Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides and Excursions

India is one of the most unique countries in the world. Travelers can experience all different types of adventures including adventurous hikes, busy city centers, or a relaxing oasis. Ibex Expeditions is an India travel guide company that offers exclusive and customized packages for you to make your India travels, as well as adventures to other exotic locations, exactly the way you want it.

About Ibex Expeditions

Ibex Expeditions is a luxury India travel guide company. Their love of travel and introducing others to the unique wonders of India and other exotic and lesser-traveled areas of the world gives you an experience unlike any other. They have been recognized as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies by National Geographic, as well as won the most Innovative Travel Tour Company in India by the India National Tourism board.

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Ibex Expeditions creates customizable and award-winning adventures in different areas around India as well as places around the world like Antartica, Peru, Brazil, Morocco, and more. They offer educational and eco-friendly tours, adventure tours, and luxury travel that offers intimate and culturally immersive experiences.

Ibex Expeditions is committed to sustainable and eco-friendly travel as well. All of their expeditions and adventures benefit the local communities they are traveling to, and they offer eco-friendly options to limit tourist waste during their stay. They are committed to leaving no trace of their stay on the surrounding environment except in supporting the local communities with a boosted economy and infrastructure.

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Touring with Ibex Expeditions means that they will work with you to create the vacation you want with the things you need, no matter who is in your travel party and what needs they may have. Their goal is to ensure that everyone can enjoy traveling, including parents, children, elderly, differently-abled, and LGBTQ communities.

Although Ibex Expeditions started in 1979 with a focus on bringing people together and traveling around different parts of India, they have since expanded their program options to many other countries around the world such as:

  • Madagascar
  • Sri Lanka
  • Trans-Siberia
  • Antartica,
  • Peru
  • Tibet
  • and more.
Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions
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World Travels with Ibex Expeditions

In 1979, Ibex Expeditions opened its doors to create a completely culturally immersive and adventurous India travel company that offered breathtaking excursions around India. They wanted their travelers to experience areas that were lesser-known and less frequently visited, as well as gain an understanding of the culture around them. They continued to expand over the last few decades, adding more and more adventures, luxury travel options, and experiences to places all over the world.

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Now travelers can find the exact type of adventure they are looking for to places that many people don’t consider for their next vacation. Ibex Expeditions offers adventure travel, safaris, luxury travel, culturally immersive experiences, and cultural exploration adventures to the following locations:

India Travel with Ibex Expeditions

If you are considering traveling to India for your next vacation, Ibex Expeditions offers several different options for India travel across different regions of India.

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Northern India Travels

The areas explored by Ibex Expeditions in Northern India vary from mountainous terrain to lush, green landscapes. There are opportunities to visit national parks and sanctuaries for wildlife experiences, as well as adventure travel like camping, mountain hiking and climbing, and skiing. The areas of Northern India that are possibilities for exploration include: Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Jammu & Kashmir, Delhi, Agra, and Rajasthan.

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions
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Eastern India Travels

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Eastern India is met with more temperate terrain with some mountains as well as flat planes. Adventurers can explore the eastern Himalayan mountains, visit the Kaziranga National Park, Manas Wildlife Sanctuary, or the Sundarbans mangrove forest in the areas of Assam, Bangladesh, West Bengal, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, and Odisha.

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Central India Travels

Central India offers plenty of wildlife to see in the National Parks in the Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh areas of the country. Safaris and adventure camping are available.

Southern India Travels

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

In this area you will find National Parks with wildlife and amazing natural plant life and vegetation, as well as the world famous Periyar Tiger Reserve. Luxury vacations and adventure vacations are both available in these areas.

Western India Travels

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Western India holds the Gir National Park which is famous as the habitat of the Indian Lion. Travelers can experience the areas of Maharashtra, Goa, and Gujarat while on safari, adventure camping, and more.

Types of Travel Options with Ibex Expeditions

If you aren’t sure where you want to go but you are sure what you want to do on your vacation, Ibex Expeditions offers a variety of travel themes to choose from. So whether you are looking for an educational experience, a little bit of adventure (or maybe a lot), or simply a luxury vacation, Ibex Expeditions has plenty of adventures in places all around the world.

Adventure Travel with Ibex Expeditions

Adventure travel options with Ibex Expeditions are somewhat their bread and butter since these are the types of travel experiences they started with as a company back in 1979. Adventure travel options are available all over the world in the various available locations, and they have different levels of difficulty depending on what you are looking to experience. Some of the options available for adventure travel are:

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions
  • Adventure Tours in India– Experience all that India has to offer by climbing the heights of the Himalayas and rolling down the rapids of the various rivers throughout the country. Climbing, camping, and hiking are all possibilities.
  • Mountaineering- Climb up the Himalayas to the snowiest peaks in India.
  • Himalayan Trekking, Hiking, and Day Walks– You can choose your own adventure with the trekking, hiking, and day walks at Ibex Expeditions. These less vigorous hiking adventures bring you into the local culture and communities and allow you to immerse yourself in the culture. Locations vary throughout India.
  • Skiing– Skiing is available in India from January until March, and trips take place in the Uttar Pradesh or Manali areas of India.

Safari Travels with Ibex Expeditions

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Safari travels are for those who want to see the wildlife of India and other countries in their natural habitats. Ibex Expeditions prides itself on knowing the terrain and best places around the country to find the most exquisite animals in their natural environments.

  • Bird Watching Tours
  • Camel Safari
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Jeep Safari
  • Horseback Riding Safari
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Luxury Travels with Ibex Expeditions

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions

Luxury travel with Ibex Expeditions not only means traveling to some of the most beautiful places in India and around the world but also experiencing the calm and serenity of a luxury vacation.

  • Palaces and Palanquins– Visit the ancient forts and palaces of Rajasthan.
  • Snow Princesses and Star Gods– Stay in one of the most breathtaking villas with views of the Himalayas after a light trek through some of the local communities while trying local foods and experiencing traditional ceremonies.
  • Breath and Essence– If a tranquil, spa-like experience is what you are looking for, this adventure package is just exactly that. With a focus on yoga, fitness, and wellbeing, travelers will be able to relax, reconnect, and rejuvenate.
  • Hot Air Ballooning– Take your adventures to the sky with hot air ballooning in the Rajasthan region.
  • Travel by Train– See more of what India has to offer with adventure travel by train. Make several stops in different areas to experience the local culture, as well as see the beautiful landscape and terrain of India while you ride.

Cultural Exploration with Ibex Expeditions

If you simply need to find a central theme to your travel and are looking for options for your special interest, Ibex Expeditions offers different programs such as:

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions
  • Family Adventures- Programs and stays that are accommodating to families with children.
  • Body, Mind, and Soul– Programs that focus on physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing like spa getaways and yoga retreats.
  • Art, Architecture, and Textiles– Perfect for those with a specific interest in history and art history.
  • Culinary– Self-proclaimed foodie? This adventure program is for you.
  • Ladies’ Compartment– This is a female-only tour designed to take your adventures at a slower pace and reconnect with one’s self.
  • Photography– Visit some of the most beautiful places and people of India and expand your photography skills and portfolio.

Immersive Travel with Ibex Expeditions

If you are looking to completely immerse yourself into the culture and communities of the places you are exploring, then one of the immersive travel experiences with Ibex Expeditions might be the best option for you.

Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions
  • Special Interest Travel– Travel with a focus and a purpose. Customized adventures are available for you to take your particular interest and use it to explore the country of your choice.
  • Student Trips– Activity-based educational travel perfect for late-high school and college-aged students.
  • Conservation– Learn about how India and other countries are focused on preserving the wildlife and eco-systems around them, and help make a difference in the conservation efforts.
  • Volunteering– Do you simply want to help a community and learn more about their culture in an immersive way? Find out about some volunteer opportunities with Ibex Expeditions.

Ibex Expeditions Celebrating 40 Years with Anniversary Adventures

Over the past four decades Ibex has continued to grow and flourish into one of the top expedition and adventure tour companies in India. They are offering adventure package trips to help celebrate their upcoming anniversary:

The Heart of India

November 24th to December 5, 2019

On this wildlife sanctuary, glamping, and luxury expedition you will be taken on a personal tour of the national park in Satpura. You will be able to track wildlife like tigers, lions, bear fox, and the India giant squirrel. Culinary classes and other wellness experiences are available as well.

Rajasthan Land of Color Tour

March 4th to March 19th, 2020

For 12 nights and 13 days you will be led on a tour of the area of Rajasthan by Himraj Soin, an avid climber, skier, and adventurer. He is also a National Geographic Student Expedition Leader. You will visit places like the Taj Mahal, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and immerse yourself in the culture and communities of the area. You will gain an understanding and appreciation for the art and history of India, as well as its cultural and ecological landscape.

India’s Wild Heart Tour

April 4th to April 16th, 2020

This safari journey leads you to the heart of India’s pride- the Bengal tiger. This trip combines luxury and adventure, allowing guests to revel in a 5-star hotel as well as venture out into the wildness to seek out some of India’s most beloved wildlife. You will get to experience this unique safari in a small group of less than 16 people, and you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture of the local townships around you.

For those who are avid and adventurous travelers, taking a vacation to the beach or on a cruise isn’t enough. We want to explore the depths of culture, climb mountains, camp in the wild, and see Mother Nature for all she has to offer in different parts of the world. With Ibex Expeditions your India travels or your travels around the less-frequently visited parts of the world will be memorable with Ibex Expeditions expert planning and fellow traveler’s souls.

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Ibex Expeditions: India Travel Guides And Excursions



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