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Years ago, you may have been a coffee shop connoisseur. You may have had the time and ability to wake up in the morning and french press your coffee, and sip it slowly and peacefully. If you’re anything like us, these days we are deep in the trenches of parenting small humans, which usually translates into grabbing a cup of coffee on our way out the door to school drop off, and chugging it quickly on our way into the grocery store while wearing the baby in a carrier. For many moms today, your coffee is your lifeline, and a staple in your morning (… and afternoon?) routine. That’s why we’re excited to share with you an amazing coffee brand that we’re sure you’re going to love: Lucky Roast and Brew.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Lucky Roast And Brew 1 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Daily Mom Spotlight: Lucky Roast And Brew 2 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

Lucky Roast and Brew was started because of one dad’s passion for making and drinking delicious coffee. Nathan and his wife, Kate, have four kids at home, and know how important coffee is, first-hand. Nathan started experimenting roasting his own coffee beans in his kitchen, and Lucky Roast and Brew was born. Every coffee type that Lucky Roast and Brew offers is roasted in their home, and the taste and quality of the coffee is like nothing else you’ve ever had pouring out of your home coffee maker. They truly want to share their favorite new coffees and flavors with you, so getting a coffee shipment from Lucky Roast and Brew is like getting a care package from old friends.

They also want that “sharing” mentality to carry over and reach more people along the way. Every time you purchase one pound of coffee, you receive two free, 2 oz sample sized bags of coffee to share with your friends and family.

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Going to a grocery store and choosing your coffee beans from a dispenser isn’t the ideal way to sample different kinds, or make informed decisions. While the ground coffee may smell good, it may not have the best flavor, and it may leave a bad taste in your mouth. Most of the reason behind coffee not tasting very good is because  of the beans themselves. You also have no idea when those beans were roasted originally. With Lucky Roast and Brew, you can rest assured knowing that it’s the freshest roasted coffee, and it tastes smooth and yummy.

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Lucky Roast and Brew has made it even more convenient for parents to develop a relationship with their coffee, by offering a Lucky Coffee Club. You can have your favorite coffee shipped to you every single month at the size that you need (8 oz, 12 oz,  or 16 oz) with your choice of the coffee bean or blend. It also saves you 10% off the regular cost, and taxes and shipping fees are included for free in the recurring costs. When you sign up, you can also receive two free samples (which are perfect to experiment with other types of beans, or one of their amazing blends) and you also get two free bracelets as well. (Our Daily Kids have been wearing them non-stop!)

If you sign up for the Lucky Coffee Club using code DM2017, you also will receive a free mug in your first shipment!

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Here’s some more information about the different types of coffee offered by Lucky Roast and Brew. All the different flavors can be ordered in a variety of sizes, and you can also choose if you want ground coffee or whole beans.

  • Brazil Coffee: Low acidity coffee bean with a nutty, full bodied sweetness flavor.
  • C3 Coffee: This coffee has three times the amount of caffeine as normal coffee beans.
  • Columbian Coffee: Has a complex chocolate and fruity flavor that has medium amount of acidity and body.
  • El Salvador Coffee: Is a strong, high acidity, full-bodied roast with complex flavors.
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Coffee: Has a smooth bodied flavor, with some floral aroma, and citrus body undertones. It also makes a favorite for brewing over ice.
  • Feeling Lucky Coffee: Is one of the popular blended bean coffees. It features the perfect marriage of the Peru and Sumatra bean, and you get a smooth taste that is low acidity.
  • Guatemalan Coffee: This roast is high acidity and full bodied, with hints of nutty and chocolate flavors, with a sweet, lasting aftertaste.
  • Java Coffee: Is medium-bodied, low acidity, and robust with nut, spice, and vanilla tones.
  • Peru Coffee: Is a customer favorite, and is a classic, well-balanced medium roast.
  • Sumatra Coffee: This is known for its bold and complex flavors. It’s rich and full bodied with chocolate undertones.
  • Stroke of Luck: This is their newest blend, and is a mix between Peru and C3, resulting in a smooth coffee that will leave you with an additional energy boost, perfect for a full day of parenting.

Daily Mom Spotlight: Lucky Roast And Brew 6 Daily Mom, Magazine For Families

We know that you’re going to love Lucky Roast and Brew, and swinging through your local coffee drive thru will become a thing of the past once you give this amazing brand a try. Your wallet and your taste buds will thank you.


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