Best Baby Brands: Joolz Day³ Stroller

Best Baby Brands: Joolz Day³ Stroller

A bassinet stroller is unlike your traditional strollers but still has the same features and benefits with some additional ones as well. The Joolz Day3 Bassinet Stroller is a sophisticated stroller system that has the option to be used with a bassinet or a regular stroller seat. The best thing about a bassinet stroller is the sleeping functionality that provides a more comfortable resting area than other strollers that utilize an infant car seat or regular upright seat. Whether you are strolling around the city or taking a trip with your little one, the Jooly Day3 is at the top of our best baby travel accessories list.

The Joolz Day3 Bassinet Stroller

Best Baby Brands: Joolz Day³ Stroller

When you look at the Joolz Day3 Stroller you will see a stroller that exudes style, uniqueness, and modernity. So many strollers on the market are bulky, boxy, and do not have multiple functions. The Day3 Bassinet Stroller has so many features and ways to use it that this is the only stroller you will need as your child grows from the newborn to toddler stage. Oftentimes parents are forced to purchase and store multiple strollers because they need different functions for different outings and occasions. However, the Day3 is an all-in-one stroller that allows you to convert it and modify it based on your needs.

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Features of the Joolz Day3 Stroller

In addition to the long list of convenient features and accessories, the Joolz Day3 Stroller does more than just transport your little one from here to there. When using the seat portion, this stroller can also be used as a highchair. Parents will love this option as they can bring their stroller into restaurants without having to worry about where to put their stroller or using a highchair provided by the establishment that may be dirty and have germs. Additionally, this stroller can be folded so compactly that no matter what storage area size you have you will be able to easily fit the Day3 .

Additional features of the Joolz Day3 Bassinet Stroller include:

  • spacious bassinet with a breathable mattress
  • a high bassinet position
  • see-through bassinet ventilation and head cushion on mattress
  • bassinet feet to place bassinet on a flat surface
  • toy hanger loops
  • seat at table height
  • 3 ergonomic seat positions
  • reclinable harness
  • one hand adjustable footrest
  • weight capacity of 48.5 pounds
  • large canopy with UPF 50+ sun protection
  • easy access shopping basket
  • easy folding
  • upright storage
  • one hand easy to open bumper bar on both sides
  • travel system compatible
  • easy one-handed steering
  • lockable swivel wheels
  • ultra-light and puncture-proof tires
  • four-wheel suspension
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About Joolz

Best Baby Brands: Joolz Day³ Stroller

Joolz has committed to being a company that helps bring happiness to parenthood. Joolz understands that being a new parent or having a new baby can come with some challenges. This is why they are dedicated to creating products that will make life with a little one better. In addition to their car seat adapters and strollers, Joolz also offers tons of accessories to accompany the bassinet stroller such as rain covers, polar footmuffs, shopping bags, mosquito nets, parasols, and even a footboard for an older child to ride standing on the stroller.

Best Baby Brands: Joolz Day³ Stroller

Joolz is also committed to helping protect the environment by encouraging you to reuse the packaging. When you receive a package from Joolz, save the cardboard pieces and use the template to make fun projects such as a lamp, a birdhouse, or a deer. Additionally, for every stroller sold, Joolz will plant a tree for your baby in the Joolz Birth Forest, a plantation near the rainforest in Columbia. Joolz has always been about design for the next generation. It’s something that is at the heart of everything we do. By offering our sustainable fabric option, Classic Blue, we save up to 50 plastic bottles from the ocean for each stroller made.

Day3 Stroller

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Best Baby Brands: Joolz Day³ Stroller
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