12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

After living through the last two years, practical pandemic date ideas are not only a plus but a necessity. Most of us have struggled in some way during the past few years with the COVID-10 pandemic. Maybe you’ve been sick yourself or have watched loved ones fall ill, or perhaps you’ve missed out on special events and grappled to keep positive relationships going. You and your spouse may just be living, working, and homeschooling, giving you no truly private time together to reconnect. The COVID-19 virus has left a mark on everyone. 

Many parents are still dealing with questions about interactions for their children and for themselves. Who can we see? Where can we see them? Will we be able to wear masks and spread out? All of these questions and risk assessments and more make venturing out of the house harder than ever before.

We could cover a lot of situations in this article, but let’s dive into one in particular: date night! How can parents who feel the need to isolate still get out of the house to make memories and recharge? We are listing a few pandemic date ideas that might work depending on your comfort level. These suggestions are perfect for those who want to leave their homes while also trying to limit social interaction and maintain distance when possible (they are also fairly affordable for those who are on a budget!).

Let’s kick off these pandemic date ideas!

Follow the Food Trucks

12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

Food trucks are incredibly trendy right now. They often carry items you wouldn’t see in a normal restaurant, ranging from a little unique to off-the-wall crazy! Enjoy a lunch date trying new foods and supporting local entrepreneurs by driving around to different food truck locations and splitting something from their menus. Unless the trucks are parked at crowded festivals or fairs, you should be able to space out fairly well making this an ideal pandemic date idea.

If you don’t know what food trucks are in your area or where they’ll be located during your date, try a quick Google or Facebook search. Most food truck owners regularly post schedules with their locations so that patrons can easily find them. Note: Bring some cash, just in case some of the vendors don’t take credit cards.

Take-Out with a Twist

12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

When thinking of pandemic date ideas this one probably didn’t come to mind even though it is so simple. Getting take-out wasn’t a new invention created during the pandemic, but it has become popular for those who want to support local businesses and enjoy a treat without having to eat in crowded restaurants with strangers. Even if you order take-out regularly, there are still a few ways to make the experience more fun and turn it into a fully-fledged pandemic-friendly date idea.

For example, a popular trend on TikTok is to play rock-paper-scissors to decide where to order each round of the meal, like appetizers, entrees, and desserts. This simple game can lead to a dinner fit for the Gilmore Girls – a little bit of everything and nothing that goes together (Hal’s Pancake World, anyone?)!

Another idea is to eat your meal backward (not literally, of course). Order dessert first, then your entrees, and then appetizers. You don’t even have to tell your kids that you ate dessert first – it can be our secret!

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Walk Through Art

12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

Next on our list of pandemic date ideas is a walk through the park – literally! Many cities have outdoor art installations. Sometimes they are on the grounds of a public park or government building. Do a Google search for outdoor art near you and you might be surprised what’s out there! Go on a walk and see something more interesting than the familiar houses of your neighborhood. It’ll give you good exercise and a great opportunity to get fresh air. Plus, you can call your local parks department or tourism department ahead of time and find out if tickets are needed and if there are less busy hours to visit.

Take the Games Outside

12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

Forget sports and traditional lawn games! Take your favorite table games outside! Find a quiet picnic table (have some disinfectant wipes on hand to wipe down any questionable surfaces – a good tip even in non-pandemic times) and enjoy a game of Scrabble or Gin Rummy.

If you’re willing to spend some money and plan ahead of time, you can buy giant outdoor versions of traditional games on Amazon, like Jenga, checkers, or Connect Four. Bigger is better, right?

You can also try geocaching and DIY scavenger hunts! While these might sound like kids’ activities (and they are), there is something so refreshing about connecting with your inner child and enjoying wholesome games putting this on our list of pandemic date ideas! And while this is a list of pandemic date ideas, we’re always looking for more activities to do with little ones, too!

Shop Small Towns

12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

Visit a farmers market! Does that sound too simple? Well, try visiting a farmers market in a neighboring town! If you live in a big city, you may feel that outdoor markets near you are too crowded. Oftentimes, visiting a town outside of the city limits will have significantly fewer people. Pandemic date ideas can include day or nighttime outings that you may or may not have even considered a “date” in the past. Now that we are all spending more time at home, pandemic date ideas are more about getting out and spending quality time together than even the activity itself.

If you already live in a small town, head to a neighboring town, simply for the sake of variety. You might find businesses you’ve never heard of before! Plus, the extra time in the car can be a great opportunity for deep conversations or fun “carpool karaoke” jam sessions – whatever floats your boat!

Learn a Little

12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

This list of pandemic date ideas wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t take indoor venues into consideration. For those who need an indoor location due to cold or rainy weather, consider visiting your local library or botanical gardens. These spots are often not too crowded, so you should be able to easily space out from others.

Take turns Googling interesting things you see, like an exotic plant or funny book title. These are sure to spark interesting conversations! You’ll make new memories and learn a little, too! Pandemic date ideas like this are the type that can even bring you closer to your spouse, sparking and inspiring in-depth discussions and conversations on a wide variety of topics. You can also call ahead to check on pricing (which is usually minimal), mask and other wellness requirements, and busy hours to pick the best time for your date.

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Bonus Ideas

12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House

If none of these pandemic date ideas sound like the right fit for you, here are some other “honorable mentions:”

  1. Water activities such as boating, swimming, kayaking, water-skiing, canoeing etc.
  2. Adventure activities such as biking, hiking, rock-climbing, etc.
  3. Drive-in movie 
  4. Watching the stars (consider investing in a beginner’s telescope and star-gazing kit)
  5. Hot tubbing
  6. Picnicking

It’s time to start dating again! Now all you need is a babysitter.

Mix and match these pandemic date ideas to plan a date that’s right for you as a couple. Every family situation is different; we have different budgets, schedules, and health risks. Still, we all need sunshine and special time with our loved ones. Hopefully, this list will help you reconnect with your spouse in a fun and entertaining way!




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12 Practical Pandemic Date Ideas To Get You & Your Spouse Out Of The House
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