4 Creative Ways to Throw a Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have a Blast

Looking to get creative when planning your next party? Sometimes it can be challenging to come up with an interesting party theme when it doesn’t center around a major holiday. Why not try your hand at organizing a unique, themed event like a galaxy party this summer?

We’re sharing some of our favorite galaxy party ideas for anyone thinking of throwing a trendy, fun-filled party that’s truly out of this world. From food and decor to crafts and fashion, we have everything you need to get started. Buckle up, the countdown to lift-off begins now!

Colorful Food That Will Add Some Pizazz to Your Galaxy Party 

Choosing tasty and tempting foods according to the party theme adds extra delight and an element of surprise to any event. Below are a few finger-licking galaxy party food options that will add some star power to the whole space party theme. 

Galaxy Glitter Macarons 

4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

Macarons are everybody’s favorite. Kids, teens, and even adults love eating them. Adding these sweet bites to the galaxy party menu will attract even the pickiest eaters at the party. 

Galaxy Glitter Macaron Recipe: Start with sieving almond flour and icing sugar in a bowl. Beat the egg white in another bowl and add purple coloring and sugar at the end of the egg white beating (when the egg whites reach their soft peak). 

Then slowly add the dry mixture into the egg white mixture and mix it until no dryness remains. Repeat the same process three times in different containers by adding food colors, including black, blue, pink, or any other color that you prefer. Transfer the colored mixtures into a piping bag and start piping macarons on a baking sheet lined with baking paper or a silicone baking mat. 

Next, bake in the oven for 13 minutes, watching for macarons to develop their signature “feet.” Here comes the fun part; add white nonpareils, colorful edible glitter, or star-shaped sprinkles over your macrons to give them a look fit to party. 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Galaxy Themed Cupcakes

4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

Let’s agree, cupcakes are everyone’s favorite go-to dessert item and are super fun to make. And what’s better than making colorful galaxy cupcakes for your party? 

Galaxy Cupcake Recipe: You can make regular cupcakes for your galaxy party, but for frosting, follow these simple steps. After making or purchasing a large batch of frosting, separate into three bowls, add pink, purple, and blue galaxy food coloring, and mix well. Spoon all colors into a piping bag and as you squeeze, the colors will blend together on their own, creating a beautiful artistic effect. Lastly, sprinkle edible glitter and stars all over your galaxy party cupcakes. 

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The Perfect Galaxy Party Decor

Choosing the right decoration items for a galaxy party is essential to set the right tone for the event. Here are some easy yet eccentric galaxy party decor ideas. 

Galaxy Glowing Mason Jars For Sparkling Yet Adorable Decoration

4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

Add the perfect amount of shimmer to your galaxy party with these glowing mason jars. Just splatter paint the inside of a clean, empty mason jar with glow-in-the-dark paint. Feel free to get creative and add stars, planets, galaxies, or whatever you’d like. Put on the lid and charge outside or in the light. When the sun goes down, see your galaxy jar in a whole new light!

Hanging Crystal Stars

Bend a pipe cleaner into a star shape using a cookie cutter, if needed. Attach a thin ribbon to the star. Next, tie the ribbon with a popsicle stick and hang them inside a jar. Pour water and borax mixture into the jar until the star is covered. Leave the jars for 20 hours. Gently remove the star in the morning and let it dry by setting it in a dry glass. You now have a crystal-covered star!

Galaxy Glow In The Dark Ceiling

To add the perfect amount of flair to your galaxy party, decorating the ceilings or walls with glow-in-the-dark planets and star stickers is essential. And guess what? This is one of the most inexpensive galaxy party ideas — a win-win situation. Another fun idea is to cover the ceiling or walls with stars and planet print fabric or gift wrap, for an easy and dazzling pop of themed decor.

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Get Crafty with Super-Cool DIY Galaxy Projects 

Think beyond decor and food, and get crafty with your kids and teens at the next galaxy-themed party.

Galaxy Slime For A Magical Mess

4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

DIY Galaxy Slime: Pour an entire bottle of black glitter glue into a bowl, add water and baking soda, and mix well. Next, add one tablespoon of contact solution, until the slime begins to form. Knead to mix.

Repeat the process by adding different glitters and food colors and swirling them together to make galaxy party slime. To add more sparkle, sprinkle colorful or silver stars confetti on the top.  

Galaxy Themed Bouncy Balls For Kids

4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

Did you know you could easily make your own bouncy galaxy ball for a galaxy party? Take a cup of warm water and add borax to it, then mix. Take another cup and add in it cornstarch, food coloring, and glue. Next, add the glue mixture to a water-borax mixture and squish it with your hands if the glue mixture gets hard. Last, form into a ball using the mixture. (Note: Wear gloves while handling borax to prevent skin reactions, and don’t forget to wash your hands.)

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Rock The Party With These Fun Fashion Favorites

What to wear to a galaxy party? Once the decor and food are set, let’s divert our attention to a galaxy party outfit that matches the party theme to liven up the celebration. Here are some cool ideas fit to wear to or create at any galaxy theme party. 

Wear Sparkling Galaxy Shoes 

4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

It is cool to transform a plain white or black canvas into galaxy shoes and wear them to galaxy parties. Create a stunning pair of galaxy kicks by simply following these easy steps.

Remove the laces from the shoes and tape off any areas you don’t want to color. Color the shoes with blue, pink, purple, green, and black Sharpie markers, switching up and blending the colors. Take the shoes outside and coat them with rubbing alcohol. Watch the watercolor effect happen!

Let the shoes dry for 24 hours and finish with white paint to add a splatter paint galaxy Galaxy effect and additional starburst designs.  

Enjoying Glowing In The Dark With Galaxy Tees

4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

Create a stylish look by wearing galaxy t-shirts that even glow in the dark. How? Take a blue or black color t-shirt, fabric paint, paintbrushes, and get creative! 

Paint and swirl a mix of blue, purple, pink, and silver paint all over the shirt, using different techniques. Repeat the process by using different brush sizes and colors to create a gorgeous galaxy effect on your t-shirt. Continue to add layers until you reach your desired brightness.

Next, use a white paint pen or bleach pen to dab, flick, and sprinkle stars and constellations all over your shirt. (For some added cool factor, use glow-in-the-dark paint for this part instead!) Hang the shirt to let it dry. 

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Have an Out-of-this-World Time!

No doubt, a galaxy party theme is a great way to celebrate and welcome summer with friends and family. A glowing galaxy party with sparkling invitations, colorful foods, shimmery decorations, and fun-filled activities will make the event more memorable. Have a blast at your next galaxy-themed party!

Is a galaxy party not your thing? No worries! How about throwing a unicorn party instead!?

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4 Creative Ways To Throw A Galaxy Party So Your Kids Have A Blast

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