The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas & Their Big Siblings, Too

Baby’s first Christmas gifts are important to their loved ones, including new parents and big siblings, too. Christmas is almost here so don’t get caught without the perfect gift for baby’s first Christmas, or the perfect gifts for big brother and sister as well.

For those of us who don’t shop early, or those last-minute additions to your holiday gift list, we have got what you need for the new babies, soon-to-be parents, and kiddos still lingering on your holiday shopping list. This season bring a smile to their face and give a gift that will be useful, practical, and very well loved with any of these last-minute gifts for babies, kids, and new parents; and order confidently knowing you will get your gifts just in the nick of time! Happy Holidays!

Baby Brezza® 

The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Having a baby is a blessing. Also, it’s exhausting. Everyone warned you about the nightly feedings but still, you weren’t adequately prepared for the sleep deprivation that followed. Wouldn’t it be great if the bottle could fix itself? Do you ever wish your programmable coffee maker came with an infant formula feature? If this sounds too good to be true, we’ve got exciting news for you. Baby Brezza® has made this a reality! Make nighttime bottle feedings in your house a little easier when you add the Formula Pro Advance Baby Formula Dispenser® to your shopping cart for baby’s first Christmas.

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The Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser® features a patented mixing technology. Say goodbye to those sneaky clumps of formula that magically appear when you’re feeding your baby. Set the dispenser up before you go to bed. It’s customizable, allowing you to select how many ounces of water and the desired temperature. This formula dispenser works with every type of formula and bottle on the market. The water tank is removable and dishwasher-safe. We love that while the bottle is mixing, you’re hands-free. That means you can snuggle your fussy baby and make a bottle at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Being a parent to an infant is challenging enough. Make your day and night easier when you bring the Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser® into your home. Add this to your shopping cart today!

Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser®
Baby Brezza| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok

Little Big PlayRoom

The Indoor Ball Pit will be your children’s favorite gift this Christmas. They will leap right into the sturdy, comfy pool of pit balls. They will play, jump and squeal with laughter. As they get a bit older, they might snuggle in the ball pit and read a book, it’s that comfy!

The Ball Pit Bundle by Little Big Playroom comes with 200 crush-proof, recyclable pit balls, as well as the durable memory foam ball pit. The portable ball pit is designed for up to three jumpers aged 6 months to age 5 – the inner diameter of the ball pit is 34 inches with 2-inch strong walls so they will not cave. The ball pit is 16 inches high with an outer diameter of 38 inches.

The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Little Big Playroom offers removable and washable covers for the ball pits to match your home or seasonal decor. The Boho Collection boasts elegant, trendy designs so the ball pit will blend into your home decor. Designs include Palm on Heathered Ivory, Earthtone Rainbow, Organic Shapes on Heathered Ivory, and more, as well as a variety of muted solid colors. The eco-friendly pit balls are CE certified and made with BPA-free materials. The ball pit covers are made with 94 percent organic cotton.

Boho Collection: Memory Foam Ball Pit with 200 Balls
Little Big PlayRoom | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok


The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Whether your child is starting a new grade or you’re looking for a gift that is cool yet functional this holiday season, Tinipak’s Tinibox will be a perfect Christmas present. The ergonomic bag from Tinipak is fantastic for students who struggle to keep their things organized and frequently complain about back pain. This bag was designed by a thoughtful father with the needs of elementary school children in mind. It is incredibly light and made of durable materials, making it a long-term asset for your little one. 

Moreover, the extra soft padding on the shoulder adds comfort and prevents strain on the back and shoulders. TiniFile, TiniCard, and other compartments are part of this bag to help your children stay organized. This holiday, give your child what they need – a pack that is actually made just for them!

Tinipak | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube


The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Boost your infant’s hand-eye coordination, color recognization, and other senses when you buy toys and other baby gear from Infantino for baby’s first Christmas. Infantino products will not only entertain your baby, but these products will also help your baby develop their senses. Check out some of our favorite products!

Ten-minute car rides to the grocery store can be agonizing for some infants. Stop the tears before they start when you add the Spiral Car Seat Activity Toy™ to your shopping cart. This activity toy wraps around the handle of the car seat. Your baby will love the plush, soft fabric. The four shapes that dangle from the pink fox are made with different textures, giving your baby enough stimuli to keep them entertained.

The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Tummy time is never any fun. But it’s an unfortunate necessity for infants. Infantino understands this. That’s why its team developed the 4-in-1 Twist & Fold Musical Mobile Gym™. It features a Boho-styled playmat, linkable toys, and a repositionable mirror. Use the mirror to help your baby stay entertained and happy while they’re doing tummy time. The linkable toys are removable, making it easy for you to reattach them to the car seat handle or stroller. We love how easy it is to fold this gym up. Take it wherever you go!

The Infantino team is comprised of people who love babies and admire parents. They want you to have everything you need for your baby. They want babies to have everything they need to grow and develop. When you buy products from Infantino, you’re getting so much more than toys and baby gear. You’re bringing a small village into your home to help you and your baby. Add these amazing products to your shopping cart today!

Spiral Car Seat Activity Toy™| 4-in-1 Twist & Fold Musical Mobile Gym™
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Tommee Tippee

The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

For over 50 years, the team behind Tommee Tippee has dedicated their talents and resources to create products for everyone, every child, at every stage. Their collection of pacifiers, bottles, nipples, and more gives parents plenty of options when it comes to finding the right match for their infants. Check out two of our favorite Tommee Tippee products for baby’s first Christmas.

Does your baby love using a pacifier? Does the weight of that pacifier make it hard for your baby to hold on to? If you’re tired of chasing pacifiers around the room, add the Tommee Tippee Ultra-Lightweight Silicone Pacifier to your shopping cart. This is Tommee Tippee’s lightest pacifier in their collection. It’s made with 100% medical grade, BPA-Free silicone that’s soft and has a skin-like feel. We love the asymmetrical design of this nipple. There’s no right or wrong way to place the pacifier into your baby’s mouth.

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The Easi-Warm Electric Bottle and Food Warmer is your versatile solution to feeding a hungry, impatient baby or toddler. Use it to warm bottles, jars of food, or even pouches in as little as four minutes. This bottle and food warmer gradually heats the food, preserving the nutrients your little one needs. Use the dial to choose from two settings: warm from the refrigerator or warm from room temperature. When you use the Easi-Warm Electric Bottle and Food Warmer, your baby’s food, formula, or breast milk will be heated to the perfect temperature every time.

Ultra-light Silicone Pacifier | Easi-Warm Electric Bottle and Food Warmer
Tommee Tippee | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Baby Tula

The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Baby carriers can offer incredible options for parents, making it easier to snuggle a baby while also shopping, fixing dinner, or walking around outside. The problem with baby carriers is they aren’t always easy to use, leaving parents uncertain if their babies are safe inside. Fortunately for parents everywhere, Baby Tula has taken care of this concern with its collection of versatile, easy-to-use infant carriers. Today, we’re honored to feature products designed with parents and infants in mind. Check out some of our favorites for baby’s first Christmas!

The Explore Baby Carrier is every parent’s hands-free solution! Wear your baby while you’re out on the town. Wear your baby while you’re fixing dinner. Wherever you use it, you’re going to love it! The Explore Baby Carrier holds babies who weigh as little as 7 lbs. and as much as 45 lbs. It’s made with 100% cotton, supporting your baby in soft, breathable fabric. Parents will love how easy it is to clean.

The Explore Baby Carrier is designed to support your infant’s hip growth and is endorsed by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. As your baby grows, the carrier will easily adjust to accommodate growing legs. The included pillow adjusts to provide continued support for your baby’s neck as he grows taller. While supporting your baby’s growth was Baby Tula’s number one priority, its design team didn’t forget about parental comfort.

Thick shoulder pads provide parents comfort when they’re wearing their babies. It’s easily adjustable to accommodate both Mom and Dad. The wide waistband helps to distribute the baby’s weight evenly so it won’t strain your back.

Because wearing a small infant inside of a carrier makes some parents nervous, Baby Tula provides the Standard Carrier Infant Insert. Safely and securely harness your 7-15 lb. baby into the infant insert. The Standard Carrier Infant Insert was designed to protect your infant’s spine development as well as provide extra support to the head and neck as well.

The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Swaddle your baby inside the Baby Tula Blanket. This baby blanket is made with 100% natural bamboo, making it ultra-soft for your baby. Moms will love using it while they’re nursing. Take this baby blanket with you wherever you go! It’s easy to pack inside a diaper bag.

Wear your baby with confidence when you purchase a baby carrier from Baby Tula. The design team at Baby Tula has thought of everything from head to toe when it comes to your baby’s safety and continued support. Add these fabulous products to your shopping cart today!

Explore Baby Carrier | Standard Carrier Infant Insert | Blanket
Baby Tula| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok


Diaper bags are expensive. And before you know it, you and your baby have passed the diaper bag stage. Now you’re left with a really expensive diaper bag you can’t use for anything else. You could always try selling it. It’s too bad you didn’t know about Carry Love Diaper Bag Tote 3.0 earlier. This TWELVElittle design is exactly what you need for those diaper-changing years. It’s perfect for road trips, long car rides, or trips to the park. It features adjustable shoulder straps. It also features a crossbody shoulder strap for moms who want to be hands-free or dads who don’t want to be seen carrying a purse.

Inside the Carry Love Diaper Bag Tote, you’ll find five interior pockets and a diaper-changing mat made with the same water-resistant fabric as the exterior of the tote. Five pockets and an insulated bottle holder are on the exterior. This tote is not only durable, it’s fashionable. When your baby has outgrown the diaper stage, this tote becomes the perfect, everyday handbag for mom. After all, even though you aren’t lugging around diapers or bottles, you’ll still need room for kleenex, snacks, toys, hand wipes, sanitizer, and your husband’s wallet.

If you’re going to buy a diaper bag, buy the Carry Love Diaper Bag Tote. It’s fashionable, roomy, and easy to clean. Whether you have multiple kids or only one, this diaper bag will last you for years. And the best part is, no one will ever suspect it was a diaper bag. Add this to your shopping cart today!

Carry Love Diaper Bag Tote 3.0 
TWELVElittle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest | TikTok | LinkedIn


The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Whether the soon-to-be new mama in your life is breast or bottle-feeding, the Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler Bag from PackIT is a must. This simple yet practical gift is essential for getting new mamas and their babes out of the house. Easy to freeze all in one piece, this cooler bag can be stored in the freezer and filled for use when leaving home. Holding up to 4, 5oz. bottles, this cooler bag is ideal for tossing in your diaper bag on the way out the door, ensuring your baby’s milk will be kept fresh for hours.

Freezable Baby Bottle Cooler Bag
PackIt | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Give the practical gift of baby bottles to a new mama this Christmas with Lansinoh. Whether she is pumping on the go or formula feeding, take the stress out of bottle feeding baby with the Breastfeeding Bottle with Natural Wave Nipples. Clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion, these bottles allow baby to engage in the same natural sucking action as being breastfed for a smooth transition. The patented Air Ventilation System also ensures less intake of air for fewer spit-ups and a less colicky babe.

Breastfeeding Bottles with Natural Wave Nipple
Lansinoh | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

The ErgoBaby Evolve Bouncer is their all-new 3-in-1 seat that will last from infancy through toddlerhood. This seat would make a fabulous gift for new parents as it is the one and only bouncer/toddler seat they will need. Ergonomically designed to promote healthy development and prevent flat head syndrome, the Evolve Bouncer supports baby from head to toe! This Christmas make sure to pick up the Evolve Bouncer Toy Bar to engage and entertain the baby as they grow. Fun for infants, the Evolve Ocean Wonders Toy Bar features plush ocean creatures that will mesmerize your baby as he or she wiles the day away in this comfy, cozy seat.

Evolve Bouncer Toy Bar
Ergobaby | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Delta Children

The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

You can be the parent who wins Christmas gift-giving this year when you purchase this Mickey Mouse picnic table! Named “Best Picnic Table for Children” by Country Living magazine, this durable furniture piece is both adorable and functional! In addition to the fun Disney design that your kids will love, this table also features cup holders, an umbrella, and a removable building block board that is compatible with Legos and similar toys.

Delta Children assures us that this table is easy to clean, easy to assemble, and easy to store, making it a win for parents everywhere. It is weather-resistant and measures 32.5 inches wide, 34.25 inches deep, and 53.5 inches high, fitting four children comfortably on the benches. This gift will have you and your kids begging for spring!

Mickey Mouse 4 Seat Activity Picnic Table with Umbrella and LEGO Compatible Tabletop
Delta Children | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest | YouTube


The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too

Footie pajamas and fun baby toys make Christmas complete! This holiday season Mori’s Ribbed Zip Baby Pajamas are the perfect loungewear for your little one. These warm and cozy pj’s are perfect for snuggling up by the fire, sleep, play, and everything in between. The uber-soft organic fabric is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin, and the zip front opening makes diaper changes a breeze.

Add a fun and playful gift for baby with the Wooden Rainbow Stacker and Stacking Rings giftset. These pastel-colored playthings are entertaining and educational for little ones as they grow. Perfect for hand-eye coordination and gross motor development, these attractive, educational toys are the perfect gift for babies this Christmas.

Ribbed Zip Baby Pajamas | Wooden Rainbow Stacker and Stacking Rings Giftset
Mori | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Sloomoo Institute

Kids and their love of slimes is everlasting – so make this Christmas fun for your little siblings or niece/nephew, and let them rejoice in their profession for making a mess. From ready-made slimes to ultimate kits to make and customize slime – the Sloomoo Institute offers several options to make kids stop stealing your expensive shampoos to try out their slime-making mastery creations. Sloomoo Slimes come in various fun-themed, vibrant colors and textures, make calming, resonant sounds, and are excellent for kids who experience anxiety or just need to fidget.

So, indulge your children’s creative side while playing with slime, creating eye-catching visuals. They could even make a YouTube channel with ASMR videos of these slimes or show off their slime collection to friends by throwing a slime party!

Holiday Slime
Sloomoo Institute | Facebook | Instagram | TikTok

Spy Ninjas

The Spy Ninjas Ninja Training Bundle comes packed with fun and imagination from the popular family-friendly multimedia entertainment brand on YouTube with more than 14 million subscribers. The Ninja Training Bundle boasts a Transforming Katana with a removable Spy Glass in the handle, as well as two Removable Ninja Star Hilts. Stop Project Zorgo with the Sonic Star, which lights up and makes 15-plus sounds and phrases.

The kit also includes a Utility Belt, Decorder Wheel, Headband, ID Card, Decorder Card, two activity books, and a certificate of achievement. Couple the Spy Ninjas Ninja Training Bundle with the Spy Ninjas Official Graphic Novel: Virtual Reality Madness! for a terrific holiday gift for your child.

The Spy Ninjas Night Vision Mission Kit also lets your kiddos take on Project Zorgo but this time in the dark. Imagination will soar as your Spy Ninja embarks on her own journey with the Night Vision Goggles with a green LED light, removable flashlight, and magnifying lens. The kit also includes a Spy Ninjas Utility Belt, Decoder Wheel, two Activity Books, an ID Card, a notebook, and a certificate of achievement!

Spy Ninjas Ninja Training Bundle | Spy Ninjas Night Vision Mission Kit
Spy Ninjas | Facebook Instagram | Youtube



Stuck on what to get a newborn a Christmas present or looking for a gift for someone who loves flexing their plushies collection? World Roller Toys has many exciting options to offer. Each plush toy in the Dream Beams collection is the cutest stuffed animal that is incredibly soft and cuddly and has lovely colors and shapes. Dream Beams offer plushie toys for any type of emotional support to your child while they sleep and provide comfort as a friend while traveling.

Regardless of how dirty your child gets them, Dream Beams are incredibly easy to wash and dry quickly. Plus, they all glow in the dark, which thrills the children; they’ll love it. Collect all 12 and make your child’s day on Christmas morning!

Dream Beams
Dreambeams | Facebook | Instagram


Keep yourself cozy this holiday season with Warmies®. Their wellness products, including eye masks, stuffed animals, slippers, and neck wraps, are all fully microwavable, extremely comfy, and safe for all ages. Simply heat the products in the microwave for 30 or 60 seconds, enjoy up to an hour of warmth, or throw them in the freezer for cooling relief. All the members of the family will love Warmies® products.  Aside from providing comfort, all products also provide relief from muscle aches, chills, and cramps.

Sleep comfortably with the Marshmallow Brown Warmies Eye Mask. This super soft mask is scented with French lavender giving you the best night’s sleep. You will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Warm the eye mask in the microwave for 30 seconds. 

If you have aches and pains, cuddle up with the Supersized Hamster. This adorable plush comes with a heat pack that can be removed for additional heating or cooling. The super soft hamster is perfect for cuddling during the day and as a snuggly pillow at night. Heat the pack in the microwave for 30 seconds to provide soothing comfort and warmth for hours. In addition, this hampster features the relaxing scent of real dried French lavender, providing warmth and relaxation. Christmas is the perfect time to give Warmies®  to your loved ones so they can have a cozy and relaxing holiday season.

Supersized Hamster Warmies | Marshmallow Brown Warmies Eye Mask
Warmies®  | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

The Crème Shop

This Christmas, pamper your Disney-loving munchkin with bath products from The Crème Shop. The vegan Disney Sweetheart Spa Set is a cruelty-free, paraben-free, and sulfate-free set that your Minnie Mouse-loving friend will adore. This luxurious set includes a super moisturizing Body Scrub, a Candy Cane Scented Bath Bomb, and calming Bath Crystals. These bath products will make bath time more fun and will soften your child’s skin and make them feel relaxed. This delightful set is a limited edition, so make sure to get it before it sells out.

Add the Minnie Mouse Dome Travel Pouch to complete your holiday package. This beautiful faux leather travel pouch features a convenient top zipper enclosure which ensures all your little accessories and toiletries are secure. These adorable products from The Crème Shop make the perfect Christmas gifts for the little ones who love Disney. 

The Crème Shop x Disney Sweetheart Spa Set – Limited Edition | Minnie Mouse Dome Travel Pouch (Pink)
The Crème Shop | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Don’t let holiday shopping get in the way of your enjoyment and fun this holiday season. Shop easily online and then head out to enjoy the festivities with friends and family knowing you are ready and prepared for the gift-giving to begin. Happy Shopping!

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The Perfect Gifts For Baby’s First Christmas &Amp; Their Big Siblings, Too



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