24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

No matter how creamy the pumpkin pie is, or how crunchy the leaves feel beneath our feet, sometimes you just want to host a barbecue and sip a spritzer. Everyone has their favorite foods that are specific to certain seasons, but what about those favorite foods we can’t get enough of all year long?

Savory, sweet, sparkling, or flat, these mouth-watering selections of our go-to favorite foods will always have a special place in our hearts and on our plates.

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Vital Choice

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Ready to make weeknight dinners more memorable this fall? Vital Choice makes it simple, with their Explore Wild sampler. You don’t need to live near the coast to enjoy some of the world’s finest seafood. Instead, it’s delivered flash-frozen and super fresh, right to your door.

The Explore Wild sampler features a diverse array of five wild fish species and includes:

The Explore Wild sampler is a perfect choice for couples and small families to try several delicious varieties of fish and choose their favorite foods. (Although, we’re pretty sure you will love them all!)

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

For even more to love, try the Vital Box – a curated subscription box of delicious melt-in-your-mouth fresh seafood delivered monthly. You’ll anxiously await your next delivery the second week of each month, and be given the opportunity to confirm each delivery before it ships.

There are several options, including a salmon-only box, a combination of recipe-ready portions of salmon, white fish, and tuna, and an option that includes a rotating selection of shrimp, prawns, scallops, and calamari. The Wild Fish and Wild Seafood Vital Boxes contain between 14-22 servings, so these are perfect for larger families to enjoy on the regular.

Vital Choice has made shipping frozen favorite foods more sustainable, too. Their cardboard shipping boxes are insulated with cotton from recycled denim – such a fun surprise when opening the box! Stock up on fresh seafood all year long with Vital Choice!

luxe fête SOCIAL

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Ready for a fall picnic with a traditional French twist that takes you on an “on Holiday’ experience? Well, now you can with the exquiste French liqueur Grand Marnier and Luxe Fête Social. Get ready for a refined and luxurious fall picnic for two lovers or friends who love the finer things in life. Get ready to enjoy with the full-experience set that includes:

  • French Market Bag (1)
  • Olive Wood Cheese Board (1)
  • Bamboo Cheese Markers (3)
  • White Paint Pen (1)
  • Premium Dried Florals (3 Bunches)
  • Amber Vases (3)
  • Collins Acrylic Glasses (2)
  • Wine Acrylic Glasses (2)
  • Picnic Blanket (1)
  • Wooden Melamine Chargers (2)
  • Utensils (2 sets)
  • White Melamine Plates (2 Sets of 2)
  • Napkins (2)
  • Luxe Fete Conversation Starters (1)
  • Grand Collins Recipe Card (1)
  • Grand Sangria Blanche Recipe Card (1)

Get ready to indulge in an experience like none other with Luxe Fête Social. With everything you need, all that is left is the scrumptious food for the ultimate picnic. The settings, music playlists, and conversations you bring create a memorable and meaningful connection with your favorite foods and a loved one that you’ll never forget.

Meat District

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Fire up the grill – summer isn’t over yet! But put those boring hamburgers and hotdogs aside. It’s time to break out something more exciting and delicious from Meat District. Order up an Ultimate Grilling Pack and you won’t regret it! These butcher-crafted, premium meats arrive on your doorstep frozen, perfectly seasoned, and ready for action.

The Ultimate Grilling Pack includes:

  • The O.G. – Angus Brisket, Chuck & Short Rib Beef Patties
  • Steak House Premium Angus Beef Tri-Tip
  • Zesty Ranch Chicken Party Wings
  • Sweet & Sassy Chicken Drumsticks
  • Shawarma Chicken Thighs
  • Garlic Peppercorn Pork Tenderloin

The Ultimate Grilling Pack stands ready to be the star of your next gathering. It also makes the perfect send-off to the end of summer. Whether you’re looking for flavorful and juicy burgers, party wings bursting with flavor, or tender bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin, you’re sure to grill up unforgettable favorite foods with Meat District.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

When you can’t decide if you want red, white, or rose, The Essentials pack from Avaline is exactly what you need! Organic wines that are not only delicious but full of the natural goodness your want and without any extras, you don’t want.

The white wine is dry, crisp with a touch of citrus and a fresh finish, and enjoy the Rosé outdoors with your best friend, light and fresh with notes of melon. The light to medium red wine, pairs well with a light fresh dinner, with hints of cherry and just the right amount of spice. No matter which of these Avaline wines you choose to enjoy, it might just become your new favorite go-to!


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

When you need a ready-made coffee pick me up, the smooth, rich flavored Super Coffee Variety Pack is the way to go. It is made with some super ingredients: Monk fruit (a naturally occurring, sugar-free, carb-free sweetener), MCT oil (comes from raw palm, and supports focus), and a Milk Protein Isolate (10 g of protein keeps you feeling full). The variety pack flavors are caramel, vanilla, mocha, and hazelnut. Delicious served hot but especially cold over ice. Who knew a beverage like this could quickly become one of our favorite foods?

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

If you enjoy using your single-serve coffee pot at home or at the office, Super Coffee makes dark roast, mocha, vanilla, and hazelnut pods, too. The coffee packs a delicious full-bodied flavor with a caffeine kick. Super Coffee includes a blend of vitamins B3, B6, B12, D3, and E for focus, clarity, and support immunity. Super Coffee, grown without pesticides, is sourced from Cajamarca, Peru in the Andes Mountains.

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Super Creamer is a delicious, creamy way to sweeten your Super Coffee pods. It comes in Original, Vanilla, Caramel, Sweet Cream, Coconut Mocha, French Vanilla, and Maple Pumpkin. The gluten-free, keto-friendly creamer is only 40 calories per 3 tablespoon serving. It also is made with monk fruit, MCT oil, and a milk protein isolate. You can still enjoy the sweetness in your morning routine but without the added sugar.

Cool Coffee Clique

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

A lot of people are looking forward to heading back to full-time work after a long year.  A great way to start your morning right is a nice hot cup of coffee from Cool Coffee Clique. They are known for their flavorful and robust coffee and known for being a strong community. An elite group of coffee connoisseurs appreciates coffee being made from uniquely flavored beans processed with extra special care to deliver an impeccable taste.

The sleek  Owner’s Mug is taking elegance to the next level. Imagine getting up in the morning holding this gorgeous black ceramic mug embellished with gold accents. As a bonus, it is complemented with a convenient closing top to preserve temperatures and avoid spills and the beautiful, sophisticated stirring spoon to perfectly blend your flavors.

The Owner’s Mug is not just for your morning coffee but also a hot cup of Rich and Creamy Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa. The sweet hot cocoa is smooth and rich and quenches your chocolate craving from the first sweet sip right down to the last chocolatey drop. 

If you’re searching for coffee, Hot Cocoa, Mug’s, and much more, always think of Cool Coffee Clique. They always deliver on flavor, strength, and high-quality products.

Lifevine Wines

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

If you are looking for a clean, natural wine you won’t be disappointed with the pure wine selection from Lifevine Wine. Lifevine Wine is committed to handcrafting wines that are not only organic but also taste great paired with all your favorite foods. Low in calories and sugar-free, these wines are proud of their contents and are also the first winery to include both serving facts and ingredients on the back. Lifevine’s signature wines include a 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2020 California Chardonnay, a 2020 Oregon Pinot Noir, and a 2020 Blanc de Blancs. Every wine is lab-tested and certified to ensure the highest standard of purity.

For 30% off your entire Lifevine Wine purchase, use code WINEPRESS30.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

The classic sparkling wines you know and love from Chandon have featured their newest launch that showcases the Garden Spritz. This house-made ‘Garden liqueur combines locally sourced, handpicked Valencia oranges, fresh herbs, and spices from Argentina. A delicious sparkling wine, the Garden Spritz is ready to serve and enjoy immediately after popping the cork.

For a gorgeous serving aesthetic, serve your Garden Spritz over ice with a sliver of dried orange with a sprig of rosemary in a wine glass or champagne flute along with your freshest favorite food.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Looking for an alternative to traditional soda to wash down your favorite foods? The zero-calorie Zevia soda, naturally sweetened with stevia, boasts 15 flavors including favorites like Cola, Ginger Ale, Dr. Zevia, Strawberry, and Orange. The clear, refreshing flavorful soda lets Moms share a delicious treat with their children without worrying about any of the ingredients. Stevia, which is more than 200 times sweeter than traditional sugar, does not have caloric value or raise blood sugar levels.

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Zevia’s newest flavor is Creamy Root Beer. The stevia-sweetened soda tastes almost like a smooth root beer float without any of the guilt. For the full effect, combine the Zevia Creamy Root Beer with your favorite sugar-free vanilla ice cream to create the perfect soda shop float. Zevia, founded in 2007, uses stevia, a plant from the sunflower family native to South America, to sweeten its delicious drinks that include teas, mixers, energy drinks, and soda.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

SnackMagic lets you easily send unique, fun, and delicious care packages to friends, family, employees, or clients. You can pick one of the themed SnackMagic boxes like Foodie Forward, Around the World, Movie Night, Back to School, Crowd Pleaser, or Personal Wellness Journey. The SnackMagic boxes contain a variety of unique tasty treats and delicious drinks. The unboxing experience is almost as much fun as tasting the snacks

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

SnackMagic also lets you purchase a gift card for the recipients so they can visit the snack delivery website and pick out their own treats. It’s so easy and fun to scroll through the snack varieties to pick all your personal favorite foods from categories like Crunchies, Jerky & Plant-Based Jerky, Granola & Oats, Dried Fruit, Nuts/Seeds & Legumes, Shots & Smoothies, Cold Brew, Mixers, Dips & Salsas, Baking Mixes, Seasonings & Spices, Snack Bars and much, much more.

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

You can also send SnackMagic boxes that contain games, office supplies, mugs, and more. SnackMagic will even customize items if you want to include company swag for employees or clients in the gift boxes. And, don’t forget you can get fresh baked goods with SnackMagic, with their made-to-order boxes. The fun and surprises do not end with SnackMagic

GT’s SYNERGY Gingerade Raw Kombucha gives you a zesty yet sweet mildly fizzy drink packed with probiotics, organic acids, and active enzymes. The organic unpasteurized SYNERGY raw kombucha is fermented for 30 days in small batches.

It boosts immune health and gut health while helping digestion. SYNERGY raw kombucha comes in more than 30 bold flavors including Mystic Mango, California Citrus, Strawberry Serenity, Lemon Berry, Watermelon Wonder, and Golden Pineapple. Even if you are new to kombucha, GT’s is sure to offer a flavor that is perfect for you.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Keeping your favorite food secured in airtight containers is essential to prevent leaking and to keep your meal safe. The ECOlunchbox designs eco-friendly bento and lunch boxes crafted from non-toxic stainless steel and silicone, making them healthy for people and great for our planet.

The leak-proof Splash Box and Pods Set is comprised of three metal food containers that are named a “Splash Box” and two “Splash Pods.” These ocean-inspired lunch boxes can hold a total of five cups of food. Each Splash Box holds three cups of food, and each Splash Pod holds one cup. This fantastic trio is perfect for pasta paired with a delicious caesar salad, with the dressing kept in a Splash Pod, so there is no chance of leaking.

This container set is designed so that each component can fit inside the largest container, providing very compact storage. To elevate your lunch on the go, make sure to pick up these wonderful and durable leak-proof containers by ECOlunchbox!


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

KunaPops! pack a punch in their unique crunchy puff snack made with quinoa and chia seeds. They eat like a puff snack but have the flavor of zesty crackers found on a charcuterie spread-basically all your favorite foods wrapped into one delicious bite. KunaPops! come in three amazing flavors: White Cheddar, Tomato and Basil, and Spicy Chili. The vegan and gluten-free snacks are each made with just five natural, non-GMO ingredients.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

With the proper storage containers, taking leftovers along to the office, school, or on a road trip is a cinch. RIGWA LIFE innovative containers are designed to keep your favorite foods fresh for days. The high-quality RIGWA 1.5 Stainless Steel Insulated Bowl features an airtight seal, stainless-steel insulation, and an insert that keeps the food separate in the container while holding in the freshness.

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In addition, this insert is removable and microwaveable, perfect for any meal that you pack. This Eco-Tech bowl is the ultimate food storage container, extending food life at home while keeping food hot or cold for hours on the go! RIGWA LIFE is perfect for food storage at home, meals & snacks on the go, outdoor & adventure, wellness lifestyle, meal planning, entertaining, and so much more!

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Kim Crawford

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Kim Crawford Wines are known for the fresh and vibrant focus on flavor. The Illuminate Collection is their new low-ABV and lower-calorie take on their signature Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé expressions. At only 70 calories per serving and a lower alcohol blend, these wines are perfect for a casual fall night of relaxing and enjoying the company of close friends. The Illuminate Sauvignon Blanc features aromas of passion fruit and guava along with some citrus notes. The Illuminate Rosé combines aromas of watermelon with berry fruit and floral notes.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Enjoying a great breakfast with all your favorite food is the start of a fabulous day, wouldn’t you agree? So sink your teeth into a hearty breakfast like the Yishi Foods Variety Pack Oatmeal Pouch. They are a delectable combination of sweet, earthy, and creamy oatmeals conveniently packed in individual pouches.

These oatmeal varieties are high in protein and fiber with zero added sugar. If you are looking for an energizing boost, try Toasted Black Sesame for the day. If you need focus, Taro Bubble Tea oatmeal is your go-to. Get the benefits of radiant skin to a much-needed vitality kick in this 5-pack. It’s quick, super convenient, and loaded with nothing but good for the mindfully, healthy venturer with this delicious Variety Pack Oatmeal Pouch. Get ready to feel like a whole new person with a fabulous breakfast from Yíshì


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Looking for an afterschool snack to recharge your student after a long day of school, reBLEND’s smoothies are like visiting a frozen juice bar with all your favorite foods in one pouch. The reBLEND vegan superfood smoothie pops combine fruits and vegetables including Goji berries, Moroccon rose water, and baobab, to create immune-boosting treats filled with antioxidants.

Of course, the delicious flavors of the frozen smoothie pops – Tropical Bliss, Very Berry Glow, Frosé All Day Chill, and Your Daily Detox – also boast strawberries, blueberries, apples, mangos, cauliflower, beets, and more. The Denver-based, female-owned company works with farmers to use fruits and vegetables not up to grocery store standards but perfect for squeezing into smoothies.


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

The box wine we all know and love from Franzia now has a new variety to choose from known as Franzia Refreshers. Made with all-natural fruit flavors, these blends are cool, crisp, and refreshingly sweet. With 4 delicious flavors to choose from including Strawberry Rosé, Peach Moscato, Wild Berry Moscato, and Tropical Pinot Grigio, you will feel like you are on a tropical getaway no matter the time of year. Each box contains 20 glasses of wine, perfect for gatherings or weekends away snacking on all your favorite food and sipping on your Franzia.

Bush Beans

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Bush’s Best makes unique crunchy, black bean chips that explode in your mouth with flavors like Spicy Nacho, Sweet Mesquite, Chili Lime, Sea Salt, and Sour Cream & Onion. The single-serve 1.5-ounce bags boast up to 7 grams of protein. The lean plant-based beans are combined with whole grain brown rice to create this delicious snack that can be enjoyed as part of lunch or an afternoon pick-me-up. Bush’s bean chips will have you coming back for just one more time and time again.

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

The Bush’s Bean Chips can be enjoyed by themselves or dunked into one of Bush’s Best Bean Dips, which are low-fat and naturally gluten-free. The Black Bean Dip combines black beans with serrano chili peppers and poblano chili pepper spice to create a mild delicious dip. The Spicy Black Bean Dip is just that as it adds quite a few more peppers to the mix. Other Bush’s Bean dips include Habanero Lime and Original. Bush’s Beans are grown, cooked, and canned in the United States.

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24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

The low-carb keto-friendly Carbonaut bread company recently added three gluten-free bread varieties: white, seeded, and cinnamon raisin. The bread is soft and tastes quite delicious even though it does not have gluten, nuts, dairy, sugar, or GMOs. The seeded bread has a full flavor with crunchy sunflower and flax seeds.

The cinnamon raisin tastes delicious, toasted with butter. Sweet and buttery? Sounds like our favorite food already! And the white bread, well, it actually tastes like soft white bread (which if you have tried a lot of gluten-free bread, you know that is a huge compliment.) It just seems like an added bonus that it only has 1 g of net carbs, 14 grams of fiber, and 45 calories. This is the bread you’ve been waiting for if you have gluten allergies or intolerances.

Santa Margherita

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

If you are looking for a crisp, refreshing, and authentic pinot grigio, Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio is always a crowd-pleaser. This wine has dry golden apple notes with a clean intense aroma that pairs perfectly with all your favorite foods such as fresh cheeses, seafood, pasta as well as white meats, sushi, and soufflés. Enjoy alone as an aperitif before any occasion or at the end of your day as you wind down. No matter how you pair this wine, you will be delighted with beautiful Italian wine!

Post Meridiem

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

A good cocktail has the right amount of high-quality ingredients, in the right quantities and is served perfectly chilled. It’s no surprise that it makes our list of favorite foods! Post Meridiem uses only authentic ingredients in the right proportions, using distilled spirits, imported liqueurs, carefully matched bitters, and 100% real lime juice.

They have perfected not one, not two, or even three cocktails but five of the most popular cocktails ready to enjoy without mixing, measuring or purchasing all the ingredients. This sample pack comes with margaritas made from real lime juice, lemongrass vodka gimlet, barrel-aged double old fashion, classic mai tai, and a true daiquiri. No matter what your preference is, this sampler pack will have something for everyone to enjoy-best served chilled in a glass!

Buddha Teas

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Whether you have plans to start going back to work in your office this summer for a few days a week or are already back full time, the best way to start your morning routine would be a hot cup of tea from Buddha Teas. They use fresh, organic herbs and chemical-free ingredients in all their teas, giving them unmatchable flavor and aroma.

The Organic English Breakfast Tea is a fine blend of high-quality black teas that provides a robust and flavorful experience that is sure to make your morning routine relaxing. Get a fresh start to your day with your favorite foods wrapped up in this exceptional tea. The house will fill up with an aroma that will make everyone want to jump up and start their day. 

To make your morning even better, pour the hot tea into their White Buddha Ceramic Mug. This beautiful mug is designed to inspire moments of peace and calm while enjoying your hot cup of Buddha Teas. Enjoy the feel of the textured handle and the weight of the mug as you sip your hot beverage. Buddha Teas will make your back to work transition more relaxing and enjoyable. It makes the perfect gift for anyone that is heading back to work.  

Crofter’s Organic

24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

Fall is officially upon us and that means the kids are back in school! When you’re constantly on the go, go-to snacks and quick meals are essential. Crofter’s Organic brings us a variety of jams for all your meal needs! From PB&J sandwiches to muffins, having quality and organic jam is a must. With incredible flavors like Concord Grape, Strawberry, Four Fruit, and Berry Harvest, you and the kids can customize each and every meal without worrying about any additives!


24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season

If you are looking for a healthy, easy, and peanut-free on-the-go snack idea, Jax’s original monster mix is the perfect snack to keep your little monsters happy. All-natural and gluten-free, this delicious snack blend has sesame sticks, chocolate cover sunflower seeds, dried fruit, and coconut chips. Perfect to add to lunch boxes, keep in the diaper bag, car, or even in your purse, because this is a kids snack that even the adult will enjoy!

Love, food, or your favorite book, when you find something you love, the seasons can’t change it. Whether it’s snowing and Kris Kringle is at your door or you’re sweating under the summer sun, these favorite foods are always on our menu.

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24 Of Our Favorite Foods And Drinks That Are Always In Season



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