Need The Love Spark Back In Your Marriage?

Arguments, misunderstandings, the kids, and overall busyness of life are the makings for a strained marriage if left unchecked. So what do you do if this has been left unchecked for way too long? Tolerate it? Live in it anyway and hope that things will get better just going through the same mundane motions day after day? If you are expecting a different outcome while relying on hope alone, continuing through the motions… let’s face it, you could use a bit of the love spark in your life. How about 30 days of LoveSparkMe? 

Need The Love Spark Back In Your Marriage? 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Introducing LoveSparkME™: STRENGTHEN. An affordable, 30-day course for busy people who want to find the love and excitement in their relationship again.

Need The Love Spark Back In Your Marriage? 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

LoveSparkME is suitable for you if your relationship might be described as “okay” or “quite happy”, or maybe you just want to invest regularly into your relationship to build or maintain a strong foundation for the future.

What can a couple expect to gain from a LoveSparkMe App?

Numerous couples have contacted Cathryn Mora, founder of LoveSparkMe™, with their results which have been nothing short of reported positive benefits. The type of benefits range from having fewer petty arguments to having increased intimacy  – and even preventing separation! Sometimes it’s the small things that make a relationship feel new again.

One woman reported her husband saying “I love you” (who hadn’t said it for years); another said her husband was uncharacteristically emotional about a gift and told her how wonderful she was, and another said her workaholic husband started coming home earlier from work to spend time together.

“We were in a really bad place and had already spoken about separation, but I was desperate to keep our family together and was willing to try anything. I hadn’t even noticed how negative I’d become, how little we did for each other, and how little I thought about his feelings. As soon as I stopped thinking about all the things he was doing or saying wrong, and just focused on doing one small, positive thing each day, the results were astounding. He changed things about himself that we’d argued about for years, and he didn’t even know I was doing this. He just thought I’d relaxed and become more thoughtful on my own! This honestly saved my marriage.”

Kate, New York

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A daily SMS text message will be sent outlining your task of the day.
  • Simple, effective actions which teach you to focus on loving your partner again through being more respectful, thoughtful, giving, and loving*.
  • Encouraging tasks for people of all beliefs to strengthen their relationship through easy actions and thoughts.
  • You don’t even have to tell your partner you’re doing it!

Imagine how simply changing how you think and act will automatically change the dynamics of the relationship! There’s no outside pressure or expectation created by telling your partner about your plan either. Every 3-4 months a new course will be released; the upcoming one will be LoveSparkME: Spice Up within the next 2 months.

There will also be a follow up course that sends a text once a week, ensuring you’re keeping up with your actions.

DAY 8:

Tonight, get some time alone together, make beverages which will make you both relax (tea, wine, etc.) and play for each other your top five favorite songs from your teenage years – and explain why you love each one or the memory you associate with it. (Don’t play any which involve old relationships if that will upset your partner.) If you have children, do it after they’re in bed. Make it a TV or other-distraction-free night if you can!

Read this article about why spending quality time with your partner is so important, no matter what it takes to make it happen.

DAY 13:

This one is a little more effort, but it’s worth it. I’d like you to get a blank card or simple notepaper, and write your spouse a note about why you love them and are grateful to have them in your life. The key here is that I would like you to MAIL it to them – yes, at your own home address. Using an actual envelope and a stamp. Emails are just so easy, it doesn’t show the same level of effort.

Don’t be surprised if you uncover that card in a few years tucked away in a place of honor.

“I made a little video using with pictures of us and our family for his personal gift and he loved it. I use that site all the time for business and I never thought to take time out to do a personal video of our family. He was very touched, and it helped me focus on everything we have built together. I’ve enjoyed the challenge… He is responding positively and just told me how wonderful I was about an hour ago! (That’s why I’m emailing you now, and I haven’t even finished the program yet! I’m just loving it!)”

Shanon, Washington DC

DAY 17:

If you’re not giving yourself love and attention, you may also lack patience with, or interest in, your spouse. Without ongoing attention to your own pleasure and desires, life starts to look pretty grey, so consciously doing a few things a day to care for yourself is a powerful way to guard against depletion of your personal resources.

Make one list of five things you like doing because they’re fun, and a second list of five things you like doing because you feel good afterwards. Choose one or two per day from each list, then make time to do them. Some days, you will need to prioritize yourself over everyone else to make them happen. You deserve it.

Read this article about why you need to take care of yourself, and some tips on how to do so. This doesn’t only apply to women – men also work hard and need to reward themselves appropriately.

Need The Love Spark Back In Your Marriage? 3 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

What if the relationship is not as favorable…

The original concept for this course was created by Cathryn when her own marriage was failing and her husband wanted to move out. Desperate to save her family, she devoured a wide range of professional advice and relationship research and developed a simple daily plan she could fit in on top of working and motherhood.

Within 20 days, things had improved so much, they agreed to stay together and see what happened. Five years later, Cathryn and her husband are thriving, and now Cathryn wants to share the secret of her relationship success with other women.

This course can definitely work for couples on the brink of divorce – and it’s important to know you’ve done everything you can to save your relationship*. The difference between some other options (such as counseling) and LoveSparkME is that with this program, you accept that you can’t change your husband’s behavior, no matter how hard you try.

Need The Love Spark Back In Your Marriage? 4 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

You don’t spend energy criticizing, suggesting things he should do, or thinking about how selfish or lazy he is. LoveSparkME uses something much more powerful – love (and behavioral science). You focus on being loving every day, thinking about that wonderful man you fell in love with – and loving that man, even if he now seems buried deep inside the one you see in front of you! And if you change, your relationship dynamics will automatically change, and you will be amazed how well your husband changes in return, without even being aware you’re receiving secret daily texts with specific tasks.

* Please note this is not recommended for relationships experiencing violence or addiction, as they are separate, very serious issues which need to be supported by a counselor or support agency.

Need The Love Spark Back In Your Marriage? 5 Daily Mom, Magazine For FamiliesCathryn Mora is a globally recognized author and expert in relationships. She has been featured on numerous TV shows, magazines, and radio interviews.

An alternative to expensive and sometimes invasive counseling, Cathryn created an easy to follow 30 day program which rescues relationships and saves marriages.

LoveSparkMe condenses years of knowledge and research into a quick and easy process. It turns around relationships fast, restoring happiness and intimacy.

Ready to spark some extra love in your relationship? Visit the LoveSparkMe website now. Daily Mom Readers will benefit from the exclusive 50% discount by using the discount code DAILYMOM50. You’ll pay just $14.50 for the full 30 days of texts – the lifetime price.

IT IS POSSIBLE to transform your relationship through small acts of love. I’ve researched it, I did it, and so can you.

Now that you have taken massive action to revive your relationship, here is your next “to do”: Take Back Your Sex Life.

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