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Christmas is just around the corner and the New Year is creeping up on us quickly. Are you looking around your house thinking of how nice it would be to do a furniture and decorating overhaul as a holiday gift to your family or to kick off the New Year? Then you have stumbled into the right place. Does the thought of braving furniture stores and their overbearing salespeople, sales you cannot seem to understand or navigate, or the pressure of chasing your kids down in a large store with way too many breakables seem daunting to you especially during the busy holiday? Insert Article: the revolutionary online store that is as transparent as a company as their furniture is gorgeous. They are quickly refashioning the entire furniture shopping experience in amazing ways.


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Nowadays, running to the store has become a thing of the past. You can simply open the internet or multiple apps right from your mobile phone and purchase just about anything you can think of. However when it comes to bigger purchases, such as furniture, many people are still skeptical. Maybe you fear that you won’t love your unseen valuable purchase or that the process will be a hassle. But when dealing with a company like Article that has careful shipping, easy return options, and high standards for all of the products they offer, you can rest assured that the process will be seamless and delightful.

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My name is Jessica, and I am one of the editors here at Daily Mom. In addition to that, I am a freelance writer and nutrition consultant as well as a part-time photographer with an almost 4 year old son. I feel as though I am constantly on the go between work, school, Taekwondo, and trying to squeeze in my own “real” workout. You know, one that doesn’t involve carrying groceries up and down the stairs. When my family decided they wanted to come into town for the holidays I looked around my house and felt like I was at a loss. Though I had this beautiful house I have hardly had any time to decorate and select new furniture. Part of my problem is that I am incredibly picky and I believe in waiting until you truly love something that you know will last for years to come. In the past I had spent weeks at a time scouring online and searching endlessly through stores like Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware but never settling on anything that I truly loved.

In my busiest season of work I decided it was time to officially buy new furniture. This is when I stumbled upon Article, and to be honest it seemed too good to be true. A company with high quality furniture that I didn’t even have to leave my house to purchase. That is every busy mother’s dream. Except the inevitable curiosity about whether or not I would actually like it when it was delivered. After perusing their site and enlisting their help in my selections, I settled on The Worthington which is a beautiful leather sofa and The Sven which is a lovely velvet chair. The Sven would be my statement piece that screamed vintage and invited people in with the look of both comfort and sophistication. The Worthington was meant to be the focal point of my open and airy living room. I was looking for a sofa that wouldn’t limit my decor options – and boy did it end up being the perfect decision.

Once I placed my order, I waited – and I worried. Would I like them? Could it really be this simple? Within days I received my delivery call and the next day they were here. There is honestly no better way to put it than, “I love my new furniture”. And love is probably an understatement. As someone who had previously scoured every furniture store known to most people, the quality and the style is amazing, and I cannot wait to welcome people into my home to enjoy my new furniture. Now I know when I am ready to finish my decorating that Article will always have my back. It is one thing to find a means of shopping that is convenient, and it’s another to find one that also offers you high quality products that you are looking for with no gimmicks or false sales pitches. Admittedly, I now find myself recommending them to anyone who will listen. It is true what they say, love helps make your house a home. But I can definitely tell you that some new furniture certainly helps too!  

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Great Customer Service

You couldn’t operate an amazing online furniture store without fantastic customer service, and when you shop with Article you get just that. They are easy to reach and ALWAYS happy to help. As with any great company, they stand behind their products, but at the end of the day if you aren’t satisfied they want to make it right. Article understands what a personal and hugely invested process furniture can be, and that by ordering online you are entrusting them with helping you create the perfect living space.

Simple and Reassuring Return Policy

With Article you get a straightforward, no questions asked guarantee. Searching for the perfect piece of furniture can be a challenge and on the way to decorating your perfect home, you might not like every piece you purchase. If within 30 days of receiving your furniture you decide that you are not completely satisfied, they will come pick up your furniture and give you a refund – less the shipping and pickup charges.

Crowd Free Shopping

Forget the busy holiday parking lots, packed stores, and long checkout lines. You can order your furniture after your kids are in bed while curled up on your old couch (dreaming of just how comfortable your new one will be) with a nice cup of tea or the perfect glass of wine. When you shop with Article it doesn’t matter if you are dressed for a day at work or laying around in your sweats. There is no judgement!

No Salespeople

In addition to forgoing the crowds this year you also get to avoid the sometimes overbearing salespeople. At Article they are concerned with ensuring you love your furniture selection. Need to call someone and ask them a few questions? Great! They will be there for you. Prefer the hands off approach where you make your own decisions and gather your own answers? Great! They will still be there if you decide you need a little direction.

High Quality Furniture

Articles cuts out all the unnecessary layers of furniture shopping. They partner with some of the world’s best furniture designers and manufacturers to bring you a specially curated selection of gorgeous furniture. By cutting out the many people that are usually in the middle of the traditional retail pattern they are able to keep the costs on their high quality products substantially lower.


At Article you will find stylish furniture ranging from sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, storage options, and accessories. Most of their selection errs towards the side of mid-century modern with the perfect touch of a vintage feel.

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Anybody who is in search of a trendy, yet classic vintage design that draws its inspiration from the mid-century era will love the Sven armchair. Its tufted seat invites you to sink right in with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

The chair itself is upholstered in high-shine, luxurious cotton velvet upholstery that feels soft to the touch and catches the light beautifully. Its oversized seat is great for just one to lounge comfortably for hours or even for a pair of people to share a cozy seat together. 

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Are you in search of the perfect luxe leather sofa to be the focal point of your living room decor? The Worthington Sofa will be the perfect addition to your home. This sofa has an at-home, lived-in feel that feels like it’s been a natural part of your home for years. It welcomes you in with its modern yet vintage vibe and would be well-suited for all different types of decor.

Much of the charm and allure of this gorgeous piece of furniture is found in the unique characteristics of the genuine leather from which it was crafted. Each hide used to create the Worthington features natural color variations, wrinkles, and creases. The attention to detail ensures that it will last for years to come.

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At Article you will find the perfect piece of mid-century modern furniture for your home. Whether you are looking to fill an empty corner or do a full remodel for the upcoming New Year, you will find exactly what you’ve been searching for. This high quality and stylish furniture will last for years to come. 


Article is an innovative company that has forever changed the way that people will shop for furniture. They were founded by four software engineers on a shared appreciation of simplicity and efficiency and a desire to drastically change the way that people shop for furniture. They do not believe in showrooms, overbearing salespeople, or any of the other unnecessary layers that have always been synonymous with shopping for new furniture. Since their inception in 2014, they have strived to bring a curated selection of amazing and high quality furniture by working with some of the best designers in the world. The process they offer is simple. Once you choose your furniture, it is delivered with a flat fee of $49 across the U.S. and Canada. Worried that you may not like it? Afraid to buy something unseen? No need to waste time being concerned. They have a straightforward 30-day, no questions asked guarantee.

As a company, Article has worked hard to revolutionize the way furniture should be purchased. By offering their furniture directly to customers with less mark-ups than companies who have showrooms or physical stores, they make your experience as pure, simple, and ultimately affordable as possible. Just because things have always been done a certain way doesn’t make them right, and Article is definitely doing it right.

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Sven Chair | Worthington Sofa


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