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With all of the hustle and bustle of cooking, cleaning and preparing for relatives on Thanksgiving day, it might be difficult to include your children in helping with your tasks and preparations simply because of time restraints. But you still want them to feel like they are contributing and celebrating the holiday in their own special way. We found a cute, easy DIY craft that will occupy their time while you are busy in the kitchen. And best of all, it’s something they will want to do every year to commemorate the day and see how much they’ve grown. These Hand Print Turkeys are sure to become one of your most cherished Thanksgiving traditions with your children!

What You’ll Need:


Trace your child’s hand on the construction paper. You can have older children do this themselves or help the younger children.

Cut out the hand print, and use it to trace up to 6 total on different colored paper.

Cut out the shape and details of a turkey’s body (you can do this or have your children do this free-style).

Glue the hand prints and the body of the turkey together.

Write your child’s name, the date and how old they are somewhere on the body of the turkey.

Let them decorate their turkey while you prepare for the day’s festivities.

Make a hand print turkey with your children each Thanksgiving. Comparing how much their hands have grown each year will be fun for everyone! Once you have a few, you can even make a turkey banner and hang it up with your Thanksgiving decor each year.

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