What You Do Not Know About Coil Spring Mattresses

As it’s estimated, we spend a colossal 26 years of our lives sleeping; it’s surprising most of us don’t take sleep as seriously as we perhaps should. In fact, few of us make a conscious effort to keep our bedding and mattress up-to-date and to optimum quality, simply because we forget! But a bad mattress can have hugely detrimental effects on your sleeping pattern and overall quality of sleep, which can result in serious symptoms throughout the body over time if not rectified. But luckily, there is one universal mattress renowned for its variety and composition, and that’s the coil spring.

Due to the various sizes of springs available when manufacturing a range of mattresses, coil spring forms can offer different degrees of support dependent on your preference. So, if you’re looking for a new coil spring mattress or simply want to learn more information about them, below you’ll discover where they originate, different types, and the best methods of shopping for one!

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What actually is a coil spring mattress?

Originally invented in the 19th century, spring coil mattresses were designed with the intention of giving the mattress a bouncier effect. Composed of steel coil springs, there are a range of sizes and thicknesses that can be used to provide varying degrees of bounce of firmness. This makes coil spring mattresses far more versatile than foam alternatives.

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Types of spring coil mattresses

There are three main types of coils that are used in coil spring mattresses. Each type has its own characteristics and advantages, so it’s important to do your research before purchasing to ensure you get the most appropriate mattress for what you’re looking for. Here are the three most popular coil types and all the important information you need to be aware of:

  • Hourglass coils – Considered the most common type of coil, they’re also known as offset coil systems. Often found in higher-end, more expensive mattresses, offset coil systems are each individually made with a rounded top and bottom, almost like a hinge. It’s this characteristic of these coils that significantly reduces noise and discomfort, as they’re specifically designed to mold to your body shape and provide high levels of support.
  • Pocketed coils – Perhaps the most expensive coil of all to produce, pocketed coils are each wrapped in a textile-like material. This reduces the sensation of movement so, if you frequently find yourself tossing and turning during the night, this type of coil is likely to be the best option.
  • Continuous coils – Featuring a unique composition, continuous coils are in fact not individual coils. Instead, they’re s-shaped and formed of one long interlinked continuous wire to give the appearance of individual coils. This coil-type is renowned for being the most durable and provides a firmer feel than other coil compositions.

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Often, different brands will favor different coils in their mattresses and it can be difficult to establish which coils have been used with just a brand name to work with. To counteract this problem, check out this Saatva mattress review to discover a range of expert brand-mattress reviews with all the coil details you need.

How to shop for a coil spring mattress

As there are many different types of coil spring mattress out there, it can be difficult to fully understand the specifications of each one and make the best decision for you. Due to this, it’s often recommended to lie on a variety of different types first to give yourself an idea of what they’d be like to sleep on. After all, we spend over a third of our entire life asleep so it’s important to be as comfortable as possible!

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But, taking a trip to your local mattress store may not be necessary as long as you understand your body and know what you need out of a mattress. For example, if you have problems with your joints or back, a firm mattress with lots of support is likely to benefit you the most and give you a better quality of sleep. So, a mattress with a continuous coil composition will be the best option for you.

Purchasing a new mattress is all about understanding what your body needs when asleep, and choosing a mattress that will satisfy those needs. The variety provided by coil spring mattresses is unrivaled, meaning that whatever your body requires to get a good night’s sleep, a coil spring mattress will do the job. But it’s still important to do your research and establish the type of coil you need to avoid any long-term discomfort or side effects.

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