6 Kickstarter Products You’ll Want to Try This Fall

In the last 5 years, Kickstarter has revolutionized bringing new technology and art to the masses. No longer do creatives need to wait until a patron helps launch their career. With a quick video and a little imagination, they can launch the next innovation with the help of family, friends and the power of the internet.

New products and innovations are hitting Kickstarter everyday, but finding the best ones to support can take a bit of leg work. Pick wisely and you’ll be the first person you know with the newest product to overtake the masses.

We’ve picked our favorite fall Kickstarters that can help prevent FOMO later this year when you have to wait for the second edition release.

6 Kickstarter Products You'Ll Want To Try This Fall 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

MiniS Magnetic Speakers

Imagine the sound experience of a movie theatre anywhere in the world. Surround sound used to be a piece of technology that would set you back a pretty penny. Thanks to advances in sound quality and the innovators behind the MiniS Magnetic speakers you can take surround sound on the road wherever you want to listen.

These pint size speakers come in a pair and are magnetized for easy installation on any metal surface without power or wires to drag you down. Fully funded, these speakers are hitting the shelves soon, and, after their kickstarter is over, will retail for over $100. You can snag them now by supporting the project with as little as $69.

Support the MiniS Magnetic Speakers on Kickstarter.

6 Kickstarter Products You'Ll Want To Try This Fall 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Glow Energy Tracker

We all know that leaving lights on is bad for the electric bill, but how much worse is it to leave a humidifier running non-stop? The Glow Energy tracker installs in minutes and measures electricity consumption and waste by measuring electricity at your home’s meter.

Usage is indicated by changing the color on the device, so you can see at a glance if energy is being wasted. Supporting the Kickstarter now will enable you to snag a Glow for a low as $149. The final retail price of this device has not yet been released.

Support the Glow Energy Tracker on Kickstarter.

6 Kickstarter Products You'Ll Want To Try This Fall 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Antonia Saint NY

From the creators of Thinx, Antonia Saint NY is an innovative solution to the number one fashion dilemma, should I wear heels today or flats? Built with special inserts to to prevent pain and blisters, the shoes were developed by doctors, shoe experts and engineers to ensure that you can wear heels all day long.

Each shoe is custom fit, using a patented Fit Profile™ and Fit Kit™ to develop heels that are fit specifically for you. Pledging to support the project now locks in a pair of flats and a custom fit profile for $170.

Support Antonio Saint NY on Kickstarter.

6 Kickstarter Products You'Ll Want To Try This Fall 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Camp Castle Play Mats

Play rugs are rarely the decor addition you want to showcase in your home. With bright colors and hard to care for materials, they can quickly become an eyesore you try to hide away. Camp Castle’s play mats come in three different sizes and four designs, allowing you to encourage creativity and play without dedicating a room of your home to the decor aesthetic.

Made of waterproof vinyl, they are easy to clean and roll up for storage when not in use. Pledging to support Camp Castle allows you to lock in one of these stunning mats at a discounted cost and gives you voting rights on the new designs.

Support Camp Castle on Kickstarter.

6 Kickstarter Products You'Ll Want To Try This Fall 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Nise Wave Sous Vide

When your busy life gets in the way to eating healthy, it’s easy get into bad habits like eating fast food. Sous Vide cooking used to be limited to gourmet chefs who had hours to commit to slow cooking food. By water bath cooking food in vacuum sealed bags, you eliminate grease and oils that comes with quick frying and flavors are locked in, not burned to the edges of a slow cooker.

The Nise Wave Sous Vide connects to your phone, enabling you to set the time you want to come home to a hot meal remotely. The Sous vide maintains temperature throughout the day, keeping your meal safe and heating only when you’ve set the appropriate time for the meal.

Supporting the Kickstarter for the Nise Wave allows you to take home one of these innovative cooking tools at a 37% discount or more depending on how much you pledge.

Support Nise Wave on Kickstarter.

6 Kickstarter Products You'Ll Want To Try This Fall 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Make Shit Happen Planner

Staying on track with your goals is hard enough, add in managing the family and its can be downright intimidating. The Make Shit Happen Planner is a tongue in cheek perspective on life designed to help you stay motivated and on track throughout the year with monthly themes and goal planning worksheets.

The 2018 edition is the second printing of this beautiful keepsake planner and supporting the Kickstarter locks in your planner as soon as they come off the presses.

Support Make Shit Happen on Kickstarter.


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Photo Credits: MiniS Magnet Speakers, Glow Energy Tracker, Antonia Saint NY, Camp Castle, Nise Wave, Make Shit Happen, Pexels

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