Baby Heartbeat Monitors are handheld devices that allow parents to listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of their own home. Using a monitor is great when it comes to needing peace of mind, but should only be done occasionally. Obviously listening to baby’s heartbeat on your own should never be done instead of receiving appropriate medical care, but many parents feel this is a special bonding experience before baby is born.

8 Baby Heartbeat Monitors for Home Use

The Little Martin’s Drawer Sound Amplifier and Recorder counts and displays the baby’s heartbeat on a large LCD screen with backlight. This baby heartbeat monitor also saves the fetal heartbeat sounds to your phone or computer where you can later share it with loved ones. There are 2 ways to hear the heartbeat – either with headphones or on the devices loud speakers. This is a great device for one wanting that peace of mind during the anxious pregnancy days.

The Up and Raise fetal heartbeat monitor can pick up a baby’s heartbeat at just 10 weeks, but this is not recommended for use until after the first trimester is over. You can listen to your baby’s heartbeat with either headphones or directly from the device. The LCD screen also displays the heartbeat count as you are listening.

The AngelSounds fetal heartbeat doppler comes from Germany and is a great option when looking for a monitor. Since it is lightweight, this monitor can be taken with you wherever you go so that you can listen to your baby’s heartbeat anywhere, anytime. Because of the double headphone jack, more than one person can listen to the baby’s heartbeat at a time making it extra special.

This Sonoline B Fetal Doppler employs the latest technology in baby monitoring. It allows the mom to be hear her baby’s heartbeat with reduced static sounds. Listening on the device’s built-in high quality speaker, it also displays the heartbeat count on the screen. This device is the same device used by healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, and midwives making it the perfect baby heartbeat monitor when searching for one.

The Bumble Tumble baby heartbeat monitor amplifies the baby’s heartbeat, hiccups and more. It has a recording cable attachment so that the heartbeat can be shared later with others. This fetal doppler offers a dual headset socket so that 2 people can listen at the same time. Not only is this heartbeat monitor cute, but it is compact and portable so that it can be be taken with you.

Not only can you listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat with the Stemoscope, but you can also record it. Used with the Stemoscope app, you can not only hear and see the sounds, but it also helps you recognize the sounds you are listening to. This device can also be used after the baby is born to help soothe them with different sounds such as the mothers own heartbeat she can record and play for the baby.

This portable digital echo device for fetus’ is a good choice for household use. With this user friendly device, you can easily find the fetal heartbeat without having to constantly search for it. Not only does this doppler show real time heart rate, but it also shows baby’s cardiovascular performance. Since this device is very low on radiation, it makes it a great choice when in search for baby heartbeat monitors.

This baby heartbeat monitor can be used with or without headphones. Accurately monitor your baby’s heartbeat from 12 weeks and on from the comfort of your own home. With a great battery life, you won’t need to be charging this doppler constantly.

Keep in mind when purchasing a baby heartbeat monitor to first ask your doctor to see if it is a good decision for yourself. You do not want to use it too often due to radiation, but using it on occasion can be special and help ease your mind when you are anxious about baby’s well-being. Pregnancy can be a special time, but it is also a beautiful and somewhat surreal life experience where you should try to relax and enjoy as it won’t last for long.

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