4 Tips to Create An Astounding Last Minute Halloween Costume For October Family Fun

A frenzy to come up with a last minute Halloween costume or two or three can bring the family together through creativity and imagination. It’s so much fun to dress up as a scary monster, beautiful princess, or an amazing superhero. It’s even more fun when the whole family works together to come up with unique costumes.

Sometimes, the plan is to wear an old costume one more time, but then you discover it does not fit. Or perhaps, a teenager who declared that he will participate in Halloween fun this year changes his mind so you must help come up with a last minute Halloween costume for the party he wants to attend. Or, maybe your family makes it a tradition to come up with last minute Halloween costumes.

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No matter the reason you decide to create last minute Halloween costumes, you can bank on a good time. When planning a quick costume, you must focus on a few parameters. You can simply pull things out of everyone’s closets and combine them to create some unique trick-or-treat looks. You can set a budget and choose your favorite big box store to find a few accents or masks.

4 Tips To Create An Astounding Last Minute Halloween Costume For October Family Fun

Use What You Have When Making a Last Minute Halloween Costume

Creativity for a last minute Halloween costume can start right on your front porch with your Amazon boxes. Save boxes for a few days or weeks. Look at them like building blocks to a costume. What can you transform them into? You can simply cut a face out and make a mask. You can wrap the boxes in foil and build a robot costume out of boxes, or you can make a Minecraft costume. Assuming you have some bigger size boxes, you can decorate them with paints, markers, and colored paper to look like a race car or a rocket ship that can slip over your children’s shoulders or around their waist with a belt or straps.

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Besides using boxes, walk around your home and look at your belongings. The most, unique last minute Halloween costumes come from everyday items. The stainless-steel colander can be a helmet for a superhero. Of course, a lampshade makes a classic costume.

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Do you still have some curlers tucked under the bathroom sink? You can put them in your hair a bit haphazard and leave your robe on that morning and go as your mother-in-law! Just look at your belongings in a new light and think outside the box. You definitely want to put your thinking cap on when coming up with last minute Halloween costumes.

When we say, use what you already have when making your Halloween costumes, we mean it. You might own a costume, where growing or cutting your hair could make a difference in the authenticity of your costume. You can even use your children, especially babies, who you have to carry around anyway as part of your costume. If you are going as a zombie, why not be a baby-brain-eating zombie?

Makeup: The Key Ingredient for a Last Minute Halloween Costume

4 Tips To Create An Astounding Last Minute Halloween Costume For October Family Fun

Last-minute costumes can simply be dramatic makeup. Halloween makeup can be as simple as black “X’s,” dark lines, or shadows under the eyes. Or, you can find online tutorials for just about any kind of makeup you can dream up from zombies, monsters, and Scar from The Lion King to 80s rockstars and LOL Surprise dolls.

If your makeup is superb, the rest of your costume does not have to be perfect. Elaborate makeup is like painting on a mask. Often times it is way more comfortable than wearing a mask for everyone from little trick-or-treaters to grownups who still enjoy dressing up for Halloween.

And, even if your makeup is not perfect, it’s fun to play with Halloween makeup. You can be a monster, a clown, a princess, a zombie, a superhero, or a rock star with makeup. Be creative. Be silly. If possible, practice your Halloween makeup before your dress-up day.

Some of the Best Last Minute Halloween Costumes Come From Thrift Stores

4 Tips To Create An Astounding Last Minute Halloween Costume For October Family Fun

A super fun way to come up with last minute Halloween costumes is on a trip to your favorite thrift stores. Set a budget for each family member’s costume and then explore. Be creative. Think outside the box. Of course, there might be actual store-bought Halloween costumes at bargain prices. But, you can piecemeal tropical shirts and plaid pants to be a wacky tourist. You will find a plethora of men’s ties that you can wear as a tie or you can sew them together to make a skirt.

Check out the clothing that is too big or too small. It just depends on the look that you and your family members want to achieve. Look at the hats, purses, and even the kitchen items. You might find a vintage wedding dress or prom dress that could be a perfect costume. You can wear it as is or splatter some red paint on the dress and become a zombie.

Keep It Simple with a Last Minute Halloween Costume

Embrace the silly. Halloween costumes do not have to be super elaborate to make spectacular memories. An apron put on backward can be a cape. Matching spray to color the whole family’s hair can be an easy fun last minute costume. Can it be more simple than cutting eye holes in a white sheet to be a ghost? And, in all actuality have you ever dressed as a ghost for Halloween?

Last-minute Halloween costumes should not be stressful. The flurry of excitement as you and the family figure out what to wear can become part of your holiday tradition as you scramble the weekend before Halloween or on Halloween Eve. However, the earlier in October you figure out your costumes, you can wear them to more events like the pumpkin patch, while carving pumpkins, to the local festival, and on Oct. 31 for trick or treating. Have fun! Happy Halloween!

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4 Tips To Create An Astounding Last Minute Halloween Costume For October Family Fun



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