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Are you looking for a fun, nutritious toddler treat, perfect for summer time? Look no further than this easy recipe that is sure to have your toddler begging for more.

Greek yogurt is all the rage these days, and we don’t blame you for being as addicted as we are to its sweet taste that is packed with nutritional benefits.

Yogurt is milk that active bacteria has been added to, causing it to ferment. In the fermentation process, yogurt will thicken. Regular yogurt is strained through cheesecloth twice, however, Greek yogurt is strained more (at least 3 times,) thus eliminating more whey product. The end result is that Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein compared to regular yogurt. It also boasts fewer carbohydrates, and about half the amount of sodium.

Now that summer temperatures are creeping upwards, having this nutritious treat in your back pocket may prove handy – especially when you see how much your little one will love it!

Frozen Greek Yogurt Snacks:


  • Greek yogurt. 
  • Strawberries (can be substituted with any other kind of fruit.)
  • Silicon ice cube tray (one with fun shapes like this one, is an added bonus!) Items placed in silicon trays are much easier to pop out, compared to the hard plastic trays.

How To:

Properly clean fruit (check out this post on 3 Natural Ways To Remove Pesticides From Produce) and chop into smaller pieces. Place the cut fruit on the bottom of the silicon ice cube mold. Take a spoon and cover the fruit with Greek yogurt. Place in freezer until frozen, and then pop them out of the mold and place in a sealed plastic bag. Store in freezer.

Don’t forget to smile as your toddler gobbles them up, knowing that by consuming around 4-5 of these frozen treats, they are eating the ounce equivalent of a serving size of protein packed Greek yogurt.

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