Back to School: Going Beyond the Sack Lunch

Some would argue lunch is the best part of the school day. With lunchboxes like these, there will be no denying that! No matter your dietary needs, your food preferences, or your aversions, sack lunches will never been the same with these great brands that Daily Mom has found. Having the right lunchbox does more than set you apart from your peers with a snazzy looking sack. It also promotes health and wellness by giving you the confidence to pack an inspired meal. Have the coolest kid in the lunchroom and be the best accessorized in the break room at work. Whether you’re packing carrots or peanut butter, apple slices or crackers, make sure you’re packing in style.

Zoli backpacks and Stackable insulated containers



It’s that time of year where daily backpack checks and packing lunches is just part of the normal day-to-day routine. Restart your daily routine with Zoli of our favorite brands that has all the gear you need for back-to-school .

When it comes to packing lunch we absolutely love their THIS + THAT Stackable, insulated container. With 2 compartments, you no longer have to decide if you want a hot or cold lunch. Just put your favorite hot food in one compartment, and cold in the other for a homemade lunch that everyone will love. Keep it cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 6 hours. You can rest at ease knowing that lunch will be the perfect temperature. We especially like the twist top that makes it easy for both kids and adults to open. It’s available in Navy, pink, white, gray, and mint. Choose your favorite color or one that matches your ZoLi STASH.

Zoli Dual Thermos


Be a trendsetter with a ZoLi’s STASH for your older children and ZoLi’s STASH which is the perfect size for toddlers. These cute bags are both functional and durable. Choose one of 7 different colors and rest easy that they are made of easy to clean polyester that is PVC, cadmium and lead free.



ZoLi’s STASH is big enough to hold a 15” computer, and has many pockets to store all your necessary school supplies. With extra padding on the straps and back it helps for the days that your carrying an extra load. The reflective trim makes a fun pattern on the straps makes it much easier for cars to see you walking at night.


ZoLi’s MiniSTASH will quickly become your toddlers favorite backpack. The bucket-style design and flip open lid make it easy for your toddler to quickly access and store all their necessities. The additional pockets on the front and sides are to hold all their special cars, dolls, books and snacks.


ZoLi THIS + THAT Stackable, insulated container | ZoLi’s STASHZoLi’s MiniSTASH


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Planet Box Lunchbox


A Planet Box lunchbox is the last lunchbox you’ll ever need to buy. These bad boys are incredible, long-lasting, and free of all toxic chemicals. Made from solid stainless steel, each Planet Box is certified toxin-free, lead/PVC/pthalate/BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and comes with a 5-year warranty.

There are a multitude of size Planet Box lunch boxes, and we are showing the Rover here. The Rover holds up to five cups of food and is the perfect size for children or adults. Your child will love the Bento style of the Rover.



Planet Box lunchboxes conveniently fit into their line of carry bags, which match the customizeable magnet designs for the front of the box. Your child can pick his or her own favorite Planet Box magnets to make the box fun and unique, and choose a coordinating lunch bag and drink bottle as well. The carry bag’s outside fabric made is made from 100% recycled polyester fiber, and the inside fabric is made of easy to clean polyester with TPU coating.



Your child will adore eating from a Planet Box lunchbox, and you will love the durability and ease of use – as well as the fact that your child’s food is completely protected from toxins, wrapped safely in stainless steel.



You’ve scoured Pinterest for healthy lunch box ideas and prepped your pantry with their favorite snacks and a few treats, but now the task at hand is to find a great lunch box. We’ve stepped outside the (lunch)box a little and ventured into coolers! SoYoung‘s line of cooler bags are perfect for school lunches, snacks on the go, a day at the park, or a field trip to the zoo. With a small size fitting for children and a large size perfect for adults, both parent and child can head back to school with a healthy, cold lunch in a stylish cooler!

Soyoung-2623 Soyoung-2635
Forget the boxy, hard feel of a normal cooler, and instead imagine a soft, washable canvas cooler with a removable insulated insert and sophisticated designs. For children, the Bunny Tile Small Cooler Bag is the perfect gender neutral lunch box or snack bag. Throw in a drink, some prepared food, SoYoung’s coordinating Bunny Tile Ice Pack, zip close, and either hand carry or carry as a messenger bag. The cooler bag is lightweight enough that your child can carry it by themselves, and if messes are made, the removable insert can be wiped clean, and the bag can simply be thrown into the washing machine and line dried. The Bunny Tile Ice Pack, while sold separately, is also made of the same washable canvas. They are non-toxic and remain condensation free, keeping your lunch cool and dry throughout the day.

Soyoung-2624 Soyoung-2628 Soyoung-2643

For parents, the Black Camera Large Cooler Bag features all the same great assets as the small cooler bag, but in larger form. This bag is great for a parent in need of packing a lunch for work or school, or for days spent on the sidelines of your child’s soccer games. Drinks and snacks will be kept cool, a back pocket adds for extra storage, and when not in use, the ultra soft canvas cooler bag collapses down for easy storage. We also paired this cooler with the coordinating Black Camera Ice Pack, keeping all of our sandwiches dry and cool, unlike other generic ice packs that leave food wet from condensation. SoYoung’s quality products are made even better by their unique designs and artistic style. The black camera featured on the large cooler and ice pack makes this the perfect gift for any photog, as well!

Built New York

For those who love gourmet meals on-the-go.


Nothing says back-to-school like a brand new lunch box for kids, college students, and adults alike. Oftentimes, the beginning of the new school year, much like the beginning of the new year, starts off with parents and children making resolutions to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle. With new routines being implemented (or at least re-implemented) after the long, lazy days of summer, there is no better way to head in the right direction than with healthy, homemade lunches toted to school or work. Whether you are packing lunches for the whole family, the little ones, an older student, or your self or husband, BuiltNY has ALL the necessities this year.

Starting off on the right foot is an important step when it comes to diet, exercise, and a happier, healthy you. This applies to adults and children alike. Parents cannot work if they are hungry and children cannot learn with a grumbly tummy. Beginning this August make a plan to forget unhealthy school lunches and pack your family only the best nutritious, filling meals that will fuel your littles (and your self and spouse) throughout the busy day. Food feeds the body, mind, and soul so make that connection and prepare to flourish this fall.


Imperative to back-to-school/back-to-work lunches is a lunchbox versatile enough to carry all the essentials without added weight or a bulky exterior. Perfect for any age, we love the Gourmet To Go Lunch Tote by BuiltNY. This insulated neoprene lunch tote is not only large enough to fit a variety of food and drink containers, but is also flexible enough to fit even more than expected. With a secure zipper closure and a soft neoprene handle, this bag can carry it all making dining on the go simple and quick.


This machine washable, stain resistant, lunch tote is also extremely durable, holding up to your kids (or husbands) rough and tumble style while allowing for easy clean-up and small, flat, storage. Free of PVC, BPA, latex, and phthalates, this safe and reusable lunch tote will make it through the entire school year (and beyond).


Perfect for packing in your Gourmet to Go Lunch Tote for those with a big appetite is the Gourmet Bento 45oz. with Stainless Steel Utensils. This spacious, glass bento is dishwasher and microwave safe for easy use, heating at school or work, and simple clean-up at home. Whether your husband or child loves chilled salads or you prefer to send a hot and hearty meal to heat up their insides during the winter cold, this bento is great for all seasons.

With full size, stainless steel utensils included and easily stored in the bento lid, this “one-piece” wonder is all you really need for a well-balanced meal on-the-go.


Finally, forget the sugar-filled juice boxes or sports drinks and hydrate your family the right way with water, water, water throughout the day. Simple, portable, and refillable all day long grab a BuiltNY Flip Top Vacuum Insulated 18oz. Bottle to add to their lunch kit this year.


Crafted of double-wall stainless steel and vacuum-sealed construction, drinks maintain their optimal cold temperature for 24 hours or hot temperature for 6 hours. With a BPA free, flip-top Tritan lid, this bottle is also easy to sip from without spills or messes. Added to your lunch kit this insulated bottle will keep you hydrated and healthy throughout the day.


Gourmet To Go Lunch Tote | Gourmet Bento 45oz. with Stainless Steel Utensils | Flip Top Vacuum Insulated Bottle 18oz.


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Tervis Insulated Drinkware 

Tervis Tumbler For Back To School

As you start to plan out back to school shopping, a new tumbler or water bottle should be at the top of your list. If last year’s bottle made it home at the end of year, chances are it’s have been dropped, rolled around and after sitting under a seat in the car, are so mildewy you don’t want to seal with it.

Now is the time to throw those away and pick out a water bottle or tumbler that will last a lifetime. Double walled plastic uses the natural insulating power of air and ensures that drinks stay the proper temperture, hot or cold, longer. Perfect for heading off to school with cold water, or starting the day off with a hot cup of coffee.


With over 1,000 designs to choose from, your crew will love showing off their personality with a new water bottle that will last all the way through high school and beyond. Choose from your favorite universities, licensed characters or even pick a bottle that shows off their dream profession. For a more personal touch you can even customize a bottle with your favorite photos, school colors and name.


Tervis has a lifetime guarantee, ensuring their mugs from any defects with a full replacement no matter how long you’ve had it. From the practice field to the classroom, your kiddos will always know which bottle is theirs and the shaped lid allows for easy attachment to a backpack or gym bag.


Need to start the year off with some good will? Pick up a teachers gift before the school year starts. Say thank you for all the work teachers do with an inspirational teaching mug they can use all year long. They’ll love starting the day with a hot cup of coffee and filling it up later with cool water or sweet tea for the afternoon. The BPA free plastic allows you to simply rinse and start over with a new beverage without any of the last drinks flavor sticking around.

  • BPA Free
  • Made in America
  • Fits in most cupholders
  • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

24 oz Water Bottle | 16 oz Tumbler


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Peg and Awl Waxed Canvas Marlowe Lunch Bag

Peg And Awl -2597

Are you or your spouse headed back to school this fall? Or, perhaps your work days are long and a packed lunch is the most time efficient and cost-efficient means of eating each day. Whatever your situation, your lunch box doesn’t need to match that of your first grader, and it certainly doesn’t need to be one that contributes to the massive amount of trash that is produced daily. This is why we love the simple sophistication and elegance of Peg and Awl‘s Waxed Canvas Marlowe Lunch Bag.

Peg And Awl -2601 Peg And Awl -2595

Forget the brown paper bag. Forget the bright plastic coolers and soon to be broken zippers. Instead, reach for the reusable, incredibly durable, and ultra sultry texture of a waxed canvas lunch bag. The Marlowe is perfect for any member of the family – simply fill with a nutritious lunch or snack, roll the top just like you would any brown paper bag, and go. Oh, and don’t forget a sweet note for your loved one! After all, that’s the reason why Peg and Awl included the outside pocket, to inspire us to put a little more than just lunch into the bag.

  • 15 oz. waxed duck canvas
  • Available with reclaimed leather tag or vegan tag
  • Exterior pocket for notes or utensils
  • A variety of colors to choose from
  • Custom monogramming available
  • Handmade in Philadelphia, PA

Peg And Awl -2612

PackIt Freezable Lunchboxes

Packit-Lunchboxes (1 Of 5)
PackIt is on the top of our Back to School shopping list for their innovative freezable lunch bags. You can skip the ice packs that kids inevitably lose and just freeze the entire bag. Every PackIt lunchbox or cooler comes with built-in freezable gel that keep your kids’ food cold until lunch time. You simply pop the empty bags flat into the freezer the night before and in the morning all you do is pack lunch in the empty bag, no ice pack needed!

Packit-Lunchboxes (5 Of 5)

If you have a kid that wants more than a sandwich and chips for lunch or you want to pack lunch for yourself, check out the Freezable 9 Can Skylight Cooler. This bag has lots of room and is totally lined with built-in freezable gel. Pack snacks and drinks for a day at the park, send your child to school with multiple containers and a cold drink, or pack your Whole30 compliant food for yourself so you aren’t tempted to cheat while you are driving the kids around from school to activities all day long. This bag holds 9 12oz cans, 6 12oz cans and snacks, 6 20oz bottles or two meals but collapses flat in your freezer.

Packit-Lunchboxes (2 Of 5)

Bento lunches are all the rage. You can send a healthy lunch in the Freezable Bento Box Set without needing sandwich bags or multiple containers. This freezable bag holds a three compartment bento. The bag freezes and comes in 4 colors, shown here in the Paradise Breeze pattern.

Packit-Lunchboxes (3 Of 5)

Packit-Lunchboxes (4 Of 5)

This school year, stay fueled in style. Whether packing for a typical school day, heading to the zoo on a field trip, having a weekend picnic as a family, or bringing a sack lunch to the office, there are great choices to keep your lunch fresh and ready to eat. Daily Mom has found the best of the bests for the 2018-2019 school year and are thrilled to share them with you.


Check back daily to see more of our 2018 Back to School guides on backpacks, shoes, fashion, organization, and learning from home!

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