St. Patrick’s Décor Brings Irish Holiday Fun to Life

Your St. Patrick’s décor will make your house dance with green shamrocks, lucky leprechauns, and, perhaps, a pot of gold. From creative, homemade St. Patrick’s décor to store-bought green shamrocks, the luck of the Irish will fill your home for the March holiday. St. Patrick’s Day evolved into a celebration of Irish culture. From décor to parades to special foods, music, and dancing everyone can wear a bit of green on March 17.


The holiday originated, according to, with the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. It is a holy day in Ireland commemorating the feast day of St. Patrick who died in 1631. The merry festivities have grown in popularity throughout the years in the United States. Boston claims to be the first place St. Patrick’s Day was celebrated in the American colonies in 1737 when more than two dozen Presbyterians emigrated from the north of Ireland.

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Today, St. Patrick’s Day is a reason to wear green, as well as give your home some fun, silly St. Patrick’s décor. You can decorate everything from the yard to the bathroom. You can make homemade St. Patrick’s décor, too. It’s all about the fun.

St. Patrick’s Décor for the Yard

Yard decorations and lights are no longer just for December holidays. Children love driving by the house in the neighborhood that puts up yard inflatables for every holiday from Christmas to Valentine’s Day, and yes, even St. Patrick’s Day. You can be the holiday house in your neighborhood with the 9-feet St. Patrick’s Day Inflatable Leprechaun Pot of Gold. It brings the luck of the Irish front and center to your front yard. The adorable, giant leprechaun dressed in green with a black top hat, and a red beard rests in a giant “pot of gold” wishing your neighbors a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”

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Of course, St. Patrick’s Day is a reason to enjoy some Irish ale and host a party. The 8-feet St. Patrick’s Day Standing Leprechaun Holding a Mug is perfect for greeting your guests. The whimsical leprechaun is dressed in green from head to toe holds out his large glass of ale to give a “Cheers” to your guests and those who pass by.

If giant yard inflatables are not your thing, check out the wide variety of homemade St. Patrick’s décor ideas for your yard on Etsy. You can find everything from hand-painted wooden shamrocks, top hats, gnomes, and leprechauns to signs and yard displays.

St. Patrick’s Décor for Your Front Door

A door decoration brings the Irish holiday front and center to your home. You can make a beautiful St. Patrick’s Day wreath by following Grace Monroe Home’s tutorial bringing a plethora of green flowers together with a cute leprechaun and some St. Patrick’s Day ribbon. Or, you can learn to make a beautiful Leprechaun Hat Wreath from Down Redbud Drive by wrapping a cheap “dollar store” leprechaun hat decoration with wired ribbon and pipe cleaners. The result is top notch.

St. Patrick’s Day Tinsel Decorations

Then again, you can keep it simple by hanging St. Patrick’s Day Tinsel Decorations on your door and around your house. The classic shamrock, four-leafed clover, leprechaun hat and wreath will bring a little Irish sparkle to your home this March.

Leprechaun Traps Make Unique St. Patrick’s Décor

You have never made a Leprechaun Trap? Well have some fun, be creative, and try to catch the tricky magical rascals. Irish folklore suggests that if you catch a leprechaun on St. Patrick’s Day Eve you will receive an endless supply of money for life. After all, leprechauns hide their pots of gold at the end of rainbows. Other legends say that if you catch a leprechaun, you will receive three wishes. Either way, trying to catch a leprechaun is definitely worth the try.

Building a leprechaun trap can be a STEM activity (some teachers even make it a homework assignment) but the creations can be adorable centerpieces for the month of March, too. Now, of course, no one actually has ever caught a leprechaun. (But, parents can help with the magic on St. Patrick’s Day morning leaving green foot prints, gold-wrapped chocolate coins or tiny St. Patrick’s Day gifts or notes. Embrace the magic. Have fun.)

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Homemade leprechaun traps can be made from simple household items like paper towel tubes, cereal boxes, Legos, etc… The Best Ideas for Kids offers three ideas for simple Leprechaun Traps. Don’t forget the bait – Lucky Charms™ cereal and gold coins continue to be popular with the Leprechauns. Of course, leprechauns do love rainbows so you might want to try a leprechaun trap made from rainbow colored popsicle sticks like Mommy Mafia and her son created together for a school project.

Don’t worry, although your family can sketch drawings for the perfect trap and break out their MacGyver skills, you do not have to. You can order Leprechaun trap craft kits on Amazon. The DIY St. Patrick’s Day Wood Craft Leprechaun Kit actually is a real working trap. The adorable, easy-to-put-together trap is made from green-painted wood. Pull the lever with the rope and the trap falls. The DIY to Catch a Leprechaun Trap Craft Set is a cardboard set with rainbow and clover stickers, as well as 20 “gold coins.” Children will enjoy this simple craft kit.  

St. Patrick’s Décor for the Table

Of course, your St Patrick’s Day home décor should include a table runner or a tablecloth sporting a bit of green, too. The Funny Gnome St. Patrick’s Day Table Runner features black-and-white buffalo plaid with a big-footed jolly gnome dressed in green holding a four-leaf clover. The Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Table Runner features floating four-leaf clovers and green shamrocks on a white background.

St. Patrick’s Décor for the Bathroom

St. Patrick’s Day decorations for the bathroom, too? Why not! Those cute, little leprechauns love hiding throughout your house, why should the bathroom be any different? A holiday shower curtain is the easiest way to add a bit of cheer for just about every holiday throughout the year. A St. Patrick’s Day shower curtain covered in shamrocks or leprechauns hung by St. Patrick’s Day Shower Curtain Hooks brings the spirit of the Irish to your bathroom.

The Rustic Wood Lucky Clover Shower Curtain dresses up your bathroom with a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” sign. The St. Patrick’s Leprechaun Gnomes Irish Green Truck fabric shower curtain brings the whimsical characters to your restroom. No matter which St. Patrick’s Day shower curtain you brighten your bathroom with, hang it with the St. Patrick’s Day hooks that include leprechauns, horseshoes, ale, pots of gold, and top hats.

St. Patrick’s décor brings Irish whimsy, magic, and fun to your home this March. You can decorate from your front door to your bathroom. The goal is to have fun, and bring joy to you and your family. Take time to look for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow while trying to catch a leprechaun. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sources: Best Ideas for Kids, Down Redbud Drive, Grace Monroe Home,, and Mommy Mafia.

Photo Credits: Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

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