18 Incredible Easter Basket Ideas To Make Your Little One Hop With Joy

Easter is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start getting ready and planning your celebration. In addition to decorating the house, you’ll need to plan an egg hunt and prepare crafts to entertain the kids. And, of course, don’t forget to fill up the Easter baskets. To help inspire you, we have some of the best Easter basket ideas here for you today. Let us help you fill your baskets with the most adorable stuffies, such as bears with lights and bunnies with floppy ears, arts and crafts, and scented stationery. With these brilliant Easter basket ideas, your little ones will have an even more exciting Easter morning.

Awesome Easter Basket Ideas For Kids of All Ages


Daily Mom Parent Portal Easter Basket Ideas

Who doesn’t love an ultra-soft, super cuddly, plush stuffy, especially in a time of stress? Slumberkin makes the most adorable fluffy, soft stuffies to help children soothe emotions and strong feelings in times of need. For those with heightened worry, the Anxiety Support Kit is the perfect pairing of naming emotions with Alpaca Kin and practicing mindfulness with Yeti Kin in one soft and silky hypoallergenic kit. These two sweet animals, along with their supportive lesson board books, will help children through times of transition and coping with stressful feelings. These beautiful stuffies are one of the most thoughtful Easter basket ideas.

We also love the Otter Kin, who teaches children that we are always connected by the love we feel, regardless of how much distance stands between us. This kin is the perfect stuffy for those coping with a divorce. This beautifully soft stuffy also comes with a removable heart to gift to a loved one when not together. How adorable!

Arguably one of the cutest stuffies from Slumberkins is Big Foot – from the coveted Ultra Plush Stuffy collection. Slightly larger and with long-pile fur, they’re the perfect emotional learning tool for complex feelings. Build your child’s confidence, instill healthy relationships, and teach them the power of positive self-talk with any of Slumberkin’s beautiful, shaggy-haired, or perfectly fluffy creatures.

Anxiety Support Kit | Otter Kin Stuffie Single | Big Foot Stuffie Single
Slumberkins | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Pinterest


Daily Mom Parent Portal Easter Basket Ideas

We don’t judge, so let’s face it, sometimes we need some easter basket ideas that include gaming accessories for our kids before spring break hits. PowerA, therefore, has a solution that will improve the gaming experience for your iPhone screen gamers. We are talking about none other than MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller for Mobile & Cloud Gaming on iOS. It features a MOGA gaming clip that fits your iPhone and gives you the perfect angle for playing games — and winning! Besides, it offers a non-interrupted gaming experience, thanks to its 300 mAH rechargeable power bank — non-stop fun keeping your phone charged.

The rubber grip on the controller adds to the comfort — and the advanced gaming keys offer THE thrill.

Or, if you already have an Xbox, choose the Nano-Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S for your easter basket ideas. This controller is compatible with even Xbox series one and Windows 10/11. It boasts a sweet lavender hue, a small footprint, and an ergonomic arrangement to lessen hand fatigue.

Overall, it makes gaming enjoyable and smooth.

MOGA XP5-i Plus Bluetooth Controller for Mobile & Cloud Gaming on iOS | Nano-Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X|S
PowerA | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

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Hit a home run this Easter with your Backyard League Gaming Baseball from Playfinity. Using Bluetooth, the smart baseball connects to the Backyard League mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and it is the same size and weight as a regulation MLB baseball. As your child throws and catches the baseball, they can record statistics such as speed, airtime, height, and transfer speed.

Using the Backyard League mobile app, you can help your child develop baseball skills through six mini-games focusing on different skills, including hand-eye coordination, consistency, and transfer speed. Once your child has played all six games at least once, you can unlock the application’s League Mode, which lets your child play games and compare stats with other players worldwide. These baseballs run for 70 hours on a single-cell battery, making them the perfect Easter basket ideas for kids between 6 and 14.

You can give your kids the perfect gift this year by getting them off the couch, away from their devices, and giving them the Backyard League Gaming Baseball. With this awesome baseball, you’ll see the kids moving around and enjoying the great outdoors.

Backyard League Gaming Baseball
Playfinity| Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


The Easter Bunny will impress everyone this spring with Easter basket ideas like luscious marzipan. The adorable and delicious peep-style Chicks & Bunny Pops look amazing poking out of Easter grass. The sweet treat is made of sugar, ground almonds, and water. The Chicks & Bunny lollipop gift box has 10 Easter pops: 4 chicks, 4 bunnies, and 2 striped eggs.

Complete your celebration with Easter basket ideas like the Marzipops™ Glitter Easter Eggs. The 12 brightly colored glitter Easter eggs are embossed by hand with beautiful spring colors and shimmering edible glitter. The individually wrapped, delicious marzipan Glitter Easter Eggs will also add sparkle to your Easter Egg Hunts! Marzipops™ offers a variety of tasty marzipan lollipops and candy treats for all the holidays, as well as custom candies for weddings, birthdays, and more!

Chicks and Bunny Pops | Glitter Easter Eggs
Marzipops™ | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Hop into spring with the sweetest treats from Dylan’s Candy Bar in town! The Rabbit-rific Tackle Box is the perfect gift for any bunny who loves brightly colored, rabbit-themed candies. (And who doesn’t?!) Packed with Mini Milk Chocolate Bunnies, Pressed Sugar Bunnies, Gummy Bunnies, JuJu Bunnies, Gummy Bunnies with Carrots, Chocolaty Bunnies, and Mini Dark Chocolate Bunnies, this reusable tackle box is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Whether you’re looking for the star of your Easter basket or a fun taste-testing experience, a Rabbit-rific Tackle Box must be at the top of your list of Easter basket ideas!

But why stop there? A chewy, fruity, and festive gummy kebob is another egg-dorable Easter treat that will delight your favorite peeps! Topped with a cute gummy chick, the Cool Chick Gummy Kebob is a colorful and tasty kebob perfect as a party favor, basket stuffer, or fun treat for yourself. If chicks aren’t your thing, no worries – we’ve got you covered with the Ear-resistible Gummy Kebob, featuring an adorable bunny!

Dylan’s Candy Bar has all the Easter basket ideas you need to make your celebration hoppy and sweet! From an adorable tackle box to delicious gummy kebobs, these Easter treats will surely put a spring in your step. So, arm your Easter Bunny with the best treats in town, and let the festivities begin!

Rabbit-rific Tackle Box | Cool Chick Gummy Kebob | Ear-resistible Gummy Kebob
Dylan’s Candy Bar | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Pinterest


Fill your little one’s Easter basket with the adorable Peter Rabbit Holding Chicks. The soft, huggable 9.5-inch plush Beatrix Potter character comes to life in his signature blue fleece jacket and yellow embroidered buttons. Celebrate the 120th anniversary of Beatrix Potter’s beloved character with your little one this Easter.

Of course, everyone loves a GUND Teddy bear, and the Philbin Teddy Bear is a classic. With oversized paw pad accents, and a large muzzle, Philbin is ready to give bear hugs this Easter. The Philbin Classic Teddy Bear comes in beige, choco, and 12- or 18-inch sizes. GUND has created unique and classic stuffed animals for over 120 years for children of all ages.

Peter Rabbit Holding Chicks | Philbin Teddy Bear
GUND | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Just Play

The Just Play RUKUSfx Motion Controlled Music Mixer will make family dance off’s much more exciting. Your young music lover can create original DJ-style mixes from 120 built-in music tracks and 80 sound effects. The mix is created by combining swipes, twists, punches, and flicks with the RUKUSfx, while looping the built-in tracks and sound effects together. You can even upload your own music and sounds. The result will rock the house! These interactive toys are great Easter basket ideas and feature a built-in speaker, a headphone jack, and a USB-C port.

The Shrinky Dinks Foodie Jewelry Set lets your fashionista make earrings, necklaces, barrettes, and more. Just color the 60 precut food Shrinky Dinks, bake and shrink! The set includes 6 earring hoops, 6 earring hooks, 4 barrettes, 2 beaded chains, and more. The custom food jewelry art is fun to wear and fun for your kiddos to give as gifts to friends and family.

Couple the Shrinky Dinks Foodie Jewelry Set with the Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack so your young artist can create custom 3D art. The Creative Pack gives your young artist 25 sheets of crystal clear magic. Create 3D pieces of art by drawing, baking, and watching them shrink. You can create unique keychains, charms, and more.

We are calling all Disney fans to open the hottest toy of spring, which is finally here, and you know you want it. The Disney Doorables Squish’Alots Series 1 features super adorable 1-inch collectible figurines of your favorite Disney and Pixar film characters. Your munchkin will start by opening the door of the house-themed blind capsule to find the first blind bag and twisting the roof to reveal additional squishable figures. This beautiful tower-shaped capsule could have 4, 5, or 6 mystery blind bags filled with your child’s favorite characters.

These colorful figurines are great Easter basket ideas to keep your little sweetie pie busy for hours as they play, share, and trade them with their friends. The Disney Doorables Squish’Alots Series 1 makes a great gift for any occasion. So get all 50 figures in series 1 for a complete collection!

RUKUSfx Motion-Controlled Music Mixer | Shrinky Dinks Foodie Jewelry Set | Shrinky Dinks Creative Pack | Disney Doorables Squish’Alots Series 1
Just Play | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube

Bunnies by the Bay

Meet Big Floppy Nibble Bunny, the bunny that hugs you back! Huggable, luggable, and simply adorable, this bunny is the perfect addition to your child’s Easter basket! Nibble’s long lop ears are buttery soft, and perfect for soothing away worries.

With arms, legs, and ears made for hugging, this is the best-stuffed bunny rabbit in the world. Made with luxurious muted green Bayleaf nibble fur, this rabbit has a warm white tummy, tail, inner ears, and muzzle. With their baby-safe embroidered eyes and smiles, these stuffed animals are the perfect Easter basket ideas for newborns to 100+ year-olds.

Big Floppy Nibble Bunny – Bayleaf
Bunnies by the Bay | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

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Scentco’s Smencils and Smens are some of this year’s best Easter basket ideas. Kids of all ages love scented pens and pencils. The Mythical Smencils, No. 2 pencils made from recycled newspaper, can be used for tests, arts and crafts, and more. The 10 Smencils smell amazing in flavors of bubble gum, strawberry, grape, blueberry, watermelon, lemon-lime, pineapple, tangerine, root beer, and cherry.

The Glitter Gel Aloha Unicorn Smens, colorful-scented gel pens, make journaling exciting. The 8-colored gel pens boast scented grips that last two years. The eight pen grips come in flavors of pineapple, strawberry, orange, banana, kiwi, watermelon, mango, and fruit punch.

The Sugar Skull Smens make writing for everyone more fun. The eight black ink pens boast scents lasting two years through the grip. This set of smooth writing pens comes in strawberry, orange, cotton candy, grape, pineapple, lemon-lime, blueberry, and black cherry flavors.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Easter Basket Ideas

Of course, your kiddos will need some place to store their favorite Smencils and Smens. What better place than the Cutie Fruities Scented Pencil Pouch? The scented plush Scentco adorable pouch comes in Watermelon and Grape!

Mythical Smencils – Limited Edition – Gourmet Scented Pencils | Aloha Unicorn Scented Pens | Sugar Skull Smens 8-Pack | Cutie Fruities Plush Pencil Pouch
Scentco | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Creativity for Kids

Springtime is the perfect time to teach your children about nature. The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Ready to Grow Garden is an apple-shaped terrarium kit complete with quick-grow chia seeds. You and your kiddo can decorate the terrarium with translucent stickers. Then tuck the adorable hungry caterpillar toy into the terrarium along with the seeds, potting mix, and decorative gravel. Spritz the seeds with water from the spray bottle and watch your garden grow.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Craft and Play Pictures lets your preschooler create art by tucking pom poms into the predesigned boards. The set includes three pre-cut felt boards based on “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” illustrations by Eric Carle. It’s a relaxing, tactile art project that can be done again and again.

Daily Mom Parent Portal Easter Basket Ideas

Everyone loves Eric Carle books! Bring his most memorable character – Very Hungry Caterpillar – to life with this felt play pack! This is essentially a busy board for toddlers. It includes a sturdy felt board and colorful felt shapes from the book. Let your child enjoy open-ended, imaginative playtime as they create their own worlds, or bring it as a quiet toy to a place like a doctor’s office or church to help them stay active and engaged without running around.

These Easter basket ideas can help them enjoy independent play! Or, read the book aloud and help your little one build scenes from the story; this is a great way to improve reading comprehension. Between literacy skills, pattern recognition, and shape and color sorting, this one toy can provide a number of educational lessons. Plus, with no glue or other supplies, it’s essentially mess-free! A win for everyone!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Ready to Grow Garden | The Very Hungry Caterpillar Toy: Craft and Play Pictures | The Very Hungry Caterpillar Toy: Fun Felt Play
Creativity for Kids | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Pinterest

Star Belly Dream Lites®

The Star Belly Dream Lites® Purple Unicorn is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the world of dreams. This cute unicorn projects glowing stars and shapes with six lights onto the ceiling, and your child can pick their favorite color. This nightlight will transport your little munchkin into a magical world of stars and wonder. The stars are rotated at a slow and fast speed using a two-speed motion mechanism.

When your child sees the starry lights moving, they will feel safe and can drift off to sleep quickly. Your little one will wake up feeling refreshed and happy. When you visit Grandma’s house or take a road trip, you can bring this portable stuffy. Grandma will love watching the little ones sleep and cuddle with Star Belly Dream Lites®! With a variety of plush friends to choose from, there is a Star Belly Dream Lites® for everyone.

Magical Pink and Purple Unicorn
Star Belly Dream Lites®| Facebook | Instagram

Super Smalls

Daily Mom Parent Portal Easter Basket Ideas

If your child loves fidgets, include Super Smalls’ new (and SUPER cool) take on the fidget spinner on your list of Easter basket ideas this Spring. These Spinner Rings double as fashion-forward jewels as well as a tool to help you focus! The set includes three adjustable rings—an iridescent star, a powerful yin-yang, and a colorful gem flower. The set also includes a booklet that explains how to use the rings to release your inner superpowers. Who knew that by simply spinning, you could unlock courage, calm, and creativity… all while showing off your personal style!

Spinner Rings
Super Smalls | Facebook | Instagram

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My Fuzzy Friend

My Fuzzy Friend is a great Easter Basket Stuffer, and Poppy the Snuggling Bunny is perfect for the Easter holiday. This cute, wearable interactive pet has extra-long arms and legs that grab onto your arm for lots of hugs, and its head moves to nuzzle just like a real baby animal! With 4 touch points, multi-color LEDs, and 50+ unique sounds, this toy makes for the most realistic pet stuffed animal.

Poppy, the snuggling bunny, loves to cuddle! Put her on your arm–She’ll squeeze and hold on tight. Give her attention, and she will nuzzle her face against your arm to show how much she loves you. Pet her head, wipe her nose, or tickle her belly. Her cheeks glow in rainbow colors when you play. You never know how she might react! Poppy comes with a favorite leaf snack, so you can feed her when she’s hungry.

My Fuzzy Friend Poppy The Snuggling Bunny
My Fuzzy Friend

Sky Viper

The Sky Viper Force Hover Spheres are great Easter Basket ideas for young boys and teens that love new, exciting futuristic toys. Sky Viper Force Gesture-controlled Drone is a drone you can play with – without a remote control! Smart sensors detect your hands and surroundings, enabling this Force Drone to fly itself. Just toss Sky Viper into the air and give it a push. No flying experience is needed, and there is no learning curve. This is the perfect toy to play with by yourself or with friends, both indoors and outside. Fly freestyle or play games by navigating obstacles or using the drone as a hovering target.

Sky Viper Force Hover Sphere
Sky Viper


Daily Mom Parent Portal Easter Basket Ideas

Here’s a fun, screen-free activity that will spark creativity in your little ones this spring! This rock-painting kit includes twelve rocks, twelve paints, 40 stickers, 60 gems, two tubes of glitter glue, 10 google eyes, two paint brushes, a sponge, and an instruction manual. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can make! Paint bugs and put the rocks in your garden, or use gems and glitter to build fairy homes. Designed for ages five and up, this is the perfect activity to let the imagination flow and improve fine motor skills. Whether you are making this a family night project or bringing the kit to a playgroup outing, all will have fun!

Skillmatics Rock Painting Kit
Skillmatics | Facebook | Instagram

Care Bears

Make your kids smile ear-to-ear with Easter basket ideas like the super adorable Care Bear plushie. The 14-inch Dare to Care Bear helps teach your munchkin about kindness, compassion, and acceptance of others. This cuddly bear, scented with cucumber-melon, reminds kids that even when life gets chaotic, being kind and listening to their hearts can lead to peace. Moreover, the Dare to Care Bear proudly sports a fun belly badge featuring two smiling shooting stars to remind us that we are all different in many ways but alike in others.  With its bright colors and friendly face, the Dare to Care Bear will be your child’s best friend for life.

Care Bears Dare To Care Bear
Care Bears| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Basic Fun!

Misfittens are soft, squishable cats with furry tails that are easy to squeeze and can be stuffed into the tiniest spaces giving your munchkin plenty of places to hide these lovable cats. First, take your colorful Misfits out of their misfitting containers and watch them puff up to twice their size. There are 12 Misfittens to collect, and every Misfit has unique fur colors and personalities. This super adorable plush comes in one of eight fun containers and a collector’s guide. There’s nothing better than a huggable Misfitten plush that your little one will love.

Basic Fun!| Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | TikTok


Scenties 1

If you’re looking for unique non-candy ideas for Easter Basket stuffers this year, be sure to check out ScenTies, Stretch & Sniff hair accessories. ScenTies are colorful hair accessories with a fun twist. These hair ties, headbands, scrunchies, and more are fragranced with playful scents like Cotton Candy and Vanilla Cupcakes that kids and adults love. If you’re a millennial, the fun variety of scents will immediately take you back to middle school. Fashionable, comfortable, and high-quality, these hair accessories make the perfect Easter basket filler and can be worn in your child’s hair or on the wrist as a stylish bracelet!

Cupcake Hair TiesCotton Candy Hair Ties
ScenTies | Facebook | Instagram 

You can make Easter even more memorable with these fantastic Easter basket ideas. This guide features a wonderful collection of adorable stuffed animals, toys, crafts, drones, mouthwatering candies, delicious chocolate bunnies, and jewelry that is sure to please your kids. If we caught your interest with any of these Easter basket ideas, you may want to check out Daily Mom every spring for some great products and more incredible easter basket ideas!

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