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The kids just had a sleepover and your house now resembles a war zone but without the casualties. The once clean carpets are now caked in dirt and mud. Crumbs are smashed into the cushions and smudge marks are smeared across the kitchen counters. You look around frazzled trying to determine how this mess will be cleaned up in a timely manner.

The Eureka Brushroll Clean with Suction Seal is here to save you both time and sanity. Experience the new patented Brushroll Clean Technology with suction seal, that makes this vacuum a post-sleepover lifesaver!

Eureka Technology

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Tackle any mess with this new technology that is designed to thoroughly clean your carpet, hardwood and tile floors. The SuctionSeal Technology allows the vacuum to have a better seal with the ground so that it picks up more and debris doesn’t scatter. The pivoting plates within the vacuum adjust to different surface heights by raising and lowering to accommodate the floor level in which it’s cleaning. This creates a seal which maximizes airflow for a more powerful performance. With a decreased path from floor to cup, it minimizes the distance for the dirt to travel.

The Eureka Brushroll Clean with Suction Seal includes a retractable cord rewind system allowing for quick and easy storage. The 39 reach system, which includes a 27′ cord with automatic cord rewind and a 12′ deluxe stretch hose, allows you to cover more surface in less time. The smooth-glide pivoting base makes it easier to push across different floor surfaces. If you have hardwood floors or other floors more susceptible to sustaining marks, the soft rubber wheels help prevent scratches.

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The Eureka vacuum has a washable dust cup filter that is both reusable and requires less replacement and maintenance. In order to get into those hard to reach places, try using the profile nozzle which is engineered to clean under furniture or into those other tough to get to areas.

In addition to the profile nozzle, an onboard crevice tool and dusting brush come included for additional cleaning support. These tools help clean upholstery and furniture. Those crumbs smashed into the cushions don’t stand a chance. The Eureka Brushroll Clean with Suction Seal has a 5-setting height adjustment which enables the vacuum to tackle dirt on the surface of the floor but also to dig deeper into the carpets to pull smashed dirt out of the fibers.

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This lightweight vacuum only weights 15.8 lbs and is light enough to be utilized by children and adults alike, and with it running on 12 amps, it’s efficient and energy friendly. The Eureka Brushroll Clean with Suction Seal has the ability to get into problem areas. We found that even after we vacuumed with our other vacuum, there was a lot of dust, dirt, and hair that was left behind. Yuck! If you have children who are constantly playing on the carpet, the thought of all that is cringe-worthy. So thank goodness the Eureka Brushroll Clean with Suction Seal picked up all that was left behind!

If you’re looking for a versatile vacuum with the ability to tackle several different surfaces with a suction seal for maximizing airflow encouraging the best performance, get your hands on Eurekas’s Brushroll Clean with Suction Seal!

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