Top 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services: A Comprehensive List

Most parents dream of pushing the easy button vs. performing the mundane household tasks – grocery shopping included. Fortunately, there are a number of companies that provide the best grocery delivery service for the need you are seeking. Prioritize variety of retail options? Or are you a bargain shopper? Or maybe organic and fresh foods are at the top of your list when grocery shopping. The following list includes the perfect option for every family when selecting the best grocery delivery service for you.


By partnering with both national and regional retailers, Instacart offers shoppers retail options ranging from Costco to your local grocer to Petco. Instacart is considered one of the best grocery delivery services available due to its depth and variety of grocery retailers. Starting as early as 9am and going as late as midnight, shoppers have the flexibility of selecting the delivery window that best fits their schedules. Additionally, the company boasts same day delivery and exclusive coupons.

  • Membership: Not required for delivery. Instacart Express costs $99/year and promises no delivery fees on orders of $35+, reduced service fees, and no busy pricing fees during peak delivery times.
  • Additional Fees: Delivery fees start at $3.99 and increase by order size. A 5% Service Fee is also added to non-alcoholic items and is NOT inclusive of the tip. If alcohol is included in the order, a minimum $2 service fee is added varying by the amount alcohol. Tipping is encouraged with the default being 5%.
  • Service Area: Nationally
Top 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services: A Comprehensive List

Walmart Grocery Delivery

Economically, Walmart Grocery Delivery is the best grocery delivery service option for low prices. The service is exclusive to Walmart so your annual fee does not cover deliveries from any other retailers. Expect the same selection and pricing online as offered in store. Walmart also offers online ordering and free pick-up where the store associates shops for you, sends you an alert when ready, and loads your vehicle when you arrive.

  • Membership: Not required; free 15 day trial available with ongoing membership fees of $98/year.
  • Additional Fees: $7.95 to $9.95 delivery fee without membership. Membership includes no service fees. Tips are accepted with delivery but not with grocery pick-up.
  • Service Area: Nationally
Top 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services: A Comprehensive List
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While it doesn’t have the depth of options offered by Instacart, Shipt was purchased by Target in December of 2017. For this reason, it is the exclusive and best grocery delivery service for Target and also delivers from CVS, Petco, and a handful of other grocers and retailers. Similar to Walmart, the service also offers free pickup at Target and promises up-to-the-minute updates on every order.

  • Membership: Required for delivery and $99/year.
  • Additional Fees: $7 fee for deliveries under $35. No additional delivery or service fees but tips are appreciated.
  • Service Area: Nationally

Amazon Prime: Amazon Fresh / Whole Foods Delivery

Offering online ordering with free pick-up and grocery delivery, Amazon Fresh is one of the only services that delivers perishable items from Whole Foods. For this reason, Amazon Fresh is the best grocery delivery service for fresh and organic options. Differing from the other grocery services, there is a two-hour delivery window and food is dropped outside similar to a non-perishable Amazon delivery package. The service does offer same day delivery which is a plus when struggling to come up with a dinner plan on an empty fridge!

  • Membership: Amazon Prime membership ($119/year) not required but a service fee is added for non-Prime members. Amazon Fresh is available by invitation only and you can sign up for an invitation at:
  • Additional Fees: No fees and tips are optional.
  • Service Area: The Amazon website states that the service is available in “select cities”; check to determine if your hometown is included in this list.
Top 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services: A Comprehensive List
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Offered in select regions, Peapod has one of the best grocery delivery service options that is not offered nationally. Boasting climate-controlled delivery vehicles and white glove service, Peapod offers next day delivery for all markets and same day in select cities. Delivering groceries from Stop & Go and Giant grocery stores, the company additionally offers meal kits pre-measured and pre-chopped making the dinner prep-work a snap!

  • Membership: Though not required, Pod Pass, the membership, is available for $119/yr which omits the delivery fee for orders over $100.
  • Additional Fees: $6.95 to $9.95 per delivery with a varying fuel surcharge and tips are appreciated
  • Service Area: Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Great Lake states

Local Grocery Stores

Similar to the national retailers, quite a few regional/local grocery stores offer their own delivery services with benefits that mirror the best of the best grocery delivery services. The majority of these retailers offer both delivery and pick-up and may be the perfect option for families that live outside of major cities and do not have the national grocery delivery services available to them. Additionally, like the larger services, many offer same day delivery and digital ordering on both your computer and mobile devices.

Some local grocers with developed delivery services include (but are not exclusive of): Safeway, Kroger, Hy-Vee, Aldi, Albertsons, Harris Teeter, Shoprite and Hannaford. When researching the stores closest to you, make sure to understand the delivery fees, service charges, and if a membership would help alleviate some of these costs prior to placing your first order. Additionally, don’t forget to tip as the delivery drivers often operate separately from the store associates!

Sometimes, getting to the grocery store just does not fit within our 24-hour day.  Or we are constantly surrounded by tiny humans who are not the preferred company when selecting groceries.  While you may not know the best grocery delivery service for you, hopefully, the list above gives you options which will help you to determine what is ideal for your family.

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Top 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services: A Comprehensive List
Top 5 Best Grocery Delivery Services: A Comprehensive List

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