Unique and Thoughtful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

You want to treat your Valentine with a gift as unique and special as your love. We’ve put together a list of our top unique and thoughtful Valentine’s Day gifts that will ensure you don’t have to fall back on chocolates and flowers this year! See our favorites and find the perfect special gift for your special someone.



Because every person deserves personalized love in high resolution.

Have you found yourself in a long distance relationship this Valentine’s Day? Is your significant other a tech junkie that thrives on the latest and greatest from the technology world? Are you in a relationship with someone who adores photos and videos? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Loop family communication device will be your new best friend. Using wifi, you can transport yourself to your loved ones, and vice versa, at the simple touch of a button.

The Loop Personal Wi-Fi Display easily connects family and friends through pictures, videos, and video chat. Things to love about the Loop include:

  • Simple set-up through the Loop app
  • Effortless ease in controlling the frame, simply by turning the knob and navigating the button
  • Instantly sends photos and videos from a smart phone to the Loop frame
  • 100% personalized by choosing the content you you want shared
  • Storage capacity of 4GB
  • Built-in camera and audio for video chats with other Loops around the globe and with smartphones
  • Loop has a 4-hour battery time, but also comes with an extended cord and A/C adapter for continual play while plugged in

Loop is the perfect gift for the person in your life who enjoys unique, high tech gadgets. Loop supports iOS photos, and can connect directly to Instagram, Facebook, and You Tube accounts for seamless sharing no matter how close or far away you are. Loop is an excellent way to stay connected and spread love to those you care most about.




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Embroidered Pillows from CatStudio

Gift a thoughtful pillow, that can also look beautiful in the home.

We all know that gifting something thoughtful can be hard, at times. If your Valentine is a lover of home decor, they will absolutely adore these Hand Embroidered Geography Pillows from CatStudio. A certain location may speak to them in a special way. Maybe you got married in a certain city that will always have a special place in your heart. Or, maybe you met while you were both attending college? With CatStudio and their hand-embroidered geography pillow collection, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your lover, and add that special touch to your home decor for years to come. Every single pillow one of these pillow is individually embroidered- by hand. Each pillow takes over 40 hours to create! And not only is it hand embroidered, all the lovely details are placed on a beautiful light tea-colored organic cotton material. The geography pillows are large (20″ x 20″), and make a stunning conversation piece.

Each artisan that creates the individual state pillows adds their own flair and signature into their work, as well. The beautiful Michigan pillow shown here has all the details that are classic signatures for the state; from the Porcupine Mountains, to the Holland Tulips, to Motor City sports stadiums. You’re sure to find a collection that’s perfect for your loved one, with the following collections available:

  • Geography collection
  • Collegiate collection
  • National Parks collection
  • Holiday collection
  • World Collection
  • Ski collection
  • Black & white collection
  • Icon collection
  • Design collection

The collegiate collection embroidered pillow is the perfect item for the NCAA sports loving fan in your home. Each pillow is 16″ x 20″, and embroidered in Thailand. The collegiate pillows are colorful and bring the perfect mixture of detail, and fun, into any space. It’s fun and thoughtful enough to look awesome in any man-cave (or she-cave!) but yet pretty enough that you’ll want to leave it in your formal space to add in a bit of fun. It’s also a great conversational piece, and like-minded sports fans will all love the fun details it brings to any room.

Dreampad Pillow

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep.

If your Valentine has a hard time falling asleep, a Dreampad pillow is the solution. Dreampad technology is based on the natural conductivity of the human body. This revolutionary pillow delivers music to your nervous system through vibrations in the inner ear, without disturbing your partner, which triggers a response that helps your brain and your body to relax as you’re falling asleep. When you lay your head down on this pillow, you have no choice but to drift off into deep sleep!

Using the dreampad pillow is incredibly easy! After downloading the Dreampad app, you can plug your phone (or the bluetooth receiver) into a pocket in the pillow and choose one of the pre-installed relaxation tracks, or choose your own. With several models and levels of firmness to choose from (including a memory support option), every sleep preference is covered!

Artifact Uprising

A beautiful keepsake for documenting the first year (and beyond) of your newest love.

For the new or veteran mother this Valentine’s Day, The Story of You baby book is a personalized gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. In this age of cellphone photos and social media, parents so often document but lose track of the most important moments in their children’s lives. Rarely are photos printed any longer which has led to the demise of photo albums or traditional baby books. Here to change that is Artifact Uprising with their modern interactive photo journal designed with busy parents in mind.

Unlike other baby books, the minimalist style and classic look of The Story of You documents only the most important milestones in your baby’s life. With simple, stylish and thick heavy weight pages, the quality of this baby book is impeccable. Featuring a foil stamped premium fabric cover, this is a photo journal that you will not want to hide away, but rather display prominently in your home. Forget the whimsical elephants and choo-choo trains, The Story of You is an elegant addition to your home or album collection. As your child ages, he or she will love cuddling up on the couch looking back at his or her younger years.

This 100 page, 50 individual sheet, baby book has both blank pages and prompts allowing you to focus most on everyday moments from birth through baby’s first year. The classic 4 ring binding makes rearranging or adding pages simple giving you the opportunity to continue adding to your child’s story. The recommended pen for use on the heavy weight pages along with adhesive and a complimentary set of everyday prints is included as well.


The Story of You Baby Book


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Wall Charmers

Bringing your wall décor up a notch.

Pictures, paintings, and other pieces of artwork are great ideas for Valentine’s gifts, but let’s think outside the box on this one and get that someone special a piece they would never expect, surprising them with a faux taxidermy animal head. Now, it’s not what you think. We don’t mean hanging a life-like deer head on the wall, but instead, a bold, chic sculpture of your favorite animal to showcase on your wall. The animal heads from Wall Charmers are an eco-friendly decor collection that provides a mix of elegant, rustic, and modern design to any wall in your house.

From a bedroom to your living room, to your bathroom or a nursery, Wall Charmers combine nature and decor to complete the look of any room. One of their stand-out pieces is The Austin. This faux longhorn cow skull brings a rustic southwest feel to your home and the custom painting gives the rugged décor warmth. These animal friendly works of art are hand painted in the USA and offer tons of options not only in your choice of animal but numerous color combinations. The animal heads are made out of lightweight resin making mounting with just a strong nail easy. As they like to put it, these animals are “no harm, all charm”.

Erin Condren

For the women who loves to plan and plans to love.

When the world is pulling you in a million directions, a good plan can help you keep it all together. If your Valentine thrives on organization, the Galentines Gift set from Erin Condren is the perfect gift to send her heart a-patter. This set includes a hardbound notebook, the mini 2018 sticker pack, Love to Plan stickers and a matching elastic book band set. Fully lined and ready to capture plans to take on the world, each notebook includes an inspirational message on the inside cover to start her plans off on the right foot.

If your love prefers a planner with more structure, a Hardbound Lifeplanner has everything she needs to feel confident in her organization. The Hardbound Lifeplanner has everything you love about Erin Condren’s spiral bound Lifeplanner in a compact and sleek design. With two sizes [8×10 or 5×8] you can pick the option that will fit comfortably in her purse or workbag.


Galentines Day Gift Bundle | Hardbound Lifeplanner


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Camera Coats & Straps

Because every photographer needs the ease and functionality of a camera coat.

Whether your Valentine is a professional photographer or a professional momtographer, grabbing their camera and running out the door rarely happens without an onslaught of bad thoughts: How am I going to protect my camera, where am I going to put it, I can’t just toss it in the baby bag, or can I? If you’re lugging around a purse or a baby bag, or don’t want to be bogged down with carrying around a bag, but want to have your camera with you at all times, then Camera Coats is your answer to protecting your gear and your sanity. Just like their motto states, Camera Coats allows you to travel, play, live, and capture without the worry of damaging your camera. Simply strap it onto your camera and throw it over your shoulder or into your bag, and you’re off!

Every Camera Coat is handmade with designer fabric and padded for extra protection, as well as water resistant. Each is made with a sturdy velcro closure, attaches to your camera strap with a sturdy buckle, and even includes pockets to store your phone – or even better – your lens cap! That thing always has a way of disappearing. The coats are made to fit most Canon, Nikon, Sony, or other basic camera body types.

The matching designer knit camera straps are made to be worn cross body style and feature strong, sturdy material as well as buckles and leatherette ends.

Silhouette Mint Stamp Maker

Inspire her love of creativity this holiday

If your Valentine has a love of crafting, giving her the Mint Custom Stamp Maker from Silhouette will make you the star of her next ladies brunch. This new addition to Silhouette’s line of machines will complete her crafting collection and allow her to create beautiful and custom stamps on demand. From designing a personalized return address stamp to politely reminding friends whose book they borrowed with a unique name stamp, the Mint will quickly become one of her favorite tools for creative projects. She can even custom print a favorite photo or child’s drawing and make the perfect gift tag for family and friends!

She’ll start off by designing the a picture perfect project inside the Mint Software and within minutes can will thermal printing to bring her creation to life on one seven sizes of stamp. Photos or writing can be photographed and sent direct to the design software to help put together a 100% personalized look and style. No need to worry about messy (or dried out stamp pads), once printing is complete use the Silhouette ink to color the background and stamp up to 50 times before reapplying. Stamp sheets can be mounted onto a wooden block for easy handling and labels make sure she can quickly sort through her collection at a glance. There is no limit to the amount of creativity this fun gift won’t be able to handle.


Silhouette Mint


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Pop Chart Lab

Give the gift of an ode to the things your love, loves.

Thanks to the team of experts at Pop Chart Labs, finding the perfect gift that brings a passion to life is no longer a challenge. Pop Chart Labs does comprehensive research on any and every subject you could love, including Broadway Theatre, Super Powers, or even where cocktails and literature intersect. With high quality printing and unique artistic designs, your Valentine will be proud to display their favorite things on the wall for everyone to enjoy. Each poster is a stunning work of art, depicting even the most complicated information in a fun and easy to follow chart.


A Comprehensive Curtain Call of Broadway Costumes


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