How To Create A Tiny Library Room In Any Home

Are you a bookworm that prefers the feel of a book in your hand vs. a kindle, but doesn’t have the space for all the books you have collected?  There is a solution for you and you don’t need an extra room for a tiny library room.  You just need a closet, nook, or a weird spot in your house that just doesn’t seem to flow or work for anything else, it can work for a tiny library room.

Where To Create Your Tiny Library Room

How To Create A Tiny Library Room In Any Home

A tiny library room is a perfect way to create a fun and cozy space out of an underutilized closet.  It will give you the chance to not only declutter but to create a nook that is just your own.  A hall closet, walk-in closet, or wall closet can all work depending on your available space.  A tiny library room is a great way to encourage reading for the whole family, the more accessible you make it, the more use you and the whole family will get out of it.

Hall closet-most hall closets are a place to shove whatever you may need but rarely use.  Hall closets often become a drop-off space for anything and everything and since it is easy to forget about, hall closets result in a  cluttered and practically useless even in the best circumstances.  For those reasons, hall closets can make one of the best options for your tiny library room.  You might have a funky-shaped closet that will take some creativity to make it work for your new space.

Although a walk-in closet might seem the ideal space for a tiny library room if you have the closet space to spare. Most people struggle with storage space in their homes and may not want to give up their walk-in closet.  That being said, if you get creative enough you can have a great walk-in closet and your tiny library room in the same space.  This could work out well if you just want to make a tiny library room for a child, as their clothes don’t take up as much space nor seem to have as much. 

Some older or remodeled homes can have a bit of a quirky design or floor plan.  You may find that you have enough space for your tiny library in your oversized pantry (bonus points if it has natural light!), in your laundry room, or even a nook in the garage that can be converted into your tiny library room.  Just be cognizant of the weather you live in and if your potential new space has the proper installation to keep it at an optimal temperature.  

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How To Make Your Tiny Library Room

How To Create A Tiny Library Room In Any Home

Start by removing everything from the area you are creating your tiny library in, everything!  Take it all out and start to go through everything that you removed.  Make the piles – keep, donate and toss.  Once you have gone through everything, figure out where to put everything in your keep pile.  Most likely you will be able to toss or donate a few more items that you thought you needed.  Bag up all of the items you plan to donate and schedule a pickup or put them in your car to do a drop-off.

Once cleared out think about how much lighting your tiny library will need.  If there is no lighting at all, you will need to make sure you have ample light to read in.   For those handy people or willing to pay for a professional you can install a simple overhead light.  Or a fun lamp that not only gives off quality lighting but will also blend in with your vibe and decor is a fun route.  

When creating your tiny library room, don’t think of it as the former space.  Instead of calling it your closet, now refer to it as your library room (or any other name you might have for it).  Make sure while designing your space that you create an organization system from the beginning and be aware of how much space you actually have in your tiny library.  If needed have an overflow space for books that you can circulate as needed.  

Always measure before you purchase any furniture or other items.  You may think you have more space than you actually do.  Put down painter’s tape in the dimensions of the chair, side table, lamp, etc, that you want to make sure they will actually fit in your tiny library.  This way you can get a good feel for how much space the items you want will take up.

If you have little ones, you can create an accessible books area just for them.  Either by putting a small bookshelf on the floor, putting up low shelves that are height-appropriate, or even just decorative baskets with books in them.  The easier you make it for kids to read books, even before they can actually read, will not only help encourage reading when they get to that age but you might be surprised at how often they just “read” to themselves when the books are accessible.  

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What To Put In Your Tiny Library 

How To Create A Tiny Library Room In Any Home

Well, obviously books will take up the majority of your tiny library as that is the purpose.  You will also want to make it your own space, which is more than just a place to store books.  Start by placing your books on either standalone bookcases, built-in bookshelves, or even some floating shelves for an added element. There might be a chance that you don’t have enough room for all of your books. If this is the case, showcase your favorites and have the rest on rotation as you put them on your to-read pile

If your tiny library has the space, create a cozy seating area as well.  Either an oversized comfy chair that is meant to have books enjoyed for hours on it.  Or a cozy spot on the floor with floor cushions, blankets, and other cozy elements, that can be arranged in a way that is enjoyed when being used, but can also be put away to save space.  If you don’t have enough natural light in your tiny library make sure you add ample lighting to be able to read.

Add any personal touches to really make your tiny library room your own from family photos, plants, and theme-fitting pictures. Have a place for all the items you need to enjoy a good book-reading glasses, a cup of hot tea, or your favorite candle to match your mood. If there are small children in your home that will also be utilizing the tiny library you can include items that are age-appropriate for them. From soft books to a few toys, or a little nook created for curious minds, Scholastic has more fun tips for a kid’s library space.

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Creating a tiny library is open-ended and can be anything you desire it to be. A cozy nook, a dedicated room for all your books’ reading pleasures, or an age-appropriate space for the little bookworms in your home. No matter how big or small the space, you have the space in your home for a tiny library.

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How To Create A Tiny Library Room In Any Home

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