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Puerto Rico is know for its gorgeous beaches, historical architecture and world class resorts. Whether you have traveled to this amazing country several times or have never been able to visit at all, here are 10 beautiful photos of Puerto Rico that everyone should see.

1. The Forts and historical city at Old San Juan overlook the Atlantic.

2. The huge fortresses at Old San Juan are a great stop if you want to take in some Puerto Rican history.

3. The massive corinthian columns at Old San Juan are incredible.

4. The blue crystal waters are unending from the infinity pool at El Conquistador.

5. Old San Juan streets during Christmas are festive and fun.

6. The view of the bay from El Morro, a 400 year old fort.

7. El Morro at sunset is like a dream.

8. From the sky to the ground, El Conquistador is simply stunning.

9. Imagine getting married at this wedding venue at El Conquistador.

10. Part of what makes Puerto Rico so lovely is all the colorful buildings.

11. This is the unreal view while poolside at the Condado Plaza Hotel.

12. Waves from the Atlantic crash onto the shores at the Condado Plaza.

13. Take in all the relaxation that Puerto Rico has to offer with a salt air siesta in a hammock at the Condado Plaza.

14. Palomino Island, the private island at El Conquistador, is a true paradise.

15. The shores around El Conquistador are postcard picture perfect.

16. What could be more luxurious than sitting in a hot tub overlooking these aqua blue waters?

17. Your eyes almost can’t take this entire scene in. The beauty is dizzying.

18. Palomino Island at El Conquistador is the perfect getaway with crystal waters and white sands.

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Photo Credit: EveryAvenueGirl