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In southern Arizona, not too far from Tucson, there is a funky little town that you must visit if you like to take in sights that are just a little out of the ordinary. Bisbee, Arizona will draw you in with its sense of freedom and creativity. With just the right amount of retro and a small town feel, it truly is a unique place that everyone with wanderlust must check off their to visit list. Here are some of the sights that make Bisbee such an enticing place…

Within the Mule Mountains, outside the college town of Tucson, you will find Bisbee, Arizona. Bisbee is a historic town, founded in 1880. Once a booming mining town, the history has been preserved and can be seen in the architecture, museums and festivals every year. There are several hotels that are actually in restored and repurposed old buildings, so you can stay right there within the history. 

Come to Bisbee to be refreshed. The weather is amazing. A mile up in the Mule Mountains, you will find temperatures 10-20 degrees cooler than toasty Tucson. This town is often a stopping place for hikers and bikers. They come to take a break and recharge, taking advantage of the many restaurants, cafes, bars and breweries. 

The natural beauty of Bisbee is reason enough to stop here while you are in Arizona. The rocky mountains encompass all you see. Within the browns and tans of the mountains and desert, are bright and vibrant colors in the cactus, trees, flowers and other plants. This town is full of life!

Come to Bisbee to relax. This place is a breath of fresh air and you will feel so at ease within the retro, old school culture. Life just moves slower here. It is more comfortable. You have to experience it to really understand.

Within the gorgeous landscape, Bisbee is also home to Arizona’s first golf course and the oldest ballpark in the United States. The culture and arts scene here is also booming. Being in this magical little town is awe-inspiring with its unreal views, funky culture, and important history. Vintage sights are all around like old cars, classic buildings with their original signs, and more.

Whether day or night, Bisbee will surprise and entertain you. With festivals year round, a farmers market, tours and more, you will want to visit here again and again to experience it all.

Get off the beaten path. True travel involves more than just large cities with major airports. The real treasures can be found in small spots on the map; small towns full of history and full of culture, cared for and protected by the people who call these towns home. Bisbee is a gem of a town, a spot on the map that should not be ignored.

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Photo Credit: everyavenuegirl