The Perfect List: 14 Outdoor Gifts They Can’t Live Without

Shopping for outdoor gifts for people that love the great outdoors should be easy, right? In reality, it can be quite frustrating to find the perfect gadget that will enhance their relationship with mother earth. There are so many ways to enjoy the outdoors, how can you know you’ve chosen the right outdoor gifts?

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Thanks to Daily Mom, we have curated a list of items they could live without, but they certainly wouldn’t want to. From tools for the fire to planters to boots designed to survive any climate, we have the perfect gift for you!


daily mom parent portal outdoor gifts

One of the best, big-ticket outdoor gifts you can give a camper, outdoor enthusiast, or adventure lover is a portable power station. The latest ROCKPALS 300 is equipped with a 280wh (10.8V/26Ah) lithium-ion battery pack to meet all of your needs in outdoor camping, power outages, and other emergency situations such as a hurricane or snow storm. For reference, the ROCKPALS 300 has enough power to charge an iPhone 12 for about 28-29 charges, iPad Mini for about 14 charges, 12” MacBook for about 5-6 charges, a mini car refrigerator for about 5-6 hrs, a Gopro for about 40 charges or other small home appliances.

With multiple efficient recharging methods, you will have your ROCKPALS ready to go when you are. With the built-in professional MPPT technology, the portable solar generator provides faster solar recharge rates and can also be recharged from an AC wall outlet in about 4.5-5.5 hrs or from a carport in about 6-7 hours while on-the-road/off-road. Additionally, the backup battery power supply uses a battery management system to improve battery utilization, and extend battery life through short protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, and overheating protection.

daily mom parent portal outdoor gifts

For an added charging option, the ROCKPALS 100-watt folding solar panels are compatible with most solar generators on the market. With the included 10 different sizes of connectors, these monocrystalline silicon solar cells provide a high conversion efficiency of up to 23%, generate more energy and perform better than conventional panels in strong sunlight to produce maximum power to charge compatible devices in the least time. These solar panels are ideally suited for outdoor life, camping, RV trip, picnic, fishing, home emergency, off-grid living power outage supplies, and hurricane preparedness items.

The built-in smart IC chip intelligently identifies your devices and maximizes their charging speed while protecting your devices from overcharging and overloading. The panels provide 4 times the faster-charging speed for your smartphones, tablets, and small appliances. With a professional parallel connector, you can also parallel 2 SP003 100W solar panels to get more output to recharge high-capacity power stations faster.

This solar charger is designed with a handle, convenient to carry wherever you go. Tie it to a car roof or a tree with the 4 hanging holes, and charge devices freely when you are driving, fishing, climbing, hiking, and anywhere you are on the go. Made from durable 1200D Oxford cloth, the solar panel is with IP65 high water resistant rate and can endure all weather conditions.

300W Portable Power Station | 100W Portable Solar Panel
Rockpals | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Solo Stove

Your favorite outdoors-lover will enjoy staying warm and have tons of firey-fun with outdoor gifts from the leader in smokeless fire pits, Solo Stove. Fire pits from Solo Stove give off ultimate warmth and comfort due to their innovative airflow design, and set up anywhere is a breeze. The Bonfire 2.0 is ultra-portable, long-lasting, and with all the accessories available, an incredibly-versatile fire pit. It’s THE product every outdoor space needs.

And if you have kids and/or pets, or just want to step up your fire pit game, you gotta get the newest accessory from Solo Stove – the Fire Pit Surround. It’s the latest in safety and peace of mind for your bonfire. This 360-degree protective barrier protects little ones and 4-legged family members from getting up close and personal with the heat. Made of powder-coated steel, the Surround’s perforated tabletop design reduces heat absorption so well it’s perfect for a good old-fashioned plate of s’mores and your delightful beverages.

daily mom parent portal outdoor gifts

Of course, it’s not only safety and functionality that make this a great addition to the backyard. This beauty also takes your fire pit to the next level with its sophisticated styling. The Surround comes in two sizes so it’s always the perfect fit for any fire pit from Solo Stove. With adjustable non-marring feet and a lifetime warranty, you know this is a gift that’s going to last. Create a gorgeous centerpiece for any backyard or deck with Solo Stove and the Fire Pit Surround.

Bonfire 2.0 | Fire Pit Surround
Solo Stove | Facebook | Instagram


For all of your outdoor event needs, add the Quik Shade Pop-Up Canopy to your shopping cart. Canopies are great for sun relief and unexpected showers but sometimes they don’t always stay put, especially if those showers come with gusts of winds. The Quik Shade Pop-Up Canopy is water-resistant and features 30 mm steel frame land legs. While it should be dismantled in the event of severe weather, it will otherwise stay secure during your event. And those land legs have a push-pull design, making them easy to extend and retract so setup is a breeze. 

Now let’s talk about sun protection! The Quik Shade Pop-Up Canopy also features a 300D heavyweight cover. This means your canopy will provide long-lasting protection from those nasty UV rays. And to make sure you and your guests get all the protection needed, the cover has been treated with Aluminex Protective Coating. That means 99% of those harmful rays of sunlight won’t be able to penetrate the canopy.

Quik Shade
ShelterLogic| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


daily mom parent portal outdoor gifts

Does seeing your garden die away with a lack of nutrients and an efficient way to compost your leftover scraps make your heart ache? No need to worry anymore, the Maze Compost Tumbler and Cart Combo will prove to be a lifesaver for the green-thumbed enthusiasts in your life. This Christmas, making the most of your garden is possible thanks to the Maze Compost Tumbler and Cart set.

Turning the lightweight handle releases the best fertilizer when you fill it with dead leaves, food scraps, or manure. Not only that, but it allows you to compost in two separate compartments, making it functional and useful all year long. The cart makes the process even more seamless, as the enriched residue directly falls into it, and you can carry it without any hassle to your garden. Plus, its intelligent design saves you space in a small garden area.

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daily mom parent portal outdoor gifts

Make the environmentalist in you or a loved one, happy this holiday season with outdoor gifts like this; as composting allows you to contribute significantly less to land waste and more to growing your favorite vegetables and flowers…naturally!

Maze Compost Tumbler and Cart Combo
Gardener’s | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Polyver Sweden

Daily Mom Parent Portal Poyver Sweden 3

Are you looking for a luxurious addition to your winter wardrobe? Or, do you need to find some outdoor gifts for someone who does? A classy pair of footwear is a must – as there are a bunch of family gatherings waiting ahead. Not to mention that the year’s most romantic period is right around the bend. Polyver Classic Winter High is the perfect chic style pair to rock this chilly season. Polyver Sweden’s black boot pair not only looks elegant and stylish but is also super functional. It is not heavy like those conventional winter boots but it is lightweight and super comfy.

You can wear it on walks to crunch those dry leaves, hiking, fishing, and even going out – as the Polyver Classic Winter High is completely waterproof. It sets the bar for protection from the forces of nature, especially the freezing cold in winter, slush in spring, and puddles in autumn with polyurethane boots from Polyver Sweden®. Meet Polyver Classic Winter, our newest winter boot. Designed in Sweden, this ultra-warm, waterproof, lightweight winter boot is accessible all around the globe.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Poyver Sweden 4

Comfortable feet are a hallmark of these boots. In moderate activity levels, they were tested between +10°C/+50°F and -40°C/-40°F. Your feet deserve to be kept warm, so they know what it takes to ensure that’s exactly what they do- keep those toesies warm!

Polyver Classic Winter High | Polyver Classic Winter Low
Polyver Sweden | Facebook | Instagram


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Introducing the Minelab VANQUISH 440 Metal Detector with V10 Coil as one of your outdoor gifts for the treasure-hunter in your life. This powerful and precise metal detector is a perfect choice for outdoor gifts for explorers who are ready to take their hobby to the next level. The VANQUISH 440 utilizes Multi-IQ technology to simultaneously search with multiple frequencies, meaning it can accurately detect all metals in all types of soils. This holiday season, when someone unwraps this gift, they’ll be unwrapping treasures to come from the earth itself – how exciting will that be!?

This all-terrain metal detector also features 4 pre-programmed find modes (coin, relic, jewelry, or custom), 12 discrimination segments, and a pinpoint mode to help you narrow down the location of targets with extreme precision. Plus, automatic noise-canceling technology ensures you’ll get the best possible read on your targets. The Minelab VANQUISH 440 Metal Detector with V10 Coil is the perfect gift for the one who isn’t afraid to get dirty and dig up some lost and potentially valuable objects.

Metal detecting is a fun and exciting hobby that can lead to the discovery of some amazing treasures. Whether you’re out in the field or at the beach, there’s always the thrill of finding something new and interesting. Not only is it a fun way for someone to spend their free time, but it’s also a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors – every season!

Minelab VANQUISH 440 Metal Detector with V10 Coil
Minelab | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Backyard Discovery

Backyard Discovery Daily Mom Parent Portal 8

Update their home’s curb appeal this holiday season with outdoor gifts like fresh plants and a pair of modern, elegant planters that express both their personality and their home’s unique character (or deck your home’s halls!) Whether you want to showcase some bright mums for fall or some gorgeous poinsettias for Christmas, your plants will be beautifully displayed in the Atherton Planter Boxes from Backyard Discovery. These planters are designed to give height to your favorite flowers and greenery, raising them off the ground for an eye-catching pop of color and life that feels right at home in your space.

Backyard Discovery Daily Mom Parent Portal 7

You can even customize your planter boxes to become a self-watering container and/or create the ideal drainage for your plants with a few simple steps. Featuring a signature high-quality construction, your planter box will maintain its rich, deep black coloring with little to no maintenance required. high-quality resin ensures your planter box will never chip, splinter, rust, or tarnish. Designed for the busiest homeowners, you’ll never have to sand, stain or paint your Atherton planter box. Classic molded detailing is finished with a semi-gloss look for a planter box ideal for enhancing the appeal of almost any landscape or patio space.

Atherton Planter Box
Backyard Discovery | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | LinkedIn


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For busy families who are constantly on the go, Tupelo has travel gear that will help you get to your final destination. Traveling with Tupelo will help make your life easier because they’ll give you the extra hands you often wished you have. We have some amazing Tupelo products for you to see. Check them out!

From campouts to Trick-or-Treating, one thing all parents can agree on is that sometimes it comes in handy to have extra help when there’s a lot to tow. Let Tupelo help you with that when you purchase their Load-Up Wagon. While the Load-Up Wagon is ideal for holding small children when they get tired of walking, its design makes it versatile. Its metal frame can support up to 165 lbs, allowing you to tow around sports gear, camp chairs, and even tents or small coolers. Don’t let the fabric lining fool you. Tupelo built this wagon to be tough. The fabric is tear-resistant and is also easy to clean because it’s made of polyester.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Tupelo 9

Don’t worry about juice boxes or sports drinks spilling on the inside. Just wipe it down and get ready to go. When you’re done using it, fold it up. It has an overall area of 8″ when folded, making it very easy to store in the garage, hall closet, or even your trunk. It also features a telescoping handle that allows you to easily adjust its length. This makes it easy for you to navigate over uneven ground surfaces. We love that the tires are puncture-resistant. A flat tire will never slow you down.

Don’t you just hate it when the tote you’re carrying to the beach falls over? Before you know it, everything you own is covered in sand, including the inside of the tote. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a tote that always stood upright and was easy to clean? Tupelo thought so and that’s why they created the Tupelo Tote. This tote features a flat bottom, providing the surface area needed to allow it to remain upright while you’re loading and unloading it.

Its spacious interior is perfect for storing towels, yoga mats, toys, and water bottles. Everything you and your family need while you’re off having an adventure. Take it to the farmer’s market and use it to store fresh fruits and vegetables. Take it to a martial arts class and use it to hold your sparring gloves and mouth guard. It’s made from EVA foam which makes it lightweight and easy to clean up sand, fruit juices, and snack crumbs.

Daily Mom Parents Portal Tupelo 13

Wherever you go, be sure to take the Load-Up wagon and Tupelo Tote with you. They’ll provide you with the maximum amount of easy-to-manage storage while you’re out and about. Their easy-to-clean designs, make cleaning up the stickiest messes a breeze. And when you’re done, they’ll both take up a minimum amount of space while being stored. What are you waiting for? Don’t let another family vacation pass you by without these fabulous products. Add them to your shopping cart today!

Load-Up Wagon | Tupelo Tote
Tupelo | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | TikTok

Pit Command

Mg 0371 1

Winter is the perfect time for campfires, so make sure you have the perfect gear for such an occasion with Pit Command and their range of fire accessories. This season, the Ranger is the perfect tool for every fire and is a must-have for outdoor gifts. This three-in-one tool boasts an axe-like chopper for splitting burning wood, a serrated hook for rolling logs, and a poker for getting everything into the right position over a medium fire pit. Available in black, orange, and green, this tool can be suited for every preference. Fire safety means having the proper tools, and thanks to Pit Command, this Christmas, you can be sure you have everything you need for the perfect fire.

Pit Command | Instagram

Everlasting Comfort

We all have friends who enjoy the great outdoors and like to ski, snowboard, and camp. Unfortunately, our garments and footwear can get wet and cold with these fine outdoor activities. Finding appropriate outdoor gifts for Christmas that will keep your friends cozy during outdoor adventures can be difficult. With the Everlasting Comfort Shoe, Glove, and Boot Dryer, your worries about finding the perfect gift for Christmas are over! This dryer helps to eliminate the odors of wet soggy footwear and removes moisture, leaving your boots dry. This innovative dryer uses a hybrid forced air speed drying system.

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The forced air induction combined with a fan draws in air and warms it, then circulates it throughout items, resulting in dry shoes, boots, gloves, and helmets in under 80 minutes. It dries multiple garments simultaneously by emitting a steady stream of warm air. The two extendable and customizable back dryers are ideal for boots, helmets, and larger garments, while the two smaller front dryers fit gloves, soccer cleats, socks, kids’ footwear, and clothing. This package includes shoe and helmet attachments that are easy to use and can be positioned at different angles to simultaneously accommodate your footwear and helmets.

The Everlasting Comfort Shoe, Glove, and Boot Dryer is the perfect gift for family, friends, or co-workers who enjoy outdoor activities and sports. 

Everlasting Comfort Shoe, Glove, Boot Dryer
Everlasting Comfort| Facebook | Instagram


daily mom parent portal outdoor gifts

Do you love the idea of skiing, ice skating, and camping during winter months? Do you take one step outside in the freezing temperature and immediately turn around? If spending time outside with your favorite person during the winter is something you want to do but you can’t stand the cold, DOACE has exactly what you need. The best part is, it’s available for both men and women, and if you want to give warm outdoor gifts this season, it’s just what you need.

This vest has eight heating pads that will keep your neck, back, abdomen, shoulders, and waist nice and toasty. The Heated Vest is rechargeable and will last for up to eight hours while you’re exploring a winter wonderland. DOACE wants to make sure that everyone who wears their heated vest stays warm at the perfect temperature, that’s why their design includes three switches and three temperature settings. Don’t wait for the snow to melt. Add the DOACE Heated Vest to your shopping cart today!

DOACE Heated Vest
DOACE | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

Harry And David

Are you looking for outdoor gifts for the holidays to gift the grill master in your family? Then look no further than Harry And David. To prep all the meats and vegetables for your holiday barbeque, you will love to use the BBQ Gift Set with stainless steel tools and wooden handles. The set includes a barbecue fork, tongs, a spatula, and a Harry & David™ oven mitt, plus two bottles of the most flavorful Original Oregon® Trail Barbecue Sauce and the Pineapple Grilling Sauce on the market. These sauces will take your dishes to a new level and have your guests asking for more.

The BBQ gift set is just what the chef ordered. Hosting holiday parties will be a lot easier with Harry And David’s wonderful kitchen tools. 

BBQ Gift Set
Harry And David | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


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Outdoor gifts can make or break the way we approach housework. This handy tool is designed to keep your deck clean and free of debris! Every deck is different, and bits of rock, leaves and other elements can get caught in the cracks. That’s where this tool comes in! Without backbreaking effort and unnecessary time, you can keep your relaxing deck space looking brand new. This company offers free shipping and free blade replacement. Their product is made in the USA.

theDECKtool | Facebook | Pinterest

Desert Fox Golf

Golfers will love this handy gadget when they are hitting the links. The Golf Cart Phone Caddy by Desert Fox Golf is a fully adjustable phone holder for golf carts. This caddy straps to the frame of the golf cart and keeps your phone safe and at your fingertips. Your phone slides in and out effortlessly for quick access to your phone and will fit all golf carts. Made from durable, high-impact plastic, this holder will accompany you on every golf outing.

Golf Cart Phone Caddy
Desert Fox Golf | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Whether your winter plans have you sprucing up your home’s curb appeal or trekking through the snow for an adventure, these outdoor gifts will keep your loved ones’ adventurous spirit happy and fulfilled. This holiday season, make the Christmas Tree an official portal to outdoor fun with Daily Mom’s list of ideas for must-have outdoor gifts.

Indoor play for kids, especially during the winter months, is bound to happen, so start your planning now and have items on hand to bust out any activity at a moment’s notice.


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