10 Ultra Unique Gifts For a Horse Lover

Do you have someone in your life who has an affinity for horses? We have an amazing list of ultra-unique gifts for a horse lover that will be sure to please!

Kerrits Riding Gloves

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

If she really loves horses, chances are she’ll still be out riding throughout the seasons. Come rain or shine she likely could use a pair of durable riding gloves. These gloves from Kerrits are perfect when thinking of gifts for horse lovers. Their special lightweight grip is exactly what you need to ensure you can still feel the horse’s mouth or lose your hold on the reins during inclement weather. They even added touchscreen-friendly fingertips so you can keep your hands nice and cozy throughout the entire ride.

Irideon Riding Breeches

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Every rider knows the power in a good set of riding breeches. No one wants to go on a long ride in stiff, uncomfortable pants. These Irideon riding breeches are not only stylish but extremely durable. With 4-way stretch panels, Chamisoft knee patches, and body-contouring panels it’s made to make you look your best and feel your best. The chic Euro Seat style adds effortless poise to your outfit so you can take that rugged ride without looking rugged yourself. When you’re thinking of gifts for a horse lover, this should definitely make the list.

Saddle Bag

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Let’s face it. We need stuff. We all have car keys, cell phones, and more. As a horse rider, you’re certainly not going to want to stuff those in your back pocket. Instead, try out this personalized saddle bag from The Starkenburg Company! This design protects your belongings from bouncing and fits all western saddles. It’s big enough to fit your cell phone with its case (a huge plus!) as well as your wallet, hoof pick, or any other small items you’ll need to pack with you on your ride. Engrave your saddlebag with your horse’s name, a quote, the sky’s the limit!

Wine Tumbler

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Real talk? Not all days are a walk in the park. There exist those days when a glass of good, red wine is necessary. Make sure she has something sophisticated to hold her drink with! Boasting a stainless steel core, this tumbler will keep her wine nice and chilled without ice to water it down. Alternatively, if she’s more of a hot cup of tea kind of gal it will stay cozy and hot for her, even if she doesn’t get to it right away. Give her a drink and a laugh with this elegant and functional tumbler. When it comes to gifts for a horse lover, this one serves many wonderful purposes.

Leather bound Journal

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Not every rider is into fringe or tassels. Having said that, it’s evident that leather is always a go to for gifts for a horse lover. Why not offer up a durable, art etched, leather journal? The leather is tough enough to stow away on the go and will match her horse aesthetic. Whether it’s destined to be full of words, lists, or even sketches, she’ll absolutely love this gift. Plus, it’s cruelty-free and refillable! Enjoy this beautiful book for years and years to come.

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Sherpa Throw Blanket

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Who wants to get cuddly? This sherpa throw is extra thick and incredibly soft. It’s made to keep you cozy and warm for years. Not only will this present bring you closer (literally!) but it can also double as decor during the summer months. The wild, western print makes it an art piece all on its own! Drape it over your couch or even the end of your bed to showcase her taste in style and comfort.

Horse Bit Necklace

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Are you looking for a classy gift? Look no further! This gorgeous horse bit necklace is sure to be at the top of the list for gifts for a horse lover. Its simple yet significant design is the perfect way to display your love for something she loves. Adorn her neck in this hand-forged, 14k rose gold creation. Since every bit is built by the artist separately, you’ll be giving her something that is uniquely one of a kind.

Bonus: Rose gold not to your liking? The artist also creates these fabulous necklaces in sterling silver.

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Novelty Horse Feet Socks

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Does your horse lover also have a keen sense of humor? These novelty horse feet socks are sure to illicit a thigh slapping laugh! Keep her feet snug and secure while you both share a little chuckle. The best part? Even the bottom of the socks have printed paws on them! No detail was left out! Grab a pair for your horse loving friend today!

Horse Stirrup Keychain

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Want to go simple and sweet? How about this dashing horse-bit key chain? It’s the ideal way to always be in the back of their mind and to display your awareness of the things they love. Blend posh and practical together when grabbing gifts for a horse lover with this elegant, everyday piece.

Palamino Soy Candle

10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

Need a sure-fire bet? A fragrant, specialty candle is just the ticket! This Palomino Soy Blend candle will bewitch her heart and soul with its golden citrus blend and hints of honeysuckle. Add this to a home-cooked dinner and watch her melt! Never underestimate the power of a good meal and a good candle.

They may be tough in the field but they don’t need to be tough to buy gifts for. Whether you’re going big, sentimental, or just straight-up sweet, this list has perfect gifts for a horse lover. Surprise her with a present that shows thought and insight into her passions. You can’t go wrong with a list like this! Now giddy up and get to it!

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10 Ultra Unique Gifts For A Horse Lover

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