7 Ways To Get A Restful Night During Pregnancy


It’s 3am and you’re wide awake! Pregnancy insomnia has hit and you’re haunted by the words of every parent out there that wants to give you advice, “get some sleep before the baby arrives.” It’s as if you don’t WANT to sleep? Of course you do, but pregnancy and all its glorious symptoms are causing you to stay awake! We have 7 sleeping aids to help you alleviate some of the symptoms and causes of your lack of sleep so that you just might get some zzz’s before the baby arrives!

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Some say it is nature’s way of helping you ease into the sleep deprivation that you are bound to encounter once baby arrives, or it’s the hormones that are causing less than a stellar nights rest. Whatever it may be, it can be uncomfortable, especially with the growing size of your belly.  Heartburn, leg cramps and no sleep can bring on a very cranky mommy-to-be. These 7 sleeping aids will hopefully help you to be become a happy Mama once again:


1. Invest in a pillow

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No not just any pillow, we are talking a pregnancy pillow.”  If the words are foreign to you, get acquainted with what could very well be your best friend through pregnancy. A pregnancy pillow can be the best investment you make for YOURSELF during these 9 months.

A pregnancy pillow will help you get some quality rest, as it encourages better sleep positioning, on the side as doctors recommend. Suffering from sciatica, or restless leg syndrome or even lower back pain? A pregnancy pillow can alleviate most of these symptoms by resting the pillow between the knees. It helps with better sleep posture and takes the weight off of the growing belly.

We absolutely love The Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow, because it helps with all of the points above and more. The Bump Nest Pregnancy Pillow gives support from head to toe as it can be re-positioned and personalized thanks to its “repositionable stuffing” (just shake the pillow to migrate the fill material to desired area) and it’s curved shape. The shape can be used either in front or behind, for the most comfortable feel for mom.  The best part is that The Bump Nest Pillow case and inner pillow are both machine washable , as well as seamless, so you don’t wake up with any aches and pains and indents from zippers and seams.

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Features & Benefits of The Bump Nest Pillow:

  • wrap around shape.
  • machine washable case AND pillow.
  • bump and back support.
  • seam-free interior curve.
  • adjustable stuffing.
  • zippered case.
  • cradles neck and shoulders.
  • encourages side sleeping.
  • available in 9 modern colors and fun patterns.

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2. Avoid Heartburn


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We know that sometimes heartburn happens, even if you’ve done nothing to aggravate it, but there are ways to minimize the discomfort of heartburn.

  • Avoid late night snacking, as the progesterone hormone slows down digestion and lying down will bring up what you’ve ate.
  • Eat smaller meals through out the day, avoid spicy foods and don’t lie down after a meal!

However if after all that you are still suffering from heartburn try, Healthy Mama Brand, “Tame the Flame” which will do just that! It will help to extinguish the pain of heartburn and indigestion. These chewable (and surprisingly tasty) calcium enriched tablets will help you calm what is happening in your tummy and help you get a nights rest. Healthy Mama Brand not only has products for heartburn, but they have a product for every annoying ailment during pregnancy. Morning sickness, constipation,  joint pain and even a special blend to help you get a good nights sleep!

7 Ways To Get A Restful Night During Pregnancy 7 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families “Eazzze the Pain” is a safe and effective product made for pregnant moms and nursing moms to help alleviate the aches and pains and let you get a good nights sleep (Remember to always consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking any medication during pregnancy or nursing.)

 Healthy Mama Brand helps with unwanted pregnancy symptoms by the safest method on the market, FDA approved so that you can rest easy knowing what you’re taking for your symptoms are indeed safe. The most amazing part of the  Healthy Mama Brand is that it is made by a mom who takes great pride in helping other women avoid preterm labor, as she once had to deal with, and it’s made in the USA!

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3. Use Aromatherapy

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In aromatherapy, lavender is believed to bring on a sensation of calm and peace. That’s why we like defusing this scent around our home and love it most during pregnancy. Looking for products with lavender in them? Make sure you buy one that has lavender essential oils so that you can reap the benefits, as the synthetic ones will do nothing but make your house smell nice. We love a gorgeous candle.Light it up and try to relax! Deep breathing and perhaps yoga workouts along (check number 4) with a lighted lavender candle will do the trick in helping you calm your senses and get you ready for bed.


We also love a lavender eye mask. Leave it in the fridge for it to cool, and then apply it to your irritated tired eyes. It will also help alleviate some of the sinus pain you might be feeling from pregnancy and help you get a good nights rest. Another option is to spray or dab a bit of pure lavender essential oil on to your pillow to help with that annoying pregnancy insomnia.  

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4. Breath in Yoga

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Yoga exercises and postures can really help in getting rid of many pregnancy symptoms and there are numerous studies to prove it.  The breath work in yoga will help the flow of oxygen and blood to the areas of your body and help open up your chest for the ever expanding belly. As oxygen increases a lot of those leg cramps and restless feelings in your body will be alleviated.

What does that mean for sleep? Everything! When oxygen is flowing and pains are less, it helps you to sleep. Yoga itself might help to put you to sleep through the stretch work. So pull out that yoga mat and get to work, once you begin you’ll realize how much better you feel and continue doing it. Bonus, it also helps with labor and relaxes your mind thanks to its meditation technique, another reason to help you sleep better…less stress.


5. White Noise is not only for babies

7 Ways To Get A Restful Night During Pregnancy 12 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesIf it can help the little ones sleep, why not the adults? A white noise machine will help you sleep better by blocking out those unsightly sounds all around the house. There is nothing worse than tossing and turning, only to be even more irritated by the odd sounds around the home (or your snoring husband, see Snore Mentor for more solutions.) Even better, once you’re done with it you can use it on your baby and hopefully it will help you get more rest then too.

6. Get a Massage

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Massaging tools can be an excellent product to help release some of the tension you are feeling in your tired, aching muscles. After all, you are growing a human and the pressure from your belly and excess weight can put stresses on your muscles and legs causing you a restless night. Try a massaging tool,  or better yet, ask your partner to help you out while you relax your thoughts and enjoy the massage.


7. Drink a cup of soothing tea

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We love a warm cup of the tea; it seems to just ease any type of tension, and soothe the soul. There are safe teas that you can drink while pregnant that are good for rest and are caffeine free. Try a nice Rooibos tea, a tea that has been used by South Africans for centuries in aiding women in pregnancy, it also helps digestion and heart burn all helping you in getting better sleep. (Get the low-down here on what teas are safe to drink during pregnancy.)


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7 Ways To Get A Restful Night During Pregnancy 15 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

 You can try any of these aids to help you sleep better, but choosing more than one method will definitely help you, not only now, but even in the long run. Don’t worry, there is light at the end of the tunnel. All these ailments disappear after pregnancy, however they might be replaced with something else… a non-sleeping newborn!

We hope with this list you are guarded against pregnancy maladies and as they say, “get some sleep before the baby arrives.” If only it were that easy!

Looking for more tips? Make sure you check out this post on Relaxing Remedies For Your Pregnant Body.

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