12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Going out to dinner has its perks including being the recipient of service, choosing from a variety of food and drink selections, and getting out of the house. However, if you’re searching for romantic dinner ideas this Valentine’s Day that will keep you and your sweetie dancing in the kitchen all night long, then Daily Mom has exactly the items you’ll need to make those romantic dinner ideas a reality.

Keep reading for some savory suggestions that are certain to impress this holiday.

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Chop Box

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

The old saying “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” can be true for anyone. When thinking of romantic dinner ideas for Valentine’s Day, consider Chop Box. Chop Box has the highest quality cut of meats delivered straight to your door that are always fresh and never frozen. Their Colorado Rack of Lamb is cut from the rib primal of the lamb and sourced from Colorado. It’s known to offer some of the best lamb in the world due to the climate, access to feed, and a long history of breeding. Serve with a mint sauce, brussel sprouts, your favorite potatoes, and a rich wine.

Don’t let the name fool you, there is nothing mini about this 40-44 oz. Mini Bone Tomahawk Steak. Pair this perfectly marbled steak with a Malbec while planning your romantic dinner ideas. Grill this steak on the BBQ and enjoy how it melts in your mouth this Valentine’s Day. You can’t go wrong with the Ribeye Steak Boneless which is aged for at least 14 days and has an unbelievable tenderness, juiciness & flavor. Make this Valentine’s Day dinner at home rival any steak house, with meats from Chop Box.

Colorado Rack of Lamb | Mini Bone Tomahawk Steak | Ribeye Steak Boneless
Chop Box | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Johnson’s Popcorn

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

Looking for something sweet for your romantic dinner ideas? Who doesn’t love popcorn? Well, they’ll love it, even more, when they realize it’s from Johnson’s Popcorn – an Ocean City, New Jersey Boardwalk icon since 1940.

The Popcorn Lovers Gift Box includes four cellophane-wrapped, five-ounce tubs of some of the best popcorn in the Northeast. Your lucky gift recipients will get to indulge in Johnson’s Popcorn Caramel, Peanut Crunch, Cheddar, and Butter flavors. This world-famous, deeply flavored, air-popped popcorn will be the hit of the party, we almost guarantee it! (But hey, we won’t judge if you decide to keep it for yourself instead!)

Popcorn Lovers Gift Box
Johnson’s Popcorn | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Stella Falone

What is Valentine’s Day without a gorgeous charcuterie and wine? Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two or a Galentine’s Day celebration pick up a beautifully handcrafted cutting board from Stella Falone to present your fare. The Reversible Large Cutting Board provides two beautiful, durable, and spacious cutting surfaces crafted of West African ebony wood. Featuring a unique marble pattern on one side and a darker solid coloration on the other, this large board features a juice groove for easy clean-up, a detailed carved edge, and includes a non-slip cutting board mat.

Pick up a pair of lightweight, attractive Café Tongs to pair with your large or small board for serving this Valentine’s Day. With Stella Falone your charcuterie will be both delightfully appealing and delicious, making for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration.

Reversible Large Cutting Board | Café Tongs
Stella Falone | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Holy Grail Steak Co.

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

This Valentine’s Day, not unlike the past two years, may look a little different for couples who are seeking ways to celebrate. If you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and are considering romantic dinner ideas, instead of feeling limited, the possibilities expand. Food doesn’t have to come in a stranger’s car from a restaurant 20 minutes away, it can come straight from your stovetop and chances are that the quality will exceed that of any restaurant in town if you choose Holy Grail Steak Co.

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The cattle used for the Holy Grail steak program are designed to have rich marbling and texture unlike those from your local meat counter. For example, the Grass-Fed Prime Ribeye-16 oz. offers a buttery, smooth flavor that is sure to become the shining star of anyone’s romantic dinner ideas. Pair your favorite wine and dig in because these flavors are worth the wait.

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

For a family dinner or group celebration, the Upper Prime Black Angus Picanha Roast is an excellent choice. This roast offers flavors that you simply cannot find at the local butcher’s counter. Sublime marbling infuses this cut of beef with a richness that is perfect to be celebrated on the day of love.

Grass-Fed Prime Ribeye-16 oz. | Upper Prime Black Angus Picanha Roast
Holy Grail Steak Co. | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

Whether you are waking up your Valentine with breakfast in bed or planning a romantic, candlelight dinner for two, Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake is the perfect dessert. Pair with morning coffee or an after-dinner cup of tea for a delicious and delightful treat made with all-natural ingredients and baked to perfection. While all of their selections are delectable, the Rasberry Blackout Crumb Cake is the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day. This rich chocolate cake with its tart raspberry layer is moist and delicious with a bold flavor and gorgeous presentation.

Rasberry Blackout Crumb Cake
Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cake | Facebook | Twitter

Good & Tasty Bakes

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

Make Valentine’s Day dessert perfect for any of your romantic dinner ideas with Good & Tasty Bakes Gluten-Free Three Cheesecake Bundle. Each creamy, scrumptious 5-inch cheesecake boasts four quarter-pound generous servings. With an almond flour crust and no added sugar, the Classic Cheesecake is only 7 grams of net carbs, but will certainly make your cheesecake lover happy. The rich Chocolate Cheesecake will satisfy cravings for sweets. And, of course, the Key Lime Cheesecake combines just the right amount of lime tartness and creamy sweetness.

Treats by Good & Tasty Bakes are hand-made in small batches with all-natural ingredients and buttery almond flour crusts. They are certified gluten-free through the Gluten-Free Certification Organization. Good & Tasty Bakes makes single-serve Mini-Cheesecakes, too. They come in Chocolate, Classic, Key Lime, and seasonal favorites like Pumpkin. Romantic dinner ideas for romantic evenings at home must include something scrumptious, and Good & Tasty Bakes checks that box!

Gluten-Free 3 Cheesecake Bundle | Mini-Cheesecakes
Good & Tasty Bakes | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

FitVine Wine

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

For people who are conscious of their level of health, sometimes it’s hard to balance the perfect pour while achieving personal goals. Between sugar intake, calories, and other additives, it’s challenging to keep it under control. FitVine Wine has taken all of this into consideration for you so that you can focus on the love during your romantic dinner ideas rather than the sugar.

Budget-friendly wine typically involves other additives and added flavors and sugars, but FitVine Wine not only considers your body’s health but your wallet’s as well. Their Cabernet Sauvignon features notes of lavender, currants, and oak, and the flavors aren’t hindered by other added flavors and sugars. This rich Cabernet is the perfect companion to a romantic steak dinner by the fire.

For a smoother red, perhaps to accompany dessert, the Pinot Noir is the perfect pal. Boasting cedar, black cherries, orange blossoms, and honey, this pinot noir is elegant and smooth and an excellent choice for your Valentine’s Day plans!

Brighten your palette and enjoy the sweeter things in life with the selection of white wines from FitVine. The Chenin Blanc would make the perfect gift for any wine-loving Valentine as it cannot be found in stores. Exclusive, elusive, crisp, and clean, this white wine fills your senses with citrus and melon. It’s light and refreshing, and perfect for sipping on warm, sunny days.

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Celebrate the love you have with something bubbly! The Prosecco is clean, light, and easy to drink with any food or on its own. While notes of green apple may be featured in this wine, pairing it with nuts or cheeses will create a symphony of “chill”. Who wouldn’t want to relax and enjoy this guilt-free bubbly?

This Valentine’s Day, have your wine and drink it, too no matter where your romantic dinner ideas take you with FitVine Wine.

Cabernet Sauvignon | Pinot Noir | Chenin Blanc | Prosecco
FitVine Wine | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Bella Sun Luci

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

The Bella Sun Luci Dinner for Two Gift Basket will let you enjoy a quiet Valentine’s Day dinner at home. You can whip up a delicious Italian dinner. The Bella Sun Luci Dinner for Two Gift Basket includes sun-dried tomato halves, sun-dried tomato bruschetta, tomato, and artichoke pasta sauce, extra virgin olive oil, Sicilian spiced pitted olives, Ritrovo Stringozzi Pasta, sun-dried tomato oil dipping herbs, focaccia Tuscan crackers, and Sicilian blend dipping herbs. For dessert, the basket includes Dolcetto Chocolate Rolled wafers and Italian espresso. What could be sweeter than a quiet dinner for two?

Spice up your Valentine’s snacks with The Tomato Jerky, or enjoy another variety that also comes in Cracked Pepper Teriyaki flavor. If you prefer a gluten-free option, the plant-based and vegan, Sriracha Tomato Jerky will have your taste buds in jerky-heaven! It boasts a bold flavor, 6 grams of protein, and 6 grams of fiber per serving. The delicious meat-free jerky contains no added sugar.

Dinner for Two Gift Basket | Sriracha Tomato Jerky | Sun-Dried Tomato Snacks
Bella Sun Luci | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Made In

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

These Coupe Glasses exude sophistication and romance-just what you need to create romantic dinner ideas. Perfect for your love this Valentine’s Day to share a glass of champagne while celebrating your love. Made from Crystal glass in Italy with a tapered lip that helps keep the aromas of your cocktail in the glass and with a wide enough bowl to allow your champagne to breathe. These Coupe Glasses are elegant and will be a long-lasting addition to your bar cart.

Coupe Glasses
Made In | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest


12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

Variety is the spice of life, right? Well, it’s time to add some pizazz to your previously boring weeknight meals with CrateChef!

CrateChef has done the heavy lifting for you by bringing together unique ingredients, seasonings, and fixings, all in a convenient 1-Box Subscription! Find big, complex flavors with Chef Kenny’s Jerk, Fried Chicken, and Cinnamon Coffee Spice Blends. Sweeten up supper time with the Savannah Bee Wildflower Honey and Dundee Orange Marmalade. And for some added fun for your romantic dinner ideas, create your own pickle platter with the 10-Minute Pickle Kit, complete with a mandoline slicer. (Never made pickles before? You have no excuse not to try it out now!)

While we really enjoyed Chef Kenny’s selections, there are loads of great crates to choose from, too. Try one or try them all! You can buy a 1-Box Subscription, a gift box, or even a subscription for multiple months, for ongoing culinary adventures. Spice up your Valentine’s Day with CrateChef!

1-Box Subscription
CrateChef | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

RED Milk Chocolate Pralines with a smooth nut filling make Valentine’s Day perfectly sweet without any added sugar. RED blends the creaminess of macadamia nuts with the buttery taste of hazelnuts in a blanket of milk chocolate. RED chocolates are made with natural sweeteners from stevia and erythritol. You and your Valentine can indulge yourselves in the world of rich diamond-shaped pralines without any added refined sugar, fewer calories, and reduced-fat.

The Non-GMO, KETO-friendly Kosher chocolates are made with the finest cocoa in Europe. Enjoy all the pleasure and no guilt. You can also enjoy the RED Milk Chocolate Pralines with a smooth coconut filling. The sweetness and saltiness of the coconut pair perfectly with the chocolate.

In addition to boxes of Milk Chocolate Pralines, RED also makes delicious Chocolate Bars from the same natural ingredients without the added refined sugar. Candy bar flavors include Dark Chocolate Orange & Almond, Dark Chocolate, Extra Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut & Macadamia. Sweets for your sweetie are made with healthy all-natural alternatives which will totally complete any romantic dinner ideas you may have.

Milk Chocolate Pralines | Red Chocolate Bars
RED | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Noble Vines

12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day

Add a little romance to your romantic dinner ideas with Noble Vines. Grown in California, their wines are made using vines that originated from some of the most esteemed vineyards in France, resulting in some truly exceptional wines that will satiate even the most particular palate. Their 337 Cabernet Sauvignon, for example, pairs wonderfully with a romantic Valentine’s dinner for two. With vines originating in Bordeaux, France, this wine is rich and full of dark fruit flavors. It has aromas of black cherry, blackberry, and peppercorn, and is the perfect pairing for luxurious, romantic dinner ideas including braised short ribs or a perfectly grilled steak.

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If a full-bodied red is not your style, their 446 Chardonnay is a crisp option that would go wonderfully with the first course like a fancy charcuterie board or brie. It would also pair well with a romantic Valentine’s dinner of pasta or quail. Or forgo dinner altogether and go right to the good part – pair your bottle of Noble Vines wine with your favorite dessert or gift it with some gorgeous pink roses. However you share and enjoy it, Noble Vines will help make your Valentine’s Day wonderfully romantic.

337 Cabernet Sauvignon | 446 Chardonnay
Noble Vines | Facebook | Instagram

If your plans are keeping you at home this Valentine’s Day, these romantic dinner ideas will contribute not only to your appetite but to your relationship as well. Spending time creating beautiful things in your home fosters the love and affection that can often be put onto the back burner thanks to the stress of daily living. This Valentine’s Day, use these romantic dinner ideas to spice things up and get hot-right in your own home!

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12 Seriously Romantic Dinner Ideas For Valentine’S Day



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