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Navigating the world with your baby in tow is challenging. Heading out on the town with a newborn is arguably a bit easier than a day at the park with a rambunctious toddler but either scenario calls for Mom to be prepared for any number of situations. Mom’s new best friend is a high quality stroller that will take you from newborn months through the toddler years. The Bravo Quick Fold Stroller from Chicco is our pick for a winning solution to all your needs as a Mom on the town. chicco-bravo-8


Built to fit both the KeyFit 30 and Fit2 infant seat, the Bravo Stroller allows you to quickly transition a sleeping child from the car to stroller without disturbing their slumber. The seat clips in securely with minimal effort ensuring that your baby is safe and on the road with you in minutes.


Built for everyday use, the all-wheel suspension allows you to smoothly navigate through trails, grass and uneven parking lots with ease. This stroller is so easy to maneuver, you can even push the Bravo with a single hand! This is perfect for parents with older children who might need a hand to hold or even just to allow a free hand for snapping pictures on your outing. What Mom couldn’t use an extra free hand every now and again?


A large basket underneath and handle bar tray provides ample space for bringing along all of your little ones necessities. The parent organizer features two cup holders, both large enough to accommodate a water bottle. The undercarriage basket is large enough for the Bravo to become your go-to cart at the farmers market or pack along supplies for the whole crew during your next trip to the zoo.


Easy to use wheel locks can be activated in a single motion and are functional even when wearing flip flops! Lock both wheels at the same time and feel confident that your little one is safe and sound.


As your baby transitions from newborn to toddler, transitioning the Bravo is just as simple.  The large seat fits children up to 50 pounds, making it the perfect stroller for use over many years. With the ability to transition from seated to reclined, when a sleepy toddler is overdue for a nap, there’s no issue with reclining backwards for a quick snooze as you make your way back home. A mesh canopy provides a window into the stroller, allowing you look in on your sleeping baby while keeping light out of their face while they sleep.

If your little one is less than neat, the Bravo seat completely unzips allowing you to hand wash and drip dry the entire setup. This is a win for Mom with no more month old apple sauce or stale cheerios stuck in the stroller.


The easy to use five point harness keeps your little one safe no matter how squirmy they may become. Securely snap your little one into the seat and you are on the road in minutes.


Available as both a standalone stroller or part of a travel system, the Bravo Stroller will quickly become your favorite piece of baby gear. We know it’s one of ours!

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