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How do you determine what toys to allow in your home? Choosing natural, safe toys for children is important to many parents. Nothing makes this choice more simple than Plan Toys. Plan Toys has a wide range of earth friendly, child safe toys that you and your little ones will love.

Have you ever started the hunt for the perfect birthday or Christmas present just to get overwhelmed with the amount of plastic toys out there? Do you find yourself wondering what chemicals might be lurking, or if the paints on the toys are non-toxic? Plan Toys takes out all the guess work for you. Their award winning toys are completely non toxic and made with Earth Friendly materials.


  • Organic Rubberwood. Rubberwood trees are able to be recycled after they stop producing latex (which is used to make rubber) making the choice of rubberwood a wonderful green alternative to other types of wood.
  • E-Zero Glue. E-Zero glue is a natural glue that is derived from plant materials, as opposed to typical wood glue that contains nasty formaldehyde and other unsafe chemicals.
  • Water Based Dyes. Plan Toys uses water based dyes that are safe for your children and the environment. The colors are vibrant and sure to catch your little one’s attention.
  • Soy and Water Based Ink. These color and paint materials are safe enough for your children to slobber on and play all day with.
  • PlanWood.  A product made from leftover materials used in the manufacturing process of toys in the Plan Toys factory. This helps minimize the company’s waste materials. It’s recycling at it’s finest!

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

Awards and Achievements

Plan Toys has been in the toy making business for over 30 years! They are constantly developing not only earth friendly toys, but award winning toys that aid in your child’s development.

  • Reddot Design Award
  • Toy Innovation Award
  • Speil Gut (Good Toy) Award
  • German Design Prize
  • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award
  • Parent’s Choice Gold Award

Our Favorites

Chalet Dollhouse

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

This modern looking Chalet Dollhouse has some great features to really enhance your child’s experience during play time.

The house is actually made from two separate components that can be arranged in endless ways making for tons of open ended and imaginative play time. If you have multiple children you know firsthand the difficulties of sharing, so we are loving the fact that this could even be split into two houses when kids are ready to play alone.

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

Modern design on the exterior will make Moms love having this toy around. It is certainly not an eyesore if it’s sitting in your living room. On top of that, the clean design on the interior means that your children have endless opportunities to arrange furniture however they like. None of the rooms are already decorated in a way that defines them. So what serves as the kitchen on Monday can be the garage on Tuesday!

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

Plenty of open sides makes this dollhouse easy to play with from all angles. There isn’t a solid wall in the entire house, making it easy for plenty of hands to get involved during play time.

The gender neutral colors will make even your boys interested in some imaginative play with the Chalet Dollhouse.

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography


Stylish Accessories

There are plenty of adorable accessories to choose from. You and your children will have a great time deciding what to put inside. Looking for the complete package? You can purchase the Chalet Dollhouse with Furniture Included.

Check out the Doll House Nursery, the Doll Family, the adorable Kitchen and Tableware Set, and the tiniest Vegetable Garden you’ve ever seen!

Green Dollhouse With Furniture

green house goodWhat better way to celebrate Earth Day than some playtime with Plan Toy’s Earth Friendly Green Dollhouse. The Green Dollhouse shares a lot of the same features as the Chalet Dollhouse, including the clean interior, plenty of open walls, and the furniture is even included. Additionally it has some amazing green features.

  • A Wind Turbine, Solar Panels and even an Electric Converter!
  • Recycling bins that actually open
  • A rain barrel and bio-facade
  • A stylish blind that can open and close to regulate the amount of light that goes into the house.

Dollhouses aren’t the only toys that Plan Toys offers

We love the Build a Robot and the Wooden Fruits and Veggies that your kids can pretend to cut up! Your children will love the Toy Balancing Cactus, and the Baby Toy Walker that comes with blocks.

From One Mom to Another:

I love Plan Toys and my children have many that I’ve purchased for them over the years. We have some toys that are almost 8 years old and they still look brand new! The modern design makes me happy to have them out in my home where my guests can see them, and my children are head over heels in love with their products as well.

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