East Indian Food Made Easy With Unique Kitchen Appliances

East Indian food has become a staple in the restaurant district of many Metropolitan areas and has spread to smaller cities and towns. We all enjoy the mix of spices and unique burst of flavor in East Indian dishes, with a wide variety of both vegetarian and meat offerings available. The delicious appetizers and various Indian bread also add to the unique taste of Indian food.

It would be great to cook these dishes at home, but it can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. However, with the unique kitchen appliances listed below, your Indian food dreams can become a reality in your own home without being overwhelming.

Make Delicious Indian Food at Home with These Amazing Appliances


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The Rotimatic is the world’s first fully integrated and automated solution for making Indian roti (flatbread). It measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, and cooks the roti. The Rotimatic makes healthy Indian food. It has countless options for the type of flour that can be used, from bajra flour to gluten-free flour. It also makes a variety of flatbreads such as Indian puri, pizza, and samosa shells. This appliance is a must for every home.

Chime Home Plus

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The Chime is the world’s first chai maker that fuses the traditional taste of East Indian tea with automation. It brews authentic chai at the push of a button without compromising taste. This machine only takes three minutes to brew a cup of perfect chai. The Chime features a fully customizable system that helps you choose the strength, milk ratio, and frothiness.

The machine comes with a starter pack of Chime caps that offer fresh, natural tea leaves and spices with no powders, concentrates, or sugar. The Chime also includes a mobile App that makes chai while you entertain your friends and have tea time at 4 pm with samosa while you watch your favorite Indian show.

Wonderchef Gas Oven Tandoor 

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This gas oven tandoor by WonderChef works on a gas stove. This tandoor features a non-stick baking pan, aluminum cover with glass lid, and non-stick cake baking pan. This amazing tandoor helps you bake with very little oil. You can cook delicious Indian food such as tandoori chicken, kabobs, tikkas, and naan bread. The possibilities are endless and healthier as you bake with less oil but without compromising flavor.

Stainless Steel Puri Press

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This stainless steel puri press is a staple for Indian food. It takes Indian dough and perfectly presses into a circular form to make a perfect puri each time. This machine compresses the dough so quickly that you can begin frying the puris and serving them at the same time. It’s great to serve with spicy chana masala (chickpeas) and spicy aloo (potatoes).

Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder with Atta Kneader

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This tabletop atta kneader is a beautiful sleek unit. The appliance is ideal for kneading flour, idli, dosa, urad, vada, and dhokla. It kneads the dough requiring little to no effort, so you can continue cooking other Indian food while this kneader works its magic. The dough gets formed into roti or puris, which are staples of Indian food. The ultra kneader is a combination of quality, precision, and durability and helps prepare the tastiest and healthiest Indian foods.

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Smart Samosa Maker

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This samosa maker has a unique plate design to create healthy baked samosa. Samosas are Indian food that can be baked or deep-fried. They’re filled with potatoes, peas and mixed with flavorful spices. This samosa maker can make beef samosas, and chicken samosas are also an option. With the ability to make up to 24 pieces, this time-saving appliance will have your samosas ready in no time.

Yogurt Maker – MVPower Automatic Digital 

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This yogurt maker by MVPower will have homemade yogurt ready with no food additives, making it healthy and nutritious. This easy to use yogurt maker features microcomputer time for precise temperature control and comes with eight jars. You can make fruit yogurt, greek, and spicy yogurt with Indian spices. Cucumber yogurt is a common condiment that is always served with Indian food to provide a cooling effect with spicy dishes.

Secura Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer

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This deep fryer by Secura Store is a healthy approach to cooking Indian food. This deep fryer is great for large families. It comes with three baskets and an extra-large four-liter oil tank. The deep fryer also features adjustable temperature, timer, indicator lights, lid with viewing window, and a basket with a clasp that allows you to drain the extra oil without a mess. This appliance is great for samosas, paneer pakora, aloo pakora, and french fries.

Instant Pot Ultra 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

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The Instant Pot is an excellent appliance that cuts cooking time in half. This electric pressure cooker features stainless steel cooking pot, quick-release button, yogurt maker, and rice cooker. This pot is ideal for chana masala, rajma, daal, and basmati rice. All of this Indian food requires hours of cooking time on a traditional stove. With the Instant Pot, you’re looking at one hour.


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This larger electric rice cooker by Black and Decker has a six-cup capacity. It features an automatic warmer, removable non-stick bowl, and indicator lights. This electric cooker makes delicious and fluffy basmati rice in only 20-30 minutes. While the rice cooks, you’re easily able to prepare other Indian food to eat with rice, such as palak paneer.

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SHARDOR Spice Grinders Electric

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This space-saving spice grinder by Shardor is ideal for wet and dry ingredients. This electric grinder has a stainless steel blade and a powerful 200-watt motor. This spice grinder comes with two cups, one is for wet ingredients, and one is for dry ingredients. These cups are great for cardamon, garam masala, coffee, and cilantro. These spices get used for a variety of Indian food dishes like curries and chai.

Pigeon Milk Boiler

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This sturdy milk boiler by Pigeon is rustproof and easy to wash and clean. This stainless steel, easy-to-use boiler requires water before the milk gets poured in, so the appliance doesn’t blacken. Hot milk gets used for Indian tea, and it’s also a staple beverage served to children to help with sleep. Hot milk is an East Indian tradition that’s hundreds of years old.

Anjali Chilly Nut Deluxe Cutter

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This chilly cutter by Anjali has a plastic body and stainless steel blades for easy cutting. The convenient gadget gets used to cut up chilies without burning your eyes and fingers. Chilies get used in a variety of Indian food. This cutter also crushes up nuts that get used in various Indian sweets, such as barfi and kheer.

Microplane Herb Mill 2-in-1

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This garnishing tool by Microplane is easy to use, long-lasting, with ultra-sharp and stainless steel blades that get made in the USA. This tool helps to garnish Indian food like a pro. Without using preservatives, you can grind fresh cilantro, parsley, sage, and mint. These garnishments are ideal for yogurt, chana masala, dal, and aloo. This extra step adds a spicy kick to your taste buds.

Anjali Coconut Scraper Pealer

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This coconut scraper by Gandhi Appliances is perfect for kitchen countertops and is easily adjustable. The coconut scraper gets affixed to a vacuum base, which prevents it from slipping. This scraper makes it easy to cut and scrape out the inside of the coconut. Coconut has been used in Indian cooking for generations. It gets used in kheer (rice pudding), gulab jamun, and countless Indian curries. Coconut also gets used in East Indian religious ceremonies.

Anjali Kitchen Express Gripper Maker

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This Anjali Kitchen Express gripper is made of high-quality stainless steel and is easy to use. The hand press assists in making healthy Indian food snacks in a flash. It comes with 12 molds to make different shapes and sizes of Indian bhajiyas. These salty snacks can be deep-fried or baked and served with a hot cup of chai.

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Sevaimagik Sevai/Noodle/Idiyappam Maker

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This sevai (noodle) maker pressure cooker helps to make laborious Indian food easy. Add the preground batter and the suggested amount of water and close the chamber. After steaming for 20 minutes, the sevai start to pour into the sevai collector attachment. These sevai/noodles are then ready to eat.

Usha NutriPress Cold Press Juicer 

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The Usha Juicer features revolutionary cold press technology and works silently to extract more juice. It makes juices and Indian desserts more smooth with its fine filter, and clog-free spinning brush. It makes a wide variety of delicious juice, such as almond milkshake, which is a staple in Indian food culture for students during exams. It also makes mango juice, which is popular with parantha.

Mose & Stone Electric Chapati And Dosa Maker

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This versatile non-stick dosa (bread stuffed with potatoes) and chapati (bread) maker evenly cooks Indian food favorites in seconds. This electric pan is a compact, convenient cooktop and has a large 8″ cooking area. The pan-style griddle is great for cooking at a fast pace, especially for hectic schedules.

Premier Small Wonder Table Top Wet Grinder 

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This tabletop wet grinder is excellent for making Indian food such as idli, dosa, and chutneys. This grinder grinds the ingredients into a fine paste in no time. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and all components are food safe and BPA free.

RIKU: The Automated Indian Food Maker

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The Riku makes cooking Indian food synch. This appliance is an automatic cooking robot that prepares authentic Indian food in a snap. You select a recipe from the app, load your ingredients, and the Riku does the rest. There are 500 recipes from which to choose, from an okra curry to Indian lentils. No more calling your mom or Indian friend for recipes, as it is all here, and automated too! The Riku carefully measures out each ingredient, so no more guesswork is needed.

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Aroma Housewares Auto Rotating Kebab Maker

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This kebab maker by Aroma is easy to use and comes with ten skewers. Cooking with kebabs has never been so easy. You skewer your food and place it in the maker. The skewers have a cold touch grip and individually rotate around the heating elements for even cooking. This kebab maker brings the perfect authentic Indian food flavor indoors.

Tandoori Clay Oven

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This luxurious, handcrafted tandoor clay oven gets used for cooking naan bread, roti, and various meat dishes. This oven uses charcoal or wood to light the fire. The traditional method of tandoori cooking dates back to 3000 BC. It’s perfect for cooking for your family or a backyard full of guests. This tandoor clay oven takes Indian food to a whole new level of authentic flavor.


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The ChaiEasy is the world’s first automatic chai maker. You can brew an authentic chai with a press of a button. This chai machine uses ChaiEasy pods and comes with a ChaiEasy to-go cup. You choose your flavor, which has no additives and preservatives, then load your pod and press the start button. Voila! A cup of authentic chai to enjoy with pakoras.

Remta Makina Butter Churn Buttermilk Maker

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This electric butter churner and buttermilk maker has a stainless steel propeller. In this churner, you can use cow, goat, or lamb milk. This machine takes only five to ten minutes to make delicious butter, which can get served with lentils and parantha. This machine makes cream and sour cream in 15-30 minutes.

Jolly Gas Tandoor Dal Bati Maker

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This gas tandoor gets used for gas stoves. The tandoor comes with wire mesh, which is great for chicken and fish. It also comes with barbeque rods. You can also make rotis, naan, dal bati, and prantas with this indoor tandoor.

Now you are ready to wow your friends with any of the unique kitchen appliances listed above! East Indian food in the comfort of your own home will become a reality with astonishing results and reduced time investment. Get ready to cook up a storm!

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