14 Boy Approved DIY Valentine’s

While no busy mom and family has tons of time for yet another project to add to our lists, we’re here to prove that DIY Valentines don’t have to be a burdensome chore. We also wanted to keep in mind that boys don’t always like to give friends mushy love notes, so these Valentines will please both outgoing, social butterflies as well as your more reserved prince. You and your kids will love to get your creative juices flowing making these simple, from-the-heart Valentines for friends, family and teachers.


To assist in skipping the store-bought variety, we’ve compiled our favorite DIY Valentines that will help your little Cupid share the love. 

1. “Wild Thing” Animal Cards

Make use of your collection of tiny plastic animals and create some Wild Thing Animal Cards. Have your little Valentine write “Wild Thing” at the top of a 3″x5″ pink or red card stock and “You Make My Heart Sing” at the bottom. Then simply hole punch two holes and tie the animal onto the card with ribbon or twine. Be sure to play the song for them so they fully grasp the cuteness of the idea!

2. Mosaic Heart Drawings

Set your mini-Picassos in motion and let them create a heart mosaic. On a white piece of paper (any size and weight will do, though 4″x6″ or 5″x7″ cardstock is ideal) draw a big heart in black marker. Then, using a ruler, draw straight black vertical and horizontal lines over the heart (you may need to assist with this step, depending on how steady their hands are making a straight line). Use two different colors to fill in the squares inside the heart, then however many they wish to use to color in the squares surrounding the heart. The result? A Valentine masterpiece.

3. You Blow Me Away

Head to the nearest dollar store and stock up on little plastic jars and wands of bubbles. Simply tie a small piece of cardstock around the bubbles with the note “I Am Bubbling With Excitement That You Are My Friend” or “Valentine, You Blow Me Away”. Don’t forget to have your child sign his or her name.

4. Thanks for Being a Wheelie Good Friend

This is a classic Valentine from and/or for boys, although it certainly can be gender neutral too. Put a Hot Wheel-sized car in a baggie and close it up with a handwritten tag reading “Thanks for Being a Wheelie Good Friend”. It’ll surely be a “wheelie” big hit.

5. I’m Bananas for You

Take a sweet turn away from all the Valentine’s candy and give fruit instead. Toss an orange in a treat bag and tie it with a red ribbon with a tag that reads “Orange You Glad We’re Friends? I Sure Am!” or write on a pear “We Make a Really Great “Pear”!  This treat will surely make the recipient “peel” good on Valentine’s Day.

6. Have a “Dino”mite Valentines Day

As with the Wild Thing cards, tie a small dinosaur figurine to a piece of cardstock and have your child write “Have a “Dino”Mite Valentine’s Day” at the top with their name at the bottom. This gift is sure to make hearts “roar”!

7. You Make My Heart Pop

Stick a note to a bag of popcorn that reads “Valentine, You Make My Heart Pop”. Mix in some red and pink M&Ms for a delicious and festive treat.

8. Valentine Tic Tac Toe

We love the idea of this interactive Valentine found here at 733blog. There’s a free printable there too.

9. Smartie Valentine

This is a simple Valentine showing that it was a smart decision to be friends.

10. You Are a Tweetheart

Lovebirds love Valentine’s Day! Homemade bird feeders are a tad more time-consuming than typical cards, yet still super easy to make. Wineandglue has a simple recipe and step-by-step guide that’ll have your Valentines heading outside.

Click HERE for a step-by-step guide.

11. Valentine, You Color My World

Head to the dollar bin and stock up on watercolor paint sets. Remove the packaging or tags and tie a message that reads “You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray” or “Valentine, You Color My World”. A darling way to make any artists’ heart soar.

Click HERE for a step-by-step guide and free printable.

12. Valentine Coupons

Hand out handwritten coupons to friends and teachers. “This Coupon is Good For One:” then fill in the blank. A chance to sit together at lunch, or play on the playground whatever the other friend wishes to play, or a future playdate. Teachers will love this gesture too: a promise to help with filing or putting away books. The heartfelt options are endless and these coupons are priceless.

We found some cute, free coupon printables HERE.

13. You Light Up My Day

Buy these finger lights and attach them to a small piece of cardstock with the note “Valentine, You Light Up My Day”. A sure way to highlight your love for a friend.

Click HERE to get a step-by-step guide.

14. I Treasure You

Write “You’re a Treasure, Valentine” or “I Treasure You” on an individually wrapped bag of Pirate’s Booty for a welcome break from all the candy and chocolates while showcasing that friends are the true treasure of Valentine’s Day.

We hope these Valentine DIY ideas have given you inspiration to help your own Little Valentines create some thoughtful gems. What is your favorite DIY Valentine?

Need more Valentine’s Day ideas? Check out Cute as a Bug Valentines.

Photo Credits: Melissa Wistehuff, SmartSchoolHouse, Fabulessly Frugal, WineandGlue, 733blog.com




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