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s Moms, one of our biggest struggles can be maintaining our households and keeping things clean and tidy. Nothing hinders this task more than a house full of children who like to follow you around and UNDO everything you accomplish. Getting kids involved in chores can be a smart remedy to this issue- and getting them to really have fun doing it can take the stress out of the equation.

  • Start them young! Kids as young as 12- 18 months hit that magical stage where they enjoy putting things into containers. When your toddler hits this stage, take advantage of it! Sit with them and encourage them to pick up their toys. Make it fun by putting just a few things on the floor and letting them put the toys into the container. Dump it out and do it again…and again…every time encouraging them that they are doing a great job.

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  • Make it fun! Turn on the radio, crank up the music and have a cleaning dance party! You are the knowledge base for your children (hence the term role model) so if you say it is fun, they will probably believe you.
  • Be the example. Don’t forget to model the appropriate behavior for your kids. Kids learn by mimicking, so doing your chores with a cheerful attitude and a pride in your work can easily rub off onto your children.
  • Find skill appropriate jobs. Even preschoolers can help sort the laundry by color or shade. Toddlers can help pick up toys or put books on low shelves. When kids are doing skill appropriate jobs they won’t experience frustration and, instead, will gain confidence.

photo credit: Little Miss Eclectic Photography

  • Provide fun supplies. Kids will love to have their own supplies to get the job done. We love the adorable Owl Dust Buddy by Kikkerland, and the mini brooms offered by OXO, especially the Good Grips Little Dustpan and Brush Set, with the off-set handle that will be easier for little ones to use than a typical broom handle.
  • Encourage them. Let them know they are doing a great job. Even if they missed a spot sweeping or the towels aren’t  folded quite as straight as you’d fold them. Providing encouragement will let them know that you truly appreciate your children’s involvement in your family and that will help them want to keep going!
  • Use a chore chart. We are in love with this awesome Magnetic Responsibilities Chart by Melissa and Doug. Giving kids a visual space to see and understand the impact they are making is really a key component to rewarding them. Chore charts can help kids feel accomplished, and that feeling can often be enough to get kids to get their chores done and really enjoy doing them.
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