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Not Your Mama’s Sloppy Joes

It’s no wonder busy parents have been whipping up batches of Sloppy Joes for their families for ages. They’re tasty, inexpensive and easy to make, creating the perfect meal for busy nights filled with after-school activities throughout the year. But what if we told you we’ve created the perfect Sloppy Joe recipe – not from prepackaged spices, but with fresh, healthy ingredients? With just a few more ingredients and a couple of extra minutes of your time, you can make mouth-watering Sloppy Joes that your entire family will love – AND feel good about the ingredients you’re using. Filled with fresh veggies, herbs and spices, these are definitely NOT your Mama’s Sloppy Joes!

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An Edible Easter Basket… Yum!

When it comes to the family Easter spread, why not leave the main meal to Grandma and the scrumptious sides to siblings! Everyone knows dessert is the best part of a holiday spread, and Easter is no different. This edible Easter basket will have everyone ooh’ing and aah’ing, and the best part is that you can make it as easy-peasy or over-the-top as you’d like.

This cupcake is adaptable to your cooking comfort, but doesn’t skimp on cuteness. Keep it simple and allow the taste of the cupcake to speak to your stomach, dress it up to let your inner kitchen goddess out, or make it a fun activity to do with the kids. Whatever you decide, the edible Easter basket will be a hit!

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Love Your Pet Day with Carrington Farms

We all want the best for our pets, and nutrition is key when it comes to making sure they are healthy. February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day, and what better way to show your pet some Valentine’s Day love than by making them a delicious treat that you know is good for them! Much like our own food, pet food often contains added preservatives, chemicals, and ingredients that can affect the health, energy, and livelihood of your pet. And much like humans, dogs can benefit from a few of the known superfoods – in this case, coconut oil – just like their two-legged owners. Carrington Farms Coconut Oil recognizes this, and they are celebrating National Love Your Pet Day with a special recipe that will be sure to make your dog – and you – very happy.

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Ode to My Kitchen Scale

It sits, unassuming,

     on my kitchen counter-top.

Its stainless steel gleaming,

     as I mix and bake and chop.

This recipe: perfection, indeed,

     with delight my guests will wail.

I place the bowl and tare and read.

     Foolproof measuring from my kitchen scale.

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Ultimate Gift Guide

Every year, when the holiday season rolls in you are left to try to figure out some awesome gift ideas. But, what happens when awesome just won’t cut it? If the person on your list is worthy of a gift to end all gifts then it’s an “Ultimate Gift” that you are looking for. Well, if that is the case you are in the right place. Ultimate gifts aren’t about price tags, but rather they are about choosing a gift that will be treasured and used for years to come.

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Make your own baby food: No special equipment required

What do you do when you had your heart set on making your baby’s food at home, but you didn’t get that fancy baby food maker you so eagerly put on your registry? 

You make it anyway. No special baby food making equipment needed! 

Today’s tutorial for making your own baby food utilizes single foods that are best steamed prior to puree: carrots (one of our favorites), squash, broccoli, spinach, greens, whole peas, green beans and so many more. Read on for all the details!

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Make It: Nice Krispie Treats

With the holidays just around the corner, your child will likely be coming to you with requests for treats to take to his class parties (hopefully, not the night before!).

However, gone are the days where you could buy a box of Duncan Hines cake mix and whip up two dozen “homemade cupcakes.” Today, kids’ treats must be allergy- and special-diet friendly. In other words:

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Make Your Own Mayo

Mayonnaise is a staple in most every American household. From a simple turkey sandwich, to pasta and tuna salads, to snack foods and dinner entrees, mayo is a crowd pleaser and a palate pleaser. Instead of settling for the unwanted and mysterious ingredients in major mayo store brands, don’t you think something with a bit less sugar and preservatives and made with real ingredients sounds more enticing? We’re here to give you a healthier mayo fix by showing you how to whip up your own homemade mayonnaise in 15 minutes with 5 ingredients!

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2015 Breastfeeding Essentials Guide

Breastfeeding moms everywhere will be rejoicing over this guide. Here at Daily Mom, we have compiled some amazing breastfeeding essentials in honor of Breastfeeding Awareness month. When you commit to breastfeeding you know that generally comes with the spared expense of formula. However, what you might not know is just how many other little products may be beneficial, if not crucial to the success of your breastfeeding. After scouring high and low for the best and most unique products, here are our “essentials”!

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DIY: Nut Butters

If you’re like us, you’re crazy for nut butters! Creamy, crunchy, flavored, unflavored, in smoothies, on fruit, or by the spoonful — nut butters make the perfect addition to any snack.

But what we don’t like about nut butters are the additives, preservatives, and price tag — a jar of organic almond butter can easily set you back $10! And when you’re adding the delicious spread to everything, this habit can get quite expensive.

The solution? Make it yourself! With a few kitchen supplies, ingredients, and time, you can easily whip up your very own nut butters, customized exactly to your tastes and preferences!

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Mother’s Day Spritzers

Treat Mom this Mother’s Day to a delicious spritzer (or two or three or four!) made with our favorite drink mixers from Powell and Mahoney.  This company takes drinks to the next level, with all natural ingredients – made of only the purest, finest juices, essential oils and pure cane sugar, and we really cannot speak highly enough of these products.  We’ve taken classic drink recipes and given them a spritzy twist to add some refreshment to your Mother’s Day.  They’re each perfect for a brunch (think: amped up mimosa), lunch, or barbecue, and no matter what the venue for your Mother’s Day celebration, it will be pure perfection with the addition of these spritzers!

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Homemade Drinking Chocolate Recipe

When the temperature drops and more hours are spent indoors snuggled up under blankets, nothing beats a warm mug of drinking chocolate. Drinking chocolate, rather than cocoa, is the more grown up and richer version of a favorite childhood treat. Packaged and powdered drink mixes–move aside. Drinking chocolate makes a delectable gift, perfect for Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or the holidays. However, we dare you to try this recipe and still want to give it away! 

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Fluffy Homemade Marshmallows

Making your own marshmallows may not seem like something worthwhile to do. A large bag of them is fairly cheap and most of the time you probably aren’t interested in specialty flavors or colors. Until….you decide one day to make them yourself. Your life is forever changed! Alright–this might be a bit of an overstatement, but making your own melt in your mouth fluffy marshmallows at home is a really fun activity that is also truly delicious. Plus, they are easily customizable to infuse with different flavors. Set aside some time this evening or weekend to give these a try!

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Ancient Grains Chocolate Love Crunch Granola

Ancient Grains Chocolate Love Crunch Granola

Granola is one of those foods that has just a few basic ingredients, but is so easily customizable to fit a variety of tastes and seasons. Granola sometimes gets a bad rap for having not enough nutritional benefit and for being overly sweetened. We think you’ll find this recipe to be a healthy balance of the two. This recipe has more protein with the addition of hemp seeds, nut butter, and chopped nuts. It also packs more of a nutritional punch with the addition of the millet, quinoa, and cacao nibs

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