Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

Have your princes and/or princesses been wishing upon a star for a magical playroom? Have no idea how to turn their playroom into a space that satisfies their Disney obsession? Don’t fret. Here are all kinds of ideas for your Disney room decor.

Wall Décor

Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

Hanging shelves in the playroom is a great way to store toys, books, and decorations that are not played with often. You can even put Disney toys from your childhood on these shelves for safekeeping and it is a cost-effective (free) decoration for your Disney room decor. Now, don’t put your kiddo’s favorite toy up there or ones that look exciting. That would just be cruel and setting yourself up for a disaster. But toys that your kids have outgrown can be shelved to be admired rather than hidden in the attic or put out at a yard sale. Sound familiar?

Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

As you drive up to the Disney Parks and see those magical signs, you are sure to become an excited kid yourself. Bring this excitement to your playroom by creating your own iconic Disneyland signs. Personalize your Disney room decor with your kids or your family’s name. You can learn to make these colorful DIY name signs on Disney Family with very few supplies.

Decals can bring your Disney room decor to life. You can sprinkle these accents all over the playroom. Wall decals are a fun and inexpensive way to incorporate your family’s favorite Disney characters into your Disney room decor. These gems can be hidden on baseboards, above doorframes, behind curtains, and on lightswitches to add a little extra enchantment to your room.

Repurposed Disney Souvenirs

Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

You’ve been, you’ve seen, you’ve wished. Now you have your Disney room décor to put on display. If you have visited the most magical place on earth or even your neighborhood Target you are sure to have racked up on Disney souvenirs or toys. Use your Disney Parks souvenirs to decorate your playroom. Pins, buttons, tiaras, maps, autograph books, stuffed animals, hats, ears, toys, cups, magic bands, and all your other loot can really turn this space into something your family can all enjoy. Plus now you won’t feel so bad about all those gold doubloons you dropped at the most magical (expensive) place on earth.

Don’t spend an arm and a leg on new stuff for your Disney room décor. Simply find pieces here and there in your house and consolidate them to the playroom where they can be creatively displayed. This room is all about the accents. Every detail, big and little, will make a difference in turning this room into a magical kingdom.

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DIY Décor

Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

One of the best DIY decor ideas for your Disney room decor is an art wall filled with your kid’s masterpieces. Gosh, never grow up, and join in on the fun of creating a family Disney art wall for the playroom. Even the not-so-creative Imagineer can follow along with Art For Kids Hub. These treasures will be on full display and will add a playful touch to the playroom. Add colored construction paper or cardstock to the back of the drawings to reinforce them and add bright colors to the walls. Other than a wall art wire with clips, display your kid’s creations in the Disney room with corkboards, clipboards, frames, or magnetic strips.

Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

Your kid’s creative DIY projects are not just limited to the walls. Think BIG Or “Up” there. Hanging DIY art projects from the ceiling creates a new visual dimension. There are plenty of flying characters that can be used for your Disney room decor. You could take this idea to infinity and beyond and create something supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Once you find your Disney inspiration, break open the craft closet and get to work. Teacups, tiaras, and dinglehoppers are all great DIY ideas for your Disney room decor. DIY Disney room decor will guarantee that your playroom will be one-of-a-kind.

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Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

One thing every playroom needs is LOTS of storage. Preferably storage that makes the room appear more organized than it really is. Toyboxes, storage cubes with bins, and buckets can help you accomplish this by hiding toys that don’t stack or gather neatly. Labels for toy bins will help with organization and make clean up MUCH easier. There are clean up songs that you can borrow from Mary Poppins as well!

Remember: Not all storage has to be boring! Adding creative storage options such as gumball machines filled with trinkets can turn your playroom into a fun, but functional, space. Don’t forget to store toys within toys to maximize storage space.

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“Up” your playroom game by decorating your DIY Disney room. You can turn your playroom into a small world, after all. Creating a space just for your kids will inspire them to dream and be imaginative. They will love spending time and creating memories in the second happiest place on earth. Hi ho, its off to work you go!


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Disney Room Decor: A Playroom Makeover

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