Single Mom Survival Guide

Motherhood can be overwhelming. Single motherhood can be completely exhausting! Whether you have always been a single mom or find yourself newly single, we can all agree that there is no close comparison to being a single mom. We all know the rewards of motherhood far outweigh the overwhelming exhaustion. With that being said, it is time to shed light upon the daily reality single moms face.

Single Mom Survival Guide
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Do you have a single mom friend or family member that is raising a child on her own? Be advised: she needs help whether or not she has asked for it. The single mom you are thinking about has most likely not even admitted it to herself that she is overwhelmed and wants some level of help. Survival mode has taken over and she is doing all she can to keep herself afloat and her head above water.

Single Mom Survival Guide

Tips for Helping Your Single Mom Friends

Let her talk and merely be the listening ear she needs. Offer to cook for her at your home so she does not feel obligated to host you. If she is hesitant- tell her you will drop off a meal. Make sure you indicate that you genuinely want to help her and you are there for her. You have no idea how huge this will be for any single mom in your life.

Single Mom Survival Guide

Offer to stop by and play with her child(ren). Chances are she will not be used to help being offered so be persistent. You could even offer to babysit so she can go to the store alone or get her nails done. If your finances allow for it- bring a gift certificate with you for a salon or spa. The single mom you know is feeling isolated and alone. She is most grateful for her baby and has a difficult time seeing anything beyond that baby. Open her eyes to the good in the world. Offer to stop by and occupy her kid(s) so she can clean, do work, homework, winterize her home, whatever she may need to do.

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Single Mom Survival Guide

You Are A Single Mom And We Hear Your Roar

Maybe you were never married to your baby’s father and it did not work out between the two of you or you are finding yourself newly separated- perhaps newly divorced. No matter your situation, it is crucial to accept that you are a single mom and you need to be at peace with the way your life is at this moment. Are you struggling to make ends meet while you await another child support payment that you will not receive? Do you cry at the drop of a hat? Are you so angry that you literally hate everyone except for your beautiful baby? Take a deep breath. This is your new life. Accept what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be. This too shall pass. Things will not always be this way. Go easy on yourself and do what you can when you are able to. Nothing more. Although we hear your roar, it is okay to have some downtime. This is crucial to your single mom survival.

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Sleep When The Opportunity Presents Itself

Single Mom Survival Guide

Telling you to sleep may sound absurd but as we mentioned before- if you are a single mom, chances are you are downright exhausted! Honestly, if the laundry does not get put away- who cares?! You are the queen of your household and all responsibilities fall on you, we get it. What we also get is how imperative sleep is, especially for the single mom! How can you expect to be everything and everyone for your kid(s) if you yourself are completely worn out? Your health is so important when it is only you taking care of everything and everyone. Sleep while you can. Twenty minutes here and there can really add up! Merely resting your eyes whenever you can will help your overall mental and physical health improve.

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Ask For Help When You Need It

Single Mom Survival Guide

Are you ashamed to ask anyone for help? Do you think that this is solely your situation and you need to conquer it all on your own? Asking for help will make you no less of a mother. In fact, as a single mom, it will make you a better mother. You can not expect to do it all by yourself all the time with no break. However, we see you doing it day in and day out. It is okay and even recommended, to ask for help. You will be happy you did.

What To Do When You Have No Familial Support

Single Mom Survival Guide

It is hard for many to imagine not having any familial support. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many. Imagine being a single mom with no support from your own family. We suggest not expecting anything from anyone, this includes help. Expectations lead to resentment. It is imperative, as a single mom, to know that just because you are a single mom, you do not have to do it all on your own. Perhaps one of the greatest ideas we have for you is to befriend other single moms. Nobody will get what you are going through and be able to empathize more than another single mom.

Single Mom Survival Guide

Ultimately, once your new single mom bond and friendship is established, you can care for one another’s children as needed-especially during an emergency. Without familial support, you will find comfort in knowing that you have someone who understands what it is truly like to be a single mom. You will find an important purpose in being there for your single mom friend in return. You can both be on the school pickup list for one another’s child(ren). This is a huge relief in case of an emergency or unexpected event. Your children will benefit greatly from having a friend of their own in a similar situation (living in the household with a single mom).

Single Mom Survival Guide

As a single mom, we want to make sure you know that we see you dominating each and every day! We also want to make sure you ask for or accept help, as needed. Have you heard the saying It takes a village? Although you are your child’s entire world, you do not have to do everything entirely on your own. Help is available. Be open to and accepting of your new life as a single mom. Know that self-care is imperative in your single mom survival!


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Single Mom Survival Guide

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