  • Rescue Gel – exfoliates and purifies while calming and easing redness
  • Oil Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer – revitalizes sun damaged and aging skin

Fix It Acne Kit

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Last minute gifts for mom from Felts Health Shoes

Daily Mom Parent Portal Felts2 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Cold feet takes on a whole new meaning in the winter.  Literally getting your feet warm in the winter seems like an impossible task. Felts Health Shoes will not only keep your tootsies warm they are also the healthiest slippers on the market. 

Did you know there are approximately 14,000 nerve endings in your feet? Felts created shoes that cradle and care each of these nerves.  The shoes conform to your foot allowing you to stand firmly.  This will help your blood to circulate better and ease your body tensions.  These shoes work with your body temperature bringing warmth in the winter and cool in the summer.  Your feet do a lot of work each day; care for them by giving them the healthiest shoes possible.  

Daily Mom Parent Portal Felts Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

What’s even more? These shoes are ethically made in Nepal form high performing merino wool and nettle fabric.  Every fabric put into each shoe is 100% natural, eco-friendly, and sustainably sourced. 10% of their profits goes back to social programs in Nepal. 

Daily Mom Parent Portal Felts3 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Felts Health Shoes

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Last minute gifts for mom from BCozzy

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bcozzy 1 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

Is there someone on your gift list who travels all.the.time, frequently having to catch some Z’s while on their flight? The BCozzy is the innovative travel neck support pillow that doesn’t let your head fall forward. No more weird neck bobs for them!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Bcozzy 2 Daily Mom Parents Portal Gifts For Moms

The BCozzy wraps all around the traveler’s neck so their head won’t fall forward when they fall into a deep sleep. They will be able to easily rest their head, neck, and chin without causing strain or pain after a long flight. It comes in a variety of colors so you can get one for every traveler on your list!


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Last minute gifts for moms from Mom Life Must Haves

Caffeine And Chaos Rose Gold 1024X1024

Mom Life Must Haves makes it easy to celebrate motherhood through fun clothing and accessories. From tumblers and hair ties to hats and hoodies, they have everything you need to be a fun and fashionable mama.

Caffeine And Chaos Tumbler 1024X1024

The Fueled by Caffeine and Chaos 21 oz Tumbler features a matte black design with rose gold lettering. Fill it with her favorite drink and this tumbler will have mom drinking in style! The double walled design keeps drinks cold for 16 hours, and drinks hot for 8 so busy moms can enjoy all day long. The acrylic lid that locks into place ensures it will be mess free.

Image F475A1Dc 58B4 47F6 9E73 28Cc22A15A2F 1024X1024

The Mom Hair Don’t Care Hair Ties will keep that messy top knot looking beautiful no matter what life throws her way. This 3-pack features 2 black and white “Mom Hair Don’t Care” ties, and a solid black tie. These no-pull, no-dent elastics are super stretchy and super soft so they’re comfortable all day long.

Fueled by Caffeine and Chaos 21 oz Tumbler | Mom Hair Don’t Care Hair Ties

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Last minute gifts for mom from Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

Hydaway 2 Mist

We don’t know about you, but we are always filling up water bottles to take on the road with us; and while those water bottles are certainly more sustainable than tossing a plastic one, they still take up a lot of room. With that in mind, we feel like the Hydaway 2.0 Water Bottle is the perfect gift for just about anyone.

Whether you’re a frequent flier, a toddler parent, an adventurer or someone who who just loves getting their hands on the latest innovative products, Hydaway is an infinitely adaptable water bottle that’s as on-the-go as you are. No more lugging around bulky water bottles, no more disposables in landfills and no more hard-to-clean bottles. Fill it up when you need it, collapse it when you don’t. Oh and toss it in the dishwasher when you need to.

Hydaway 2 Yellow

Available in a variety of fun, fresh colors, Hydaway is boldly going where no water bottle has gone before.

Hydaway 2.0

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Christmas is right around the corner but that doesn’t mean your shopping window has closed. The mother in your life won’t even realize your Christmas shopping was a little delayed with any of these amazing gifts. So whether you are hitting the stores or shopping online, don’t waste anymore time trying to think up a great gift because we did it for you!

Daily Mom Parent Portal Last Minute Gifts For Moms



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