Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Read, Wear Christmas List for Kids this Year

What’s on your kid’s Christmas list this year? If you’re anything like us, you handed them the catalogs from big box stores and online retailers, and after asking them to circle a few things for “ideas” they handed you back…one giant circle with every.single.toy circled. We can help you narrow that wish list down with our favorite kid’s Christmas gifts of the season. This year’s Christmas list for kids is complete with STEM activities, books, and more for your mil-kid.

“The Want” Christmas List for Kids

The Patchwork Bear

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Read Christmas List For Kids This Year

Military kids are often far away from friends and family members and it’s always a great gift idea to get them something to remember their family by. The Patchwork Bear is a custom-made bear that is created out of old clothing and t-shirts. For military kids, using mom or dad’s uniform shirts, or clothing from grandparents or other close extended family members would make a great gift for the holiday season.

In addition to bears, you can also get quilts, pets, or other memorabilia made out of your own clothing or other articles of fabric like race t-shirts, baby blankets, and more. You can also get a custom-made Patchwork Bear with ready-made bears. Add a special embroidery with your loved ones name or a special date to make it a wonderful holiday gift for kids or as a keepsake for other family members.

Feltman Brothers Carly Doll

Feltman Brothers Doll

Feltman Brothers, well known for their vintage-inspired children’s clothes, also makes beautiful baby dolls for your little ones to love as their own. These soft, lifelike dolls are perfect for cuddling. All four feature a classically styled outfit, booties, and bonnet included. Perfectly matching outfits for real little boys and girls are available as well. Each doll is made with the same care and craftsmanship that goes into everything that Feltman Brothers produces. Like their clothes, these precious playthings are meant to be enjoyed by your family for generations to come.

Live Video Drone

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Readchristmas List For Kids This Year

For the older kids in your family, this live video drone is a super cool gift that will easily be their favorite of the year. Its large size makes it wind-resistant but it folds down to a small size for travel and PCSing. You can control the drone with the accompanying app, and take photos and videos. It is a perfect beginner drone that is easy to fly and maneuverable in the sky with easy-to-use remote buttons and collision-resistant propellers.

Kids Digital Camera

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Readchristmas List For Kids This Year

They’re too young for phones or “real” cameras, but they love taking pictures with their friends or doing silly videos together. This kid’s digital camera is the perfect gift this holiday season. It is shockproof, splash-proof, and easy to use. With a 32GB memory storage card, they will have plenty of space for pictures and videos. The USB cable allows it to connect to the computer so they can view everything on there, and even get into a bit of video editing if they are ready to hit the next level.

Arts & Bricks Wall Stickers

Arts and Bricks’s has so many great options for kids who love Legos and expressing their creativity. From personalized wall decals and window stickers, some of them made directly from children’s artwork and brick-built creations. Arts and Bricks’s also offers a six-month subscription of wall stickers, which would be a great way to remember the new sets they built over the holidays. Creativity abounds, but your kids are going to love a personalized name wall sticker made out of LEGO bricks.

Playmobil Spirit Riding Free

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Readchristmas List For Kids This Year

If your child loves Spirit: Riding Free this playset from Playmobil should be at the top of their “want” list. Complete with Lucky’s house, Spirit, and Lucky’s Aunt Cora, kids will be able to play, engage, and imagine life in Miradero. Playmobil’s toys are a great activity for younger kids who are still too little to play with small building blocks but also love to use their imagination with real figurines. If your child isn’t into Spirit, no worries- Playmobil has several licensed character models as well as general models that are perfect for imaginative play.

The Need Christmas List for Kids

Pria Max 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Maxi-Cosi Pria Max 3-In-1 Convertible Car Seat

The Pria Max 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is the newest and most innovative product to come from Maxi-Cosi. Maxi-Cosi is reshaping parenthood this holiday season! This car seat is amazing! Using magnetism technology, dealing with car seat straps has never been easier! With one hand strap adjustment and chest clip fastening technology, hassle-free parenting is now possible with Maxi-Cosi.

The Pria Max 3-in-1 Convertible Carseat is full of new safety aspects as well. The biggest one being the GCell Patented Foam that absorbs crash energy. The car seat also accommodates children from 4 pounds up to 100 pounds! So this is the only car seat your child should need from birth to approximately age 10!

Maxi-Cosi Pria Max 3-In-1 Convertible Car Seat

Did I mention that all of the ultra-soft foam padding has removable covers? AND all of those covers are machine washable AND dryer safe??? Maxi-Cosi is looking out for moms everywhere. The cup holders are also removable and dishwasher safe. There is no reason for the pee smell to stay! Not anymore! The Pria Max 3-in-1 needs to become part of your family this holiday season!

Maxi-Cosi Lara Stroller

Maxi-Cosi Lara Stroller

Weighing in at only 14 pounds, the Lara Stroller is designed for one-handed folding and control. Made for those busy parents on the move. This stroller is designed to take up very little space with ultimate functionality and quality. Designed with overhead airplane storage in mind, which it fits in, the Lara Stroller by Maxi-Cosi is making waves in versatility. By becoming one of the lightest strollers on the market it is allowing parents more flexibility in travel and daily transportation of children!

The Lara stroller also provides plenty of storage when you’re out and about. With a large basket down below that fits most diaper bags and an exterior pocket for quick easy access, you should have everything you need close on hand. This stroller also comes in 4 beautiful gender-neutral colors to choose from!

Maxi-Cosi Lara Stroller

The one-hand folding control makes bringing a stroller as easy as its ever been! Siblings can do this! Potentially the best available product for small spaces, apartments, compact cars, etc. The Lara Stroller is creating a minimalist approach to a necessary child product. Gifting this modern marvel this holiday season would definitely be a treat for the giver and receiver!

Mountaineer Brand Baby Care Kit

Lauren Hgg 2019

Is there a new baby on your holiday shopping list, or maybe a new mama-to-be? This baby care kit from Mountaineer Brand starts mom and baby off on the right foot this holiday season. It comes with Diaper Balm, Slumbertime Balm, and Vapor Mud- all of which are essentials for a new baby, and they are all all-natural so you know they will be safe. The Diaper Balm is made with natural oils to soothe and protect baby’s skin. The Slumbertime Balm is made with lavender essential oils to help baby fall asleep fast. The winter months bring congestion, but with Granny Vicar’s Vapor Mud can help relieve congestion naturally and safely.

Brusheez Electric Toothbrushes for Kids

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Read Christmas List For Kids This Year

Toothbrushes aren’t always at the top of your Christmas list for kids, but these cute electric toothbrushes from Brusheez might change your mind. It comes with a replaceable head, a sand swivel timer, and a rinse cup all in one convenient spot. There are several characters, too, including a unicorn, a teddy bear, a dinosaur, and a pony.

Days of the Week Socks

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Read Christmas List For Kids This Year

Socks are another one of those boring gifts that kids often roll their eyes at, but these super cute Days of the Week Socks make it a little more fun. They have different designs and characters for each day, and they are the perfect way to help speed up getting dressed in the morning. So you could probably say its a gift for mom and dad then, too.

The “Share” Christmas List for Kids


Lauren Hgg 2019

Magnetic blocks are one of the top gifts this holiday season. Not only do they help promote cognitive learning skills, but they can also be used by children of different ages to build, shape, and create their own structures. This 200-piece family set by ShapeMags has doors, windows, car bases, wheels, fence pieces, and figurines to create any structure your child can think up. The possibilities are endless with ShapeMags and this is one toy that your child will love and won’t end up in the back of a closet!

Osmo Toys

Osmo Toys

Help the littlest learners in your life get a jump on their numbers and letters with the Little Genius Starter Kit from Osmo. Geared towards those ages 3-5 and compatible with both iPads and Amazon Kindles, your little genius can work with you to play four games and utilize their imagination. They’ll learn to build their letters with colorful sticks and rings, learn over 300 words, and gain confidence in their skills—all in a safe learning environment.


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Holidays are tough on military families and military kids. We are always looking for ways to make sure our milkids stay connected with parents who are serving overseas or family members who live far away (like grandparents or extended family). Kidvelope helps close that gap with fun, interactive adventure games.

Lauren Hgg 2019

With hands-on creative activities, back-and-forth mailings, and digital games, kids will be learning more about those family members who live far away, and they’ll have activities to keep them connected to a deployed parent. There are also digital elements, like online games and chats over the phone (or FaceTime, Skype, or other mediums) to continue on the mission together. As the mission continues, the players can get more points, ultimately getting them closer to a prize that is mailed at the end of the mission!

ciao! baby Hoopman

Ciao Baby Hoopman

Make any room or outdoor space an arena with this foldable basketball hoop from ciao! baby. This lightweight, portable basketball goal can fit easily in any room in your house and provide plenty of entertainment in mere seconds with its flexible design.

The ciao! baby Hoopman quickly folds out, can be locked into place and just as efficiently, fold back up for easy storage. The goal includes one ball and a convenient carry bag.

Ciao Baby Hoopman

Glow-in-the-Dark Fort

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Readchristmas List For Kids This Year

Your kids are probably always asking to build forts with your blankets, sheet, and kitchen chairs. And since they are military kids, they are probably also always asking to go camping. Why not hit two birds with one stone with this glow-in-the-dark fort that kids can build on their own outside? It’s a fun way to work together to build a real-life fort that they can use in the evening to read stories, roast marshmallows, or play “camping” just like mom or dad does for work.

The “Read” Christmas List for Kids

Superheros’ Kids: When Dad is Deployed

Lauren Hgg 2019

Having a deployed parent over the holidays is hard for our military kids. But we, as parents, know how strong and resilient they are through these difficult times. Superheros’ Kids: When Dad is Deployed is a sweet story that reminds military kids that they all have their own superpowers to help them get through the deployment. They are superheroes, just like their parent is serving overseas, and other military kids around them who are experiencing a deployment all have their own superpowers, too. The story tells that together, all these strong military kids can help each other get through the deployment by using their own superpowers.

Activity Books for Kids by Woo!

Heather Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of drawing, art, and creativity to your child all year long with Drawing Books for Kids by Woo! Jr. With several drawing books to choose from, there are many options to appeal to every interest your child may hold. The drawing books are geared for children ages 9-12, but the diagrams and step-by-step instructions are easy to follow for art interested children ages 6-8. There are activity books for various holidays, dot-to-dot books and word searches that are the perfect gift for fun at home, on the road and together.

Sincerely, You

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Readchristmas List For Kids This Year

A great book for teens who have been bitten by the writing bug, Sincerely, You gives kids tips, ideas, and advice on how to write letters and break down the writer’s block that so many of us experience. The book by Savannah Maddison, creator of the non-profit organization “Savannah’s Soldiers” whose focus is writing letters to service members deployed overseas. It is a wonderfully inspirational book for military kids everywhere to help learn how their written words can change the world, even for one person.

Ralph’s Christmas Quest

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Readchristmas List For Kids This Year

Ralph’s Christmas Quest tells the story of a reclusive raccoon named Ralph who loses his magic button on Christmas Eve. With the help of his friends, he sets out to find his button on an epic quest. This is a sweet story to give on Christmas Eve paired with a new set of Christmas pajamas and to read together while you wait for Santa to arrive.

Night Catch

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Readchristmas List For Kids This Year

The holiday are a little bit harder if mom or dad is deployed. Night Catch tells the story of a child who, missing their deployed parent, plays “catch” with the stars. When it is night time for the little one, he “throws” the stars to dad to catch the next day. Dad does the same, and they play “catch” every night until the deployed service member finally comes home. It is a great way to remind your children that even though mom or dad are far away that they are still connected, even if only by the night sky.

The “Wear” Christmas List for Kids

Cali Bee Kids

Cali Bee Kids is a military spouse owned boutique clothing company based in New York. They have sizes 12 months to 6 years old for both boys and girls. Their sweet clothing is all handmade on-site by their talented team members, and they work hard to provide looks that are timeless, classic, and comfortable for all the little bunnies out there. We love their bunny sweaters and vests, classic plaids, and cute dresses this holiday season.

My Tee Girls

My Tee Girls

These 100% cotton t-shirts are designed to honor those amazing women in STEM that have paved the path for our daughters. My Tee Girls hopes these shirts, which promote women like Sally Ride, Nicole LaRue, and the four women who have become supreme court justices, are designed to further the conversation about women moving forward in the world.

Primary Tutu Dress


Primary is a rare kids clothing brand indeed. Instead of scratchy plastic and cartoon faces, they only stock high-quality, comfortable pieces in colors and classic prints that never go out of style. One of their newest additions, the tutu dress, is fit for even the choosiest princess. Its healthier OEKO-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton and never-scratchy tulle come together like a fairytale. Dress up just became an all-day, every-day occasion!

June and January Henley Jumper

June And January Henley Jumper

June and January are here to make little humans take over the fashion world. This Henley jumper in cobalt is the perfect mix of practical and fashionable. The material is super lightweight and allows plenty of breathing room for the little one in your life to roll, climb and run through their day, but still look good doing it.

The jumper’s long sleeves allow for comfortable all-season wearing, and is practical for parents, too, as it features snaps at the neckline as well as on the crotch for sizes 0-12 months.

Feltman Brothers Holiday Clothes for Kids

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‘Tis the season for family photos, and you know what that means–dressing your kids in precious clothes. Feltman Brothers offer a multitude of classic styles for both little boys and girls. Their Holiday Collection will have you swooning. As a family business, Feltman Brothers pride themselves on quality and attention to detail with their hand embroidery. Their vintage and timeless style will not disappoint.

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Read, Wear Christmas List For Kids This Year 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Anyone can step into a big box store and grab the first few things you see as gifts for your kids. But with this Christmas list for kids you will be able to get just about everything for your Want, Need, Share, Read, Wear list. And maybe, just maybe, you won’t have a house full of toys that they never end up using.

Our Favorite Want, Need, Share, Read Christmas List For Kids This Year



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