10 Crafty Uses for Craft Paper

Here at Daily Mom, we love multi-purpose items that can be used for a variety of things. That’s why we are declaring our love for kraft paper today! This humble brown paper may not seem too exciting, but within each roll are endless possibilities for crafts, ingenious uses and household hacks. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to put this perfect paper to use.


1. Cover Textbooks

At the beginning of each semester, your kids probably come home toting textbooks that need to be covered. And, since you’ve “gone green” and are now carrying your own reusable shopping bags, you don’t have any of those brown-paper bags laying around like your parents did. Kraft paper to the rescue! Simply unroll, cut, fold and tape the same way you would a brown paper bag. Bonus — you won’t have to cut around the pesky bottom of a grocery bag; you can get the perfect amount of paper right from your roll!

Make sure you buy a heavier-grade roll of kraft paper for covering textbooks. This Postal Wrap from The Container Store is perfect for the job.

2. Contain Craft Time Messes

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Cover your craft table with a big piece of paper, taping down the corners. Now you can have your kids paint, color or play-dough worry-free. You could also cover your kitchen table during holiday baking season — those gingerbread houses can get messy!

Feeling extra crafty? Why don’t you try making your own play dough with our DIY Play Dough recipe!

3. Use as a Holiday Table “Cloth”

Make the “kiddie table” fun this Thanksgiving by using craft paper as the table cloth. Simply unroll as you would a table runner, then give each child a few crayons or markers. You could even trace hand-turkeys at each child’s seat and have a turkey decorating contest!

For covering tables, consider purchasing a giant roll of kraft paper, like you’d see in an elementary school art room. This 48″ x 1000″ roll is a great option for larger-scale activities.

4. Wrap Gifts

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Speaking of the holidays, save yourself money by using kraft paper to wrap your gifts. Customize with fun ribbons and name tags — or have your kids color fun pictures to decorate the wrapped gifts! There are lots of kraft wrapping papers on the market today, but we like this paper that has a subtle stripe for a slightly fancier finish. It’s also a little thinner than typical kraft paper, making it easier to wrap gifts. Finish with twine and a kraft-paper label for a rustic look, or use metallic ribbon to jazz things up!

5. Craft Time: Paper Stars

There are all sorts of holiday projects one can do with kraft paper. These stars are a little advanced, but would make a fun project for older kids. Younger kids can do the classic Holiday Countdown Chain by linking together rolled-up circles of paper. The possibilities are endless!

Use individual sheets of kraft paper to make craft time easier!

6. Cars and Trucks and Things that Go

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Rainy day? Unroll a giant piece of kraft paper, and have kids draw roads, signs, airports, train stations, trees and bridges. Get out the cars and go! Draw a zoo and have kids put their favorite animals there. This would be another great use for that 48″ x 1000″ roll you bought for larger projects.

7. Cover Your Floors

Put a large piece of kraft paper on kids’ closet floors where their shoes normally go. This will keep your floor clean from the dirt that gets stuck in those little shoe grooves. You could also cover the floor under your child’s easel or sandbox.

If you’re lining your kid’s closet floor, pick a heavy-duty roll that coordinates with their room! These rolls come in different colors.

8. An Educational Lesson

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Unroll a piece of kraft paper that’s a few inches longer than your child. Have him lie down, then trace an outline of his body. Get out the anatomy book and start naming the bones and organs. Or, get artistic and have your child draw their face and clothes, write their name and hang it on their bedroom door.

9. Make a Kraft Paper Banner

For your next birthday party, ditch the expensive decor and roll out the kraft paper! Paint your birthday message in large, boldly colored letters. Try mixing it up by purchasing black kraft paper and writing a fun message in chalk.

10. Craft Time: Leaf Print

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Cover a small canvas tightly with kraft paper. Have your kids pick leaves and pinecones from the yard, dip in bold, fall paints and “stamp” the covered canvas. The kraft paper gives your canvas a rustic, fall look — plus, you can reuse later when you want to refresh your space!

Kraft paper typically has two sides: one is smooth, one rough. For this rustic leaf print, make sure your kraft paper is wrapped around your canvas with the rough side facing outwards. This will give it a more textured, fall look.

So with all the textures, colors, grades and sizes of kraft paper, this craft supply is an essential part of every mom’s repertoire. Plus — it’s recyclable. So not only does kraft paper make your life easier — you can feel good about using it, too!

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