20 Kitchen Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day give mom a gift to help her in the kitchen. Whether she loves or hates time spent at the stove, gift her something that can help her bake her day away, or alternatively a gift that helps make mealtime much simpler and stress-free. Since she is likely spending more time in the kitchen than ever before, this is a great opportunity to help her freshen up this space and enjoy her time cooking alone with a glass of wine, or baking cookies with the kids on a rainy day afternoon. Check out these fabulous, non-mundane, Mother’s Day kitchen gift ideas.

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas for Moms to Gift this Mother’s Day

Alva Cookware

With a heritage that stretches back to 1949 in Belgium, Alva has seasoned the kitchens of Europe with its premium cookware for over seven decades. Each pot and pan tells a story of tradition, fused with a touch of modern elegance.

From sizzling frying pans to robust stock pots, Alva offers a collection of cookware that could make any culinary enthusiast’s heart sing. Picture a mom flipping pancakes on a Sunday morning with a non-stick skillet or simmering her famous stew in a durable Dutch oven. The variety is splendid, with grill pans for those charred veggies, wok pans for stir-fry adventures, tagine pots for exotic meals, and saucepans for her secret sauce.

Choosing Alva is not just about giving a gift; it’s about offering an experience, a piece of history, and a commitment to sustainability. It’s about saying, “I love you” with every home-cooked meal. So, this Mother’s Day, give the gift of quality that lasts – just like your love for her.

Maestro Nonstick Frying Pan | Maestro Nonstick Skillet
Alva Cookware | Facebook | Instagram

Cuzen Matcha for the Healthy Mom

Cuzen Matcha brings the ancient art of matcha tea into the modern age with a seamless blend of tradition and technology. Their flagship product, the Matcha Maker Starter Kit, is designed to simplify the process of making fresh, high-quality matcha at home. The brand focuses on sustainability and authenticity, sourcing premium organic tea leaves directly from farms in Japan and providing a machine that preserves the integrity and flavor of traditional matcha.

What We Love

  • Freshness on Demand: The machine grinds tea leaves right before brewing, ensuring the freshest matcha with optimal flavor and nutrient content.
  • Easy to Use: Simplifies the traditional, labor-intensive process of making matcha into a one-touch operation, making it accessible to everyone.
  • Adjustable Strength: Allows customization of matcha strength to suit personal taste preferences, from mild to strong.
  • Sleek Design: Modern, minimalist design that looks elegant on any kitchen counter.
  • Eco-Friendly: Uses whole tea leaves, reducing waste associated with tea bags and packets.
  • Health Benefits: Delivers all the natural health benefits of high-grade matcha, including high antioxidant levels, increased energy, and enhanced metabolism.

The Cuzen Matcha Maker Starter Kit is an excellent Mother’s Day gift, particularly for moms who appreciate health and wellness or enjoy culinary adventures. It offers a unique combination of convenience, quality, and style, providing a novel way to enjoy one of the world’s healthiest beverages. This gift not only introduces her to the rich traditions of Japanese tea but does so through a lens of modern convenience and elegance. It’s perfect for the mom who loves to start her day with a boost of energy or unwind with a soothing, nutritious drink.

Matcha Maker Starter Kit
Cuzen Matcha | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | TikToK

Year & Day for the Mom Who Loves Entertaining

For the wife who cherishes both functionality and aesthetics in her kitchenware, Year & Day presents a selection of bowls that blend seamlessly into the art of outdoor dining. The Outdoor Big Bowls are a great choice, embodying a minimalist, plastic-free design that is not only eco-conscious but also versatile. These bowls are just the right size for heaping servings of grain bowls or fresh salads and come in sets of four, making them ideal for family gatherings or intimate alfresco meals.

The Nested Mixing Bowl Set is a trio that promises to make cooking a joy, with bowls that stack neatly and pour smoothly. Whether whipping up a batch of pancakes or marinating meats, these bowls are a practical and stylish addition to any culinary repertoire.

Completing the collection are the Outdoor Small Bowls, which boast clean lines and refined matte finishes. Crafted from durable plant-based materials, they are perfect for serving anything from morning granola to chilled gazpacho. Their understated elegance and resilience make them a must-have for carefree outdoor entertaining, also available in sets of four for convenience.

Each piece from Year & Day is a testament to thoughtful design, making them a splendid Mother’s Day gift for a wife who appreciates the finer details in home essentials. Discover the full Outdoor Collection and choose a gift that elevates everyday dining experiences.

Dinerware | Mixing Bowls
Year & Day | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Elegant Dishware Fortessa Tableware Solutions

For the wife who appreciates the artistry in everyday objects, the Collection No. 1 16pc Dinnerware Set from Fortessa Tableware Solutions is a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift. Each set is a symphony of design, inspired by a rich tapestry of culinary artistry and collaboration with renowned chefs. The creative force behind this collection, designer Amber Kendrick, has woven her expertise in architecture, ceramics, and performing arts into the fabric of these pieces.

All hand-finished to ensure that each piece is as unique as the dining experiences they’re destined to be a part of. Not only do they boast a bespoke aesthetic, but they’re also dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe, blending functionality with exclusive design.

Cloud Terre
Fortessa | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest


If you could give Mom the ultimate gift of working at home, taking care of the kids, and still eat amazing food without any sacrifice, then you absolutely must get her The Brava Experience. When you want to upgrade mom’s kitchen without picking up a single hammer or visiting countless stores to find the perfect cabinet set, all you have to do is consider, how Mom can cook more while doing a lot less? Brava is the perfect kitchen gift! It’s made everything possible with their indispensable cooking solution for the beloved (yet overworked) mothers in our lives.

Life is extremely busy for Mom, and with minimal time to cook a nice healthy meal, she can literally cook anything she desires in mere minutes. All she has to do is prep, put the food into her Brava, shuffle off for a quick shower, or finish that last task on her to-do list then done…food is served! Even in the bathroom or 2 floors away checking on baby, Mom can check the status of her food through the Brava app.

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Even though this gift is for Mom, The Brava Experience is the ultimate kitchen gift for couples and families, young and old, alike who simply love to cook but don’t feel like they have the time to really do their meals justice. Whether Mom needs to cook for 1-2 people or for the kids coming into town for a visit, the Brava can cook three courses at once! Or better yet, have the kids make a meal for mom!

The Brava Oven cooks with light, which allows the Brava to achieve a Mother’s must-have blend of speed and consistency. By pairing this technology with Brava’s chef-developed recipe programs, you can be sure that your meals will turn out perfectly every. single. time. The temperature adjusts so quickly, Brava’s intense lamps can roast vegetables in half the time, poach eggs with ease, and sear steaks without overcooking and ruining them (like when moms typically get distracted).

Brava takes Mom’s cooking to a whole new level of ease, making this the ideal kitchen gift for Mother’s Day. She’ll be able to cook what she wants when she wants, and how often she wants with little to no time or technique restraints. The Brava Experience is exactly what Mom needs, taking care of the cooking, so Mom can take care of everyone else.

Mother’s Day promotion!! Brava has partnered with the gourmet spice brand, La Boîte to offer customers a complimentary spice blend set with any purchase of a Brava until May 7.
La Boîte supplies their spices to the finest restaurants in the US, including Eric Ripert’s Michelin-star restaurant, Le Bernardin; now, Brava customers can use these spices to boost the flavors of ​their own home-cooked meals. Customers will receive six spice blends – Smoked Salt N. 8, Pierre Poivre N.7, Mishmish N.33, Reims N.39, Sheba N.40, and Bernise. More details about the promotion can be found on Brava’s blog here.

The Brava Experience
Brava | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Steeped Coffee

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Steeped Coffee makes coffee convenient! As easy to make as a cup of tea, Steeped Coffee allows you to make a cup of coffee quickly without waiting for a pot to brew. How can Steeped Coffee be any better, you ask? They are encouraging consumers to purchase Steeped Coffee for our healthcare workers and they will match every donation! You give, they give.

Steeped Coffee has everything you need in its Premium Home Kit. Included in the Premium Home Kit is an electric kettle, two elegant matching mugs, and a 30-pack of Steeped Coffee. With several roast options, everyone will find a blend they love from Steeped Coffee. Bonus- their packaging is fully compostable! Fall in love with Steeped Coffee while you are stuck working from home. It’s the perfect kitchen gift idea for Mother’s day.

Premium Home Kit
Steeped Coffee | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube |

illy Espresso and Coffee Maker

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

All types of moms need a little pick me up sometimes. Whether you are chasing after grandkids or your own kids, drinking a little espresso or cup of coffee when you are feeling tired will give you that mid-day boost to help you keep up with your kids. One fantastic kitchen gift idea for Mother’s Day is the illy Espresso and Coffee Bundle. This set gives you everything you need to have your own in-home coffee shop including an espresso and coffee maker as well as a supply of espresso and coffee capsules.

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

The slim design of the Y3.2 Maker will fit perfectly in your kitchen and the functionality of being able to create both coffee or espresso allows this to be the only coffee appliance you will need. This Y3.2 iperEspresso Espresso & Coffee Bundle also includes 2 canisters of medium and dark roast coffee and 2 packages of medium and dark roast espresso to have a variety of different brews and tastes. illy also offers a subscription service that allows you to choose when to have your favorite coffee flavors delivered to your door so you never run out.

Y3.2 iperEspresso Espresso & Coffee Bundle
illy | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Anova Precision Cooker

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Many mothers love cooking but fixing dinner can be a chaotic time. There’s homework happening, kids running around, and hungry belly’s waiting for food. The Anova Precision Cooker is the perfect kitchen gift for Mother’s day. It takes the guesswork out of preparing your meals by making sure everything is cooked to perfection. A precision cooker or sous vide heats water to the ideal temperature based on the type of meat you are cooking and circulates the water around your sealed bag of food to ensure equal heating throughout.

Clipped to the side of any container, this Precision Cooker will be your new favorite cooking appliance for both large meals or meals for one. The Anova Precision Cooker can be controlled manually or through the Anova Culinary app that allows you to monitor your food being cooked, adjust the temperature and time, and lookup delicious, free recipes. The Precision Cooker is powerful enough to heat any amount of water to cook your food quicker while the slim and compact design fits perfectly in any kitchen drawer.

Precision Cooker
Anova | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

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16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Keurig is a brand that needs no introduction! Moms everywhere love their coffee makers and the simplicity involved in making the perfect cup of coffee in no time. Surprise Mom this Mother’s Day with the K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker. Available in three colors- brushed silver, brushed slate, and brushed gold- this kitchen gift can be matched to your mom’s kitchen.

With features such as five-cup sizes, a brewing time of less than one minute, and an iced coffee setting, the K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker is exactly what Mom needs this Mother’s Day. With a 75 ounce reservoir, making instant soup and oatmeal is also a breeze. Mom can get eight cups out of her K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker before having to refill the water reservoir. Although every mom loves Keurig, she may not always treat herself. Do her a favor and get the K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker for her this Mother’s Day!

K-Elite Single Serve Coffee Maker
Keurig | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Baby Brezza

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Do you know a new mom that loves to cook and plans to make homemade baby food? That can be a challenging task if she does not have the right equipment. Show her the love this Mother’s Day with the One Step Food Maker Deluxe from Baby Brezza.

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Calling all busy moms! Baby Brezza is all about convenience and saving moms precious time. Why take time boiling, blending, and mixing baby food when you can make it in the Baby Brezza Food Maker Deluxe in one easy step? This is the only food maker that perfectly steams and blends up to 3.5 cups of food in just 10 minutes, making it the perfect kitchen gift for new moms.

The best feature is it is super easy to clean and can go in the dishwasher, saving us moms even more time. Don’t just use it for baby food, it is also great for making soups, salsa, or steamed veggies. This food processor gives moms exactly what they want for Mother’s Day, more freedom and time to spend with their little ones.

One Step Food Maker Deluxe
Baby Brezza | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Avana Water Bottles

There are functional water bottles, and there are beautifully designed water bottles, then there are Avana water bottles which are both. We recommend the Avana Ashbury Water Bottles for moms this Mother’s Day for their unique designs. From jeweled tone to terazzo inspired, there is something for everyone, even a water bottle that looks like the reflection of a swimming pool. Mom can feel fashionable just by choosing the Avana Ashbury Water Bottle that fits her mood each day.

One of the reasons we love the is the Avana Ashbury bottle is FreeSip® Spout which is a built-in straw that allows you to choose whether you want to sip or swig. The straw locks into place while in the bottle, but it can be removed if you think it is in the way. The Ashbury is made from stain and odor-resistant 18/8 food-grade stainless steel, a high-quality composite designed to stay free of rust and corrosion. Like all Avana® products, the Ashbury bottle is BPA and phthalate-free.

And we have to mention one more reason we love Avana, Avana Gives! With every Avana bottle that you purchase, you help provide safe water to communities in developing countries by funding wells, dams, rainwater catchments, and more. Each bottle contains a donation code that allows you to track actual water projects. How cool is that? So, this Mother’s Day, give your mom the gift of hydration, style, and philanthropy with an Avana Ashbury Water Bottle.

Avana Ashbury Water Bottles
Avana | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest


16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

One of the best gifts to give this Mother’s Day is a kitchen gift that allows her to get in and out of the kitchen fast! Making fast and healthy meals every day just got an upgrade with the Mealthy Multipot 2.0. All the features she loves are included: such as a self-sealing lid, hands-free and programmable automatic pressure release, true slow-cook High/Low functionality, 33 kid-approved preset cooking programs, a redesigned easy-touch control panel, and a brilliant LCD screen. From day one, even the kids can cook up a masterpiece, giving mom a much-needed break on her special day.

Oh, and when it comes to the necessities with accessories, the Mealthy Multipot 2.0 comes with silicone mitts, 2 color-coded silicone gaskets, a stainless steel steamer basket, a 4 cm raised stainless steel trivet, an 8-ounce measuring cup, a soup ladle, and a rice paddle. We love that it comes with cheat sheets which alleviates all the guesswork of figuring out all the functions.

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Oh, and if all that wasn’t fun enough, Mealthy’s top-rated app features recipes, videos, a grocery list, and a streamlined integration with Amazon Fresh and Instacart (while still being ad-free).

Mealthy Multipot 2.0
Mealthy | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

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16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

For the Mom who loves a beautiful kitchen with beautiful accessories, she’ll never leave the kitchen cooking with Ciroa. The beautifully accented Rose Gold Finish and Soft Touch Marble Utensil Set creates a look of sophistication matched with functionality. Every piece has a modern marble handle with TPW coating, giving it a smooth and soft touch.

The convenient hanging holes just upgraded this set to perfection, making it an easily organizable kitchen gift. Complete Mom’s set with the Rose Gold Finish and Soft-Touch Marble Gadget Set consisting of a whisk, can opener, and garlic press. Practical yet chic and modern for the Mom who appreciates beauty while she’s cooking up masterpieces!

Of course, what is a brand new kitchen-gadget set if there’s not a place to display them? Forget about stuffing these beauties in a drawer, never to be seen; rather place them in the Marble Look Utensil Crock. A contemporary style that is oversized and colored with a splash of grays and whites, mimicking the beautiful marble blend. Each piece is uniquely blended so no two crocks will ever be the same…just like Mom.

When Mom is in a baking mood, the perfect complement to her new kitchen utensils and gadgets is the Round 9″ Cake Pan in Marbled Silicone and Loaf Pan in Marbled Silicone. The non-stick silicone is a Mother’s dream when it comes to bakeware. The silicone contains no BPA, is easy to clean, stain-resistant, and every delicious morsel of bread, chocolates, and frostings release incredibly easy, leaving nothing left behind. The reinforced steel metal rim keeps your bakeware stable with a secured grip while baking. Whether Mom is baking or someone else, these gifts are the perfect kitchen gift for a loving family.

Rose Gold Finish and Soft Touch Marble Utensil Set | Rose Gold Finish and Soft-Touch Marble Gadget Set | Marble Look Utensil Crock | Round 9″ Cake Pan – Marbled Silicone | Loaf Pan – Marbled Silicone
Ciroa | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest


16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

For the mom who likes to spend time in her kitchen, but wants to ensure the products she uses respect the environment, may we suggest Bamboozle? Bamboozle is committed to delivering quality products with the least impact on the planet and its people. All of their items are made from reclaimed, renewable, and biodegradable materials, making them an eco-friendly kitchen gift.

The SustainaBOWL is made from Bamboozle’s newest material, Astrik. This 3-piece mixing bowl set is both dishwasher and microwave safe! Mom is going to love less dirty dishes sitting in the kitchen sink. The bowls feature a smooth tilting base for quick and easy pouring, an interior measuring tree, and an ergonomic handle for maintaining control while using a hand mixer. These bowls are sturdy, but if you decide to throw them away, they will compost into the Earth within 2-years. How cool is that?!

Bamboozle’s products are not just for cooking and baking, they are for serving too. This 4-piece, 8-inch Bamboo Bowl Set is perfect for pasta and soups. While they are not microwave-safe, they are made from dishwasher-safe bamboo fiber. Not only are these bowls mom-approved, but they are also kid-approved as well!

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

These are just a couple of Bamboozle products that can be enjoyed year-round making them a great kitchen gift for moms this Mother’s Day.

Bamboozle SustainaBOWL | Bamboo Bowl Set of 4
Bamboozle | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest

Vinci Housewares

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Vinci Housewares has something on every mom’s wishlist! The Auto Pour Over 12-Cup Coffee Maker should be at the top of your gift-giving list this Mother’s Day! Even if your mom has a coffee pot, she will love the Auto Pour Over 12-Cup Coffee Maker! The pour-over method produces a better taste with a more balanced brew.

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

The bloom feature prepares coffee for brewing which results in an even more delicious cup of coffee! Vinci Housewares will satisfy even the pickiest mom this Mother’s Day. Their attention to design detail is precise. With a sleek stainless steel design, the Auto Pour Over 12-Cup Coffee Maker by Vinci Housewares is a very attractive kitchen gift for Mom or whomever the coffee-lover in your life is!

Auto Pour Over 12-Cup Coffee Maker
Vinci Housewares | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Verve Culture

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Give your mom a taste of Thai culture with an impressionable Chef’s Moon Knife by Verve Culture. Give your mom a taste of history this Mother’s Day as she cooks up masterpieces in the kitchen for the family. Its 200 years of making knives that has been passed down through the generations to forge this beautifully crafted, traditional moon knife. The carbon steel is skillfully and precisely sharpened according to Thai traditional standards. Whether mom needs it to cut through bone or slice through delicate vegetables, it’s a dream knife to add to her kitchen staples.

Chef’s Moon Knife
Verve Culture | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest

Owala Water Bottles

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Does your mom drink a lot of water but hates wasting single-use plastic? If so, we have found a Mother’s Day gift for you to give this year. Owala Water Bottles are designed exclusively for people who drink water.

Every Owala water bottle is engineered to make it ridiculously easy to stay hydrated.  Our favorite Owala water bottle is the FreeSip because of its patented FreeSip® spout. Centuries ago they would’ve called it magic, today we call it science. Whatever you call it, you’re going to love how the FreeSip™ straw makes it possible to drink in one of two ways.

Hold the water bottle upright to sip through the built-in straw. Or when you’re feeling extra parched tip it up and chug through the wide-mouth opening. Sip or swig. It is like two water bottles in one!

There are two options to choose from: the triple-layered, vacuum-insulated stainless steel or odor-resistant, BPA-free plastic. We recommend the stainless steel because it is not plastic and it will keep water cold for up to 24 hours. Wowzers! Your mom will love how fresh the water tastes coming out of the Owala Free Sip Water Bottle.

Owala Free Sip Water Bottle
Owala | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

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Little Northern Bakehouse

16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Little Northern Bakehouse has you covered when it comes to keeping the flavor in gluten-free products. From cinnamon raisin bagels to artisan pizza crust, and wide slice loaves in between, Little Northern Bakehouse makes sure you know their products are safe and healthy. Little Northern Bakehouse only produces products that are NON-GMO verified and allergy-friendly.

Little Northern Bakehouse provides families with exquisite recipes stemming from their bread! What better way to stay busy while stuck at home than to bond over cooking new dishes? This year, surprise Mom with this tasty kitchen gift for her pantry. We highly suggest you try Little Northern Bakehouse in your home. Your family will have a new favorite bread brand!

Cinnamon Raisin Bagels | Artisan Pizza Crust | Wide Slice Loaves
Little Northern Bakehouse | Facebook | Instagram


Whether they are getting kids to school, dropping them off at music lessons, sports practices, running errands, or making time to get themselves to the gym, mom’s are always on the go. The Dual Chamber Water Bottle by FLPSDE is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for an on-the-go mom because it helps keep her fueled and hydrated without extra baggage or creating waste.

The Dual Chamber Water Bottle’s vacuum-insulated outer chamber keeps a 20oz drink hot or cold for hours while the inner chamber stores up to 7oz of snacks or personal items like keys, money, and your credit cards (handy for a trip to the gym!). Take a sip of your drink, secure the cap, then flip the Dual Chamber Water Bottle and open the other end for a handful of almonds or snack mix. Or, remove the inner chamber and use FLPSDE as a 30oz cup. It is made of stainless steel, comes in six gorgeous colors, and is easy to clean without any special brushes or accessories. Mom will never need another water bottle!

Dual-Chamber Water Bottle
FLPSDE | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Perfect Pod

For the moms that run on caffeine, gifting them with a storage solution to organize their coffee bar is a fantastic kitchen gift for Mother’s Day. The K-Cup EZ Shelf and the Nespresso EZ Shelf are under-cabinet trays that hold your K-Cups or Nespresso Pods to access them easily. These shelves are almost invisible in your kitchen with their low-profile design. Simply pull the shelf down to choose your coffee treat and then the magnetic closure will keep them secured when not in use.

K-Cup EZ Shelf | Nespresso EZ Shelf
Perfect Pod | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube

For Mother’s day, don’t get the mother in your life any old gift. Get her something she’ll both love and use all the time. Get her a kitchen gift that will inspire her to try something new.

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16 Kitchen Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day



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